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  1. What drivers are the 82.69 base from in XP?
  2. Just a few, like turok 2, carmageddon 2 and 3, blood 2 the chosen, war gods, etc. I'm going to install XP later today or in a few days over win98se to see how well it works. If Xp works just like WIN98SE, and if i can run everything which i can run now, plus more with ease, than i will put win98se in the past and move on to XP. However, after testing alot, if Xp doesn't run correctly with things which i have now, well i will just reinstall win98se again. I have the 2 discs and i am keeping them. And i will buy Vista as my secondary computer soon, which i plan on buying anyway for the newer stuff. Just was wondering how does xp handle games.
  3. I plan on testing out XP, just bought it and i was wondering did someone make a program that alllows you to play old games on xp without any problems, just wondering. Thanks
  4. http://www.directron.com/2400pro256pci.html Updated ati driver for win9x users that can work with that card. I want that card really really bad, but i don't believe the last 6.2 drivers will work
  5. hmmmm well yea the question is similar, but now everything seems to be working fine, now i am just curious why does it say it, and how come it doesn't say 4GB blank disc? But yea i guess i should of just updated the last thread, but i forgot about it. Sorry about that. Can someone send this question over to that thread and delete this one?
  6. I just replace my dvd combo drive with a DVD/CD Writer, everything is working fine, but how come will i put in a blank DVD+R 4GB disc, it shows up in the D section with the amout of 648? Why doesn't it say 4GB?
  7. Hm, interesting. Maybe shutdown problem is only releated to PCI-E graphics? I use this drivers without problems except the shutdown. When I switch to BearWindows Win9X universal VESA driver beta it shutdown normally so it seem the problem is in nvidia drivers. Yea its the nvidia drivers and also depending on what card you have also, i think. Using the unstable geforce 6200 card, i only had shut down problems whenever i use the 81.85, 81.89 drivers and above. Using the 70's drivers fix the problem, but other problems arose. SO yea its a driver problem
  8. UPDATE I got sick of the BFG Geforce 6200 256MB 64Bbit bus OC PCI card, alot of games which i wanted to play are crashing, cant shut off my computer, no driver is stable, ugh. So i am so glad i kept my 3Dfuzion Geforce 5500 FX 256MB 128bus Card, i downloaded the Tweak 82.69 drivers, and wow no problems , and i can finally shut off my computer and the games which i couldn't play before they don't crash anymore. Thanks for the drivers, they work perfect! Something is seriously wrong with the Geforce 6200 BFG version. I was thinking about testing out the EVGA driver, but who knows.
  9. I am having trouble with uberskin , so i thought you guys might enjoy this if you also are having trouble: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talisman_Desktop Even works on Win95 , for those who have it. Works on Win98SE perfectly. Just wanted to make my desktop look shaper thats all.
  10. yea the skin is the probelm, i cant use these beauitful skins I'm going to post this issue in the uberskin thread and i hope someone can fix it.
  11. I sure hope this has nothing to do with the kernel patch, or the uberskin( which i don't believe it does ) or the autopatcher , but i notice a big problem lately. When you go to install game, example/picture: I click next but nothing happens. :angry: It only seems to happen on some games. I don't have any idea what the problem is, but i'm going to strt by uninstalling kernel first, then go from there. I also thought i didn't have DMA enable, but by installing the intel application 2.3, it is suppose to enable DMA right? Well, it seems like with certain games my drivers are reading them at 1x speed or something. Has anyone ever had this problem before, if so, i need some help.
  12. I plan to install this soon, but i was wonder kinda off topic, is there a program where i can install 32bit icons on win9x? I cant use RP7, it doesn't work correctly because of the heavy skins which takes too much of my system resources.
  13. Can i use a 160GB internal HD on my computer? I already have the intel accelerator 2.3 install, is that all i need? Once i replace the old HD, it will just load up and work correctly right?
  14. I notice when i play certain games, after i get done playing it, and i return to my desktop, this message comes up: DDHELP error So then i when i try to go to dxdiag, this error messages comes up: NVDD32.DLL, and i have to restart my computer to get everything back to normal. It only happens with maybe 2 games which i own, and most recently i bought Juiced 1, and it happens. I am using a Geforce 6200 256MB OC PCI card, DirectX9C lastest version.
  15. Yes, with NUSB MAximus Decim (3.3) posible YUP , same as mind. 465GB, i have 47GB of data of files already on it.

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