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  1. Hey, So i tried to intall Windows XP SP3 (Winodws XP Home) as an automatic update, and it failed. It said some programs will not work properly, and it said right, MSN Messenger doesnt work, and the whole computer doesnt feel right. So i downloaded SP2, and tried to reinstall it. Once again Access is Denied, and now i am very pis***. Please help, i dont know what to do, i tried to System Restore back to before I installed SP3, but then the internet wouldnt connect, and i had to re-activate Windows. Any help would be hightly appreciated. Thanks, -Glen.
  2. how can i edit windows xp just so that the startup screen is changed, and maybe the main theme and the login screen, and the taskbar and and all of thewindow headers so all of the buttons are different and stuff? it is just something that i want to do so that me and my freind can use it. is this possible? thanks.
  3. hey, i was using my microsoft word the other day to do homework, and then when i went to use the program again it was gone. This happened to me on my old computer too. does anyone have a link to a good program i can use/download that i can copy and paste text with pictures in it? Thanks guys.
  4. i challenge you. 5234m http://totebo.com/mko.php?c=qporqUosEouuqo...oyLSNNmGOmouFEF
  5. i have a windows xp intel p4 3.00ghz 512mb ram and a radeon 9500 atlantis pro 128 mb ddr graphics card. i love the game the elder scrolls IV: oblivion, but i cant barely play it because my pc freezes alot, its not like all of the time, i am pretty far, but it just spoils it! please can someone help me, i'm at thye end of my tether!
  6. i've tried, it does the same thing..
  7. hey, i put in the disc and wait for the autorun to load up and it says something about demo32.exe failing to initialize. what can i do??
  8. hey, i have a windows xp, pentium 4 3.00ghz, with 512mb of ram, i also have a sapphire radeon 9500 atlantis pro installed to boost all of my games. when i go on it, after a while it just freezes, especially on games. its not virus rlated because i've searched the whole pc, and its not the graphics card, because it did it before i installed the card. can anyone help? thanks, in advance.
  9. then i'm afraid your stuffed, the only legal way of aquiring a winxp dics is by buying one, or you can use another xp disc, it doenst mattyer if it is for or not for your computer, and you casn also use family to boot pro and pro to boot family, i did it with my pc, (winxp pro) and used a windows xp home edition disc and it all works fine.
  10. try going onto the bios, there should be a setting which says admin password (i think) or something similar, press enter on it, it will ask you to enter a password, then just press enter and it should blank the password.
  11. thankyou puntomx, you have solved my problems, and now my card is running brilliantly! thank you ever so much!!
  12. thats the error, that i havent coonected it, but what do i connect to it? thanks
  13. hey, i have a sapphire radeon 9500 atlantis pro, and when i go to install it in the pc a error comes up on screen saying improper hardware installation. i have read through the install guide, but it is **** and nothing will work! can someone help me, because i bet i'm just doing something wrong. It said to disable any motherboard graphic chips, so i went onto device manager and disable mine, and still the same thing! and i have installed all the drivers an junk so why is it not working! please help! thanks! oh and sorry, its a 128mb version

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