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  1. i like Mmp 10. I don't like its visualization / plugin. I have a better visualization + audio plugin which enhance my music listening way BETTER. 10 all the way
  2. is there any good tool / software which remove windows xp services.? free one is even better. thanks
  3. it should not happened in the first place
  4. member11


    Make sure CPU fan attached properbly.Perhaps, you need to re-apply your "artic -silver" on CPU if you don't use Intel supplied FAN
  5. Ctrl+A: select all Ctrl+C: copy Ctrl+V: paste have a nice day
  6. if w2k CD doesn't do it, use xp CD to format and repartition and when ask if you want to continute, choose No and restart computer. put w2kCD in and you are in business. or partition magic
  7. using ipconfig command to clear and renew IP. type ipconfig /? to learn more
  8. member11


    if you look into WMISDK (WMI.chm) helpfile, you will see an section that describes how to use with VC6. if you have .NET, WMI.NET is also there for you to download from MS site. i know some of WMI methods don't work as ADVERTISED. Just want to let you know. if you write C++ code for WMI in winxp, i don't see why you have any problem because WMI is integrated in winxp and win 2000. if you want to write for other OSs, you need to download WMI extension .
  9. right click on vbs and choose "open". Anything happens.? No? go to folder option->file type and scroll all the way down until you see "vbs" click "advance" tab. you see "open".? click on "edit" button" and make sure wscript assign there. or you can download and install windowscript 5.6 from microsoft
  10. if you want to have easy access to your drive, can i recommend you 2 programs.? 1-approcket 2-powerdrawers. forget about your tweaked idea AFTER trying 1 of 2 programs. Yes, i have 2 of them installed in my xp machine
  11. do other people have access to your computer BESIDE you.? if yes, you need to ask what they did to your computer when you were absent. do you have the same problem when your computer is in safe mode.? disable all startup items to see if you have the same problem
  12. i like autopatcher BETTER because of following reasons 1- easy access to download. autopatcher server always has LOWER PORT 2-i can integrate all hotfixes in winxp folder AFTER updating.
  13. you need a routine for this kind of thing.
  14. this folder is hidden. go to view-option and choose "show hidden file or folder" or something like that

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