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  1. mmmm pintos i saw one in a museum .good 2 see u chuckleheads fighting over oses its simple if u run a older pc p2 or less 98 is the ticket or u have small hardrive or u cant afford xp or your a REMOVED who refuses 2 change but if your a gamer into multimedia xp is the way 2 go .you all have a great night party on garth.
  2. hows its comming along this pinto needs a paint job
  3. yes my 98se is running great thr sp pack helped and the other update along with visual changed thxz to tihny miko etc its looking more 21century than stock i imagine people will keep making appz or sp etc for years to come maybe make a two way kernel who knows hail 98se ..
  4. losing out on xp features u say i wonder how manu average users not powerusers take advantage of xp feature .most people want something easy and simple like u unforgiven .Burn. the average dude just surfs read email watches porn doesnt care if 98se works they use it .are u bill gates cousin/ when longhorn comes out will u tell us how crappy xp is? probably .i dont recomd any one 2 switch 2 98se if theyre happy with xp.i only tell the people who use 98se that theres alot of new packages sp and tweaks that the cost of xp and the shyness to try new os to continue using it.
  5. wow when the release date for this puppy? any idea how big the install?and lastly will it work on 98se 2me already installed? uxthemes?
  6. bho u known the things that change your search page etc i want to know what browser u use to beat this nagging problem?
  7. new advanced for 98se from the project crew of mdgx gapes tiny etc are making 98se life expectency better it aint dead yet even thou i like xp alot im just fasinated by the ability to update enhance tweak a 9x better faster than ms ever did .long live se
  8. wow costmedic changes to jazz up old drap 9x its about time u guys amazing,why not transform 98se into the 21st century because if u ask most people after multi tasking issues the complaint is 98se is so dape boring maybe instead of including it on 98se2me u could cobime the user32 the browseui hack plus miko logos etc into a bat. and create a enhancement package sp1?gapes has got the sp2 update covered mdgx gor me conversion covered so a enhanement packages called 98se enhanced sp1.0 sound cool .just a thought instead of indivially installing hacks all in one? feel free 2 comment
  9. with the work being done by mdgx gapes tinthu miko etc a 9x like the world as never seen is about to hit msnf ,looks good .so lets hold on for another 7years ..
  10. i dig microsoft it rock without we would have no forum.in time perfection will come
  11. im doing a big update soon when i get new 98se cool programs and tweaks all takes time it started off as a project to throw all the new and useful things for 98se thanks 2 gape mdgx and others making these programs its retro baby and retros in these days.so a small service to 98se fans like myself even thou i run dual boot xp prosp2 /98se tweaked i still used 98se a lot more 4 general surfing and web design.
  12. thxz miko i luv the logos.u rock im wondering if your could make an exe. so average joe could have them installed on click i think they should be included in sp2final myself.again super work and im off to try the webview if u have other homemade program send them to my email addy on my website link below ill put them in my 98se appz section by miko etc..L8ters
  13. thxz horse just all the update in one spot,
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