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  1. risk_reversal

    HW RAID 1 vs SW RAID 1 vs incremental backup

    In the first instance are you talking about a RAID array (mirror / Raid 1) for your data that would be internal or external ie USB? I am not hugely knowledgeable on RAID but I never raided internal HDDs simply because if one drive gets an error, virus, etc it will copy it to the other drive. For me, at least, the safest way to use RAID1 ie one drive mirroring the other, is to use it in an external USB RAID enclosure. Which is what I did. My pc has 3 internal HDDs. An SSD for dual boot and 2x 2TB HDD for data. The 2 internal data drives are standalone drives ie no raid of any sort. I save all my data to HDD1 and then periodically use Syncback to synchronise the data from HDD1 to HDD2. I very recently purchased an external USB3 Raid enclosure capable of holding two HDD and have set this up in Raid1 array ie mirroring. Every couple of weeks, I connect the External USB3 RAID enclosure to my pc and synchronise it with HDD1. I know that many users will say that this is a lot of trouble but I prefer it as it is the safest way, imo, to keep my data safe. The external enclosure I went for was an ICYBOX one (IB-RD3620SU3) is of type HW RAID 1 ie hardware. I found USB3 speeds to be good (limitation on small files) and get speeds with 7200 drives of 100-125MB/s. Copies a single large 5GB file in just over a min. If one of the drives in the external RAID goes bad, simply pull it out replace it with a good drive and the software to the ICYBOX will rebuilt the array ie it copies over the data from the good drive to the new drive. You can also just pull out any of the 2 drives in the RAID enclosure and just install it internally your data will be accessible. Good Luck with it.
  2. risk_reversal

    help to find AM4 AHCI driver for XP?

    When I built a new system a few months back and wanted to dual boot with XP, I had to settle on an AM3+ board for reason that this was the only board that would support XP in that it had both XP chipset / AHCI driver and USB3 driver. Good Luck
  3. risk_reversal

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Yes. Many thanks. I will go an have a play with it. The user reviews on distrowatch are very encouraging. Yes. I do much prefer the classic UI rather than that of Win 8/10. I did have to download several third party progs in Win7 to replace the stuff that MS had removed which was a pain. Win7 also does not allow folders to be placed in non alphabetical order (don't know if that persists in Win8/10) which is a real pain a lot of the time, whereas in XP one could just Align to Grid (searched for days for a permanent fix but none exists). The folder sizes in Views is always an issue, whereas XP is faultless. These are very small points but are in the main day-to-day tasks that most users undertake are really important. Personally, these two issues irritate me to death in Win7. Thanks again for the tip on Q4OS Cheers
  4. risk_reversal

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    @LoneCrusader. Don't mean to go off topic but just had a quick look at Q4OS and XPQ4 and have a quick question. Am I understanding this correctly. Q4OS is the Debian based Linux distribution and needs to be installed so that the XPQ4 addon can be installed to give it a Win XP/7/8/10 shell/desktop/feel. Is that correct? Good Luck Cheers
  5. risk_reversal

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    Well, I never installed Vista, used it a couple of times and much like Windows ME, I skipped it due in most part by users reviews (perhaps they were wrong). However, having used Win7 for only a few months I feel that it is a worthwhile OS and in many respects, superficially of course since I am not that knowledgeable, I am warming to it. Win7 required an inordinate amount of time having to shut off Services, Tasks and many other MS progs that were unnecessary and reporting back to MS and that was a real paint to do. Having tried Win8 &10, I feel that my next move will most probably be Linux, I have played around a lot with Ubuntu (have it on a laptop) but everything is so very different. I will have a look at Q4OS and XPQ4 and test out a live cd (if they have one which I am sure they must). Good Luck Cheers
  6. risk_reversal

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    I think that is very aptly put. I am going to hang to in with XP as long as I am able, much like 98SE which I liked, but eventually will have to move to Win7 for practical reasons. Luckily, all my XP progs seem to work on Win7. Figure this will be in the next year or two max. In the interim since I dual boot, it will give me time to get used to Win7. Good Luck
  7. risk_reversal

    Windows XP - Deepest Impressions

    @LoneCrusader +1 I recently built a new pc which dual boots XP & Win7. Just because something is old does not mean it should be discarded and replaced. This is the first time that I have installed Win7 on any machine, only for reason that I am fully aware that however much I like XP, it is regrettably inevitable that new hardware and software will no longer be able to function (eg sourcing HDD 512n and browsers). My car is 17 years old. Running perfectly well and has very low mileage. Should I also just get rid of that too because it does not have all the latest features? The users of this forum are not only incredibly knowledgeable but have been so very helpful to me; there is no need to criticise them. Good Luck
  8. risk_reversal

    XP Power Options

    Most kind thanks Cheers
  9. risk_reversal

    XP Power Options

    Most kind. So without this driver, do you have any idea how this particular processor (or indeed any other multicore, speedstep) will behave. It currently seems to be stuck mostly at it's 1st boost level ie 3.8Ghz according to HWMonitor. Cheers
  10. risk_reversal

    XP Power Options

    Hi guys, I recently built a new dual boot system (XP & Win7), my first using multi core cpu (AMD FX 6300, 6 core). This cpu runs at stock speed of 3.5Ghz with a boost level to 3.8Ghz (this cpu in fact has a secondary boost speed to 4.1Ghz using only 2 cores). I have a question about 'Power Options'. Do any of the XP 'Power Schemes' do anything from a cpu point of view ie if I select 'always on' should this have a direct impact on cpu speed such that my cpu will be locked at 3.8Ghz, Equally would using 'Laptop / Portable' allow for a speedstep ie adaptive. I have tried all the Power Schemes and nothing really happens. The only way that I can change the cpu clock speed is by going into the bios and disabling 'Core CPU Performance' in which case the cpu just runs at 3.5Ghz only. I found the link below but that doesn't seem to affect cpu speed. http://www.helpwithwindows.com/WindowsXP/start-04.html Any info appreciated Cheers
  11. I gave up on the AOL client when it was discontinued. I now access my AOL emails via SeaMonkey (IMAP). Have set them all up so that when I open the email client they are all together and no need to log into each account separately using a web browser. Good Luck
  12. risk_reversal

    Newer motherboards that support WinXP

    Gigabyte GA970A DS3P Rev2.0 (NB AMD 970) running AMD FX6300 with 8GB ram (Vengence), Nvidia MSI GTX 660 and Samsung EVO 850. WinXP SP3 x86 runs very well. This mobo only has a 4+1 VRM which is fine as I don't o/c anymore. Also have the Gavotte RAM patch on the XP partition from which I run virtual ram. Good Luck
  13. risk_reversal

    Update Win 7, or Not ?

    +1 for 'don't bother'. I also only install any KB's as and when absolutely necessary. The thing I found most irritating about Win7 was not only having to shut off Services that were not required but also having to spend an inordinate amount of time turning off items in the Task Scheduler and Start Scheduler which report back to MS on a regular basis unless disabled. However, having done all that as well as installing the Ram patch (have win7 x86) which can now detect and use 8GB of ram, I find the system is running nicely. I dual boot with XP SP3 and also did not bother with any updates on that o/s either. Good Luck
  14. risk_reversal

    Antivirus for xp?

    - Avast AV - Comodo FW v5.12 (used to use OnlineArmor which was excellent but it had a glitch on my new XP build) - SAS v5.6 & Malwarebytes v1.75 - NoScript browser addon - Windscribe VPN browser add-on (which also has a rotating user agent feature) and hides your system in the crowd (see browserleaks & panopitclick) Obviously nothing can beat safe browsing as has already been stated ie which site you go on and what you download The rise of audio fingerprinting is a concern...... Good Luck
  15. risk_reversal

    Old Mobo running XP - SSD / SATA III compatibility

    Many thanks for your reply and info jaclaz. Let me ask you a final question. If I get say a SATA III replacement drive and the throughput of the new drive is say 120MB/s. Since the bandwidth of the PCI bus is only a max of 133MB/s what is going to happen to the data flow along the PCI bus if I am using other devices located on the PCI bus at the same time or if I am copying data from one HDD to the other. For clarity although I have 2 HDDs in my rig, I use the 2nd HDD to copy and save the data from the 1st disc as well as making images of the system partition. Many thanks for your help