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  1. I Did What Last Night?!

    doesnt seem like someones finner moments
  2. I Did What Last Night?!

    I Did What Last Night!? Everyone is bound to come across that night where they have taken that regretful last drink and it’s all down hill from there. The morning after, your friends inform you of the havoc you created last night in which you have no recollection of it forcing the statement, “I Did What Last Night?!” Share your story. This is a site I developed just hope to post it on here for some fun!
  3. Explorer.EXE error?

    did all of the following successfully and it still replies with the same error
  4. Explorer.EXE error?

    the only one that was stopped was the SLUI Notification Service and when i tried to run it again, i got an access is denied message.
  5. Explorer.EXE error?

    Whats up, On my desktop when i try to open up the control panel, i get an Explorer.EXE error message, and says i do not have permission to access the path,file,folder. Contact your administrator. I could access it before and it just started doing this. There is only one user account on the machine and its the administrator? Any suggestions? thanks, matrix
  6. new to the whole Linux...Unix....MS DOS

    I had vista on stock dell system, it ran pretty good, slightly slow but nothing to complain with. But then i dual-booted with Ubuntu 7.10, and runs 39434 times smoother and faster. I only run back to vista when i need to use graphic arts such as photoshop and etc... I would define it as MAC OSX as with XP combined into an uber system. highly recommended
  7. Delete RECOVERY Partition?

    all i needed to do was to delete one partition. i kept the RECOVERY partition but deleted the dell utility partition and i made the new shared partition and works perfectly!
  8. Delete RECOVERY Partition?

    whats does the RECOVERY partition actually save?
  9. Delete RECOVERY Partition?

    whats up guys? man havent been here in a while, but here, my dad just bought a dell vostro that is running Vista Business, and for the partitions, it has Dell Utility, C:/OS, and the RECOVERY partition. I then made another partition for my dual-boot. But i'm looking at making a 5th partition by shrinking the big C:/ but it has a 4 primary partition limit. all in all, would it be okay to delete either the Dell Utility or the Recovery partition? thanks
  10. Connected, but not

    Okay, my computer for some reason isnt connecting to the internet. Im on my mom's and its connected from the same router and everything. But on my computer, it says the Local Area Connection is connected, and 6 packets are sent, and 0 received, adn thats it. It still has the Duration Time running of it being connected. I tried a new NIC card, and new cable, restarting both router and modem. Changed ports in the router. and i go to the support tab in the Local Area Connection 2 and all the IP information is blank. When i click repair, and windows pops up saying.... Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed: Failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection. Cannot proceed. any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    haha, what custom gaming PC you lookin at now?
  12. Total Number of Computers

    I actually have, umm, about 4.
  13. Total Number of Computers

    Ken.... ummm... is that really normal? or necessary!? haha I want that many!
  14. About Connection

    on one of the computers, set up a home network, then make sure they are on the same work gruop
  15. TechTalkToday

    still a bit sketchy. not really clean. spice it upp