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  1. alright. I think that I'm done with that. leaving the C: running at startup though, because it's a sign of a good thing.
  2. wow, i feel dumb. i didn't think of googling "rlvknlg.exe" did just now, and I found a webpage that tells about it. apparently it's a spyware/virus and i'm about to try to get rid of it.
  3. I'm receiving a few glitches. for one thing, my root folder always opens when I boot up, and for two, none of my windows appear on the taskbar. i also have a task running called "Relevant Knowledge" that I can't delete with Process Explorer. it just regenerates. help? i've virus and spyware scanned recently (with AVG Free and Spybot respectively)
  4. I appreciate all of your input. The reason why I'm learning then 9x syntax is because the tutorial I found happens to use that. also I generally use my Windows 98SE laptop rather than an XP computer.
  5. I'm doing an online lesson on writing batch files (it's written for 9x computers). I tried sending one to a friend who had XP, and it didn't run because the "choice" command didn't register with the XP computer. I'm wondering if there's some sort of emulator that would have the ability to run a 9x batch file on an NT computer. i understand that alot of commands and syntax are the same, but not all.
  6. I'd recommend Autopatcher. and yes, it's true. everything is 'beta' here. mostly because most of the programmers are amateurs. they seem to work well enough for me. also Kernel Ex is nice if you need to use certain NT programs, but it sounds like you don't.
  7. I have to give some respect to Micro$oft for actually supporting their old operating systems for extended periods of time. some mac user once said that i probably couldn't get much software from after 1998 that was still compatible with Windows 98SE, and it made my brain hurt. first of all, 98SE came out in 99, and second of all, most software up till about 2006 still works with 98SE, and even a lot from after that. anyways, yeah. I'm in agreement with everybody here. I had a Windows 95 laptop that was janky as hell (only had a floppy drive, parallel and serial ports, a vga adaptor and two ty
  8. the download disappeared! i wanted to try the beta.
  9. I don't know about drivers for all of these, but you could do extensive google research to find out more. This is a list of PCMCIA (non-cardbus) wireless cards to check out. http://linux-wless.passys.nl/query_hostif.php?hostif=PCMCIA keep in mind that this link tells alot of notes on linux compatibility.
  10. hopefully. I prefer M$ word to abiword, but since I don't have M$ Word, I need to use free software, and I find Windows AbiWord to be far better than Windows OpenOffice. I don't mind OpenOffice on Linux, though, usually.
  11. I'd recommend Foobar2000 0.8.3 for a music player, and media player classic for video
  12. true that, man. who needs some overly decorated desktop environment with tons of bugs that requires a 15gb partition minimum (No operating system should require this) and takes up 80% of 512mb ram (or whatever) and a fast processor, or a super dumbed down, un-customizable operating system that uses all it's own standards and has a very low degree of hardware customization or even operating system customization when you can get great performance and efficiency out of 500mb of disk space and uses up 8% of 16mb of RAM on it's own and could possibly run on a 66mhz i486 processor, if you needed it
  13. there has been discussion of changing the key from WPA to WEP, so I think that I'll wait till all of the computer imaging and tech stuff is done to see whether I'll try this. yeah.
  14. Could i have the model # off the card? not sure, but it's called the Compaq WL110. just google Compaq WL110 PC card. I can't guarantee it'll work, unfortunately. I think it will though. best of luck.
  15. Basically, you want to avoid the automatic reinstall of your old drivers when you plug your card in? Ok, you'll need to find the *.inf file that got installed with the drivers the first time and delete it from your "c:\Windows\inf" folder. I'll try this
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