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  2. ATSC 3.0 doesn't have a hard cut-over date like the transition from analog to digital did. And for the next few years, stations have to continue broadcasting at least their primary channel in ATSC 1.0 if they decide to broadcast in ATSC 3.0. And the FCC doesn't even plan to ever mandate ATSC 3.0 tuners in new TVs! So I don't think we'll see an end to ATSC 1.0 broadcasts anytime soon. At any rate, though, that's a tuner issue. Presumably, once ATSC 3.0 tuners hit the market, SiliconDust will make an HDHR with them, and you can just put one on your network. There's a question of whether it'll be compatible with current models, and if not, whether drivers will be available for a product as old as WMC, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. That's correct. Unless you're using cable TV with a CableCard tuner, you don't need WMC. Any other PVR freeware would do. (Is MediaPortal still maintained? That one looked like the best alternative a few years back when I was considering my options.) But as always, it's a hassle to switch; so as long as WMC is working for me, I'll stick with it. Kind of like Windows XP, Vista, 7....
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  4. Hello! How can I change the height of the window buttons? I want to make the buttons smaller... Also where can I get "Atlas maker\changer" or something? When I try to use png images from this forum, it looks awful.. I think it is because I use it without a .layout file...
  5. i need ask more 1 thing: why i can't install the Universal VBE20 2014.01.31 version or above? i get the Blue Screen after choose the 32MB's
  6. after being reminded about it by Michael MJD on YT, i was about to ask the same thing, i think there's a post from 2 years ago about this showing it might be possible. (though @Mathwiz brought up this point, given they didnt do this w/ a prior OS, they MAY do this/have done this to Windows 7/7 POSReady) "My concern, though, is that once Jan. 2020 arrives, M$ will change the "ApplicabilityInfo" string for newer updates to just read "Windows 7.0 Embedded;" etc. and they will no longer install on our Windows 7 Client systems without patching. Edit: OTOH M$ didn't do that with Windows Server 2012 updates; they still install on Windows 8 Client, so maybe there's nothing to worry about. I guess we'll all find out in 2020."
  7. So like Windows XP, Windows 7 has an Embedded version for it, called Embedded POSReady 7. Just like XP POSReady it has longer support than regular Windows 7, ending on October 12, 2021. My question is basically, would it be possible, like it was with XP, to use a registry key to enable the POSReady updates to install on Windows 7?
  8. Well, I wouldn't say it has been released... it has been leaked. Repositories with the source code are taken down as quickly as they show up. Pretty heavy fight going on right now...
  9. @Mathwiz Can it be of your interest? https://www.deskmodder.de/blog/2019/12/07/windows-7-erweiterte-sicherheitsupdates-esu-erhalten-wird-moeglich-sein/
  10. MSFN est um forum internacionel, où on post exclusivement en Anglais. Ça n'est pas optionel. Est-ce que vous deux avez lu les Règles?
  11. Not every system has an on-board RAID controller. I don't see it in the specs or guide for the 7010MT. To use RAID on that board you'll need an add-on card.
  12. Aren't we all (US OTA users) going to run up against a hard switch when ATSC 3.0 goes live anyways?
  13. Well for those like you and I who are watching and recording over-the-air TV broadcasts, the fact that Microsoft paid licensing fees to Cable Labs of America in connection with DRM is irrelevant - and that is actually the only feature of WMC that is irreplaceable. (SiliconDust had a "Kickstarter" project to develop an alternative DVR with DRM for American cable, but nothing became of it.) I'm not rushing to find an alternative because I've actually had NextPVR installed since 2012. You like Schedules Direct's guide data? NextPVR has native support for it - no need for something like EPG123 to convert the data to Microsoft's MXF format. OTA broadcasts actually contain guide data. In the UK, DVB-T (terrestrial) channels contain a week of completely free in-band guide data. Alas, our North American ATSC broadcasts contain only several hours of data, but NextPVR can utilize that data if desired (whereas WMC cannot), which might be sufficient for time-shifting purposes but obviously not for elaborate recording schedules. NextPVR is certainly not the only alternative to WMC: just the only alternative I'm well-acquainted with. I hesitate to mention this in the Windows 7 forum, but NextPVR can readily be installed on Windows 10 (WMC only with difficulty, if at all), and NextPVR is about to go cross-platform when version 5 is released from public beta (I'd like to see someone get WMC to work on Linux or Mac). Granted, WMC has a more deluxe UI and greater ease of use (although setting up EPG123 might be considered difficult by PC users who are, shall we say, not MSFN material - but let them buy Tivos). Notably, NextPVR does not include decoders. On Windows 7, it can be set to use Microsoft's DTV/DVD Video Decoder; but users in North America would need to install an AC3 audio decoder such as LAV or AC3Filter unless they choose to use Kodi as a front end, which has its own AC3 decoder. Of course support issues should generally be directed to NextPVR Forums.
  14. Hello @Vistapocalypse, I am still running Avast Free 18.8 and also Defender. I edited registry as per Avast Forum (I know it was Avast 12.2.2276 & W7 but gave it a try) and runs OK. Yes, I did also install the last-ever Server 2008 updates on Windows Vista and have not observed any issues.
  15. Is there anyone who wants to work on it?
  16. ClassicNick said: > As a Christmas day gift (Update on April 1st?), RoyTam1 released a K-Meleon 1.5.4 build with TLS 1.2 support Attention NOT portable Profiles! The build itself is great, with TLS1.2 to get rid of most "no cipher_overlap" errors, just a little warning: 7z builds of KM used to be portable out-of-box, yet this one is NOT. The switch-file "profile.ini" (can be empty) is missing in the root folder. That means if you already have an older KM-profile in your systems, from whichever (younger?) KM-version, this build will snatch it and possibly modify it. Strongly recommend to make a backup copy of your previous KM-profiles before starting this. Or better, modify it to always start with the ProfileManager.
  17. As a Christmas day gift (Update on April 1st?), RoyTam1 released a K-Meleon 1.5.4 build with TLS 1.2 support. At the end of Page 43, we were notified of "SHA 384 update", which means ECDHE_RSA_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 support. The AES GCM cipher suites are enabled by default in this build. For Windows 95/98, an updated "COMCTL32.DLL" from Internet Explorer 5 or later is required (This is step is not required for Windows 98 SE or newer). Once you have that installed, you need at least the "MSVCR71.DLL" and possibly the "MSVCP71.DLL" file in the directory RoyTam1's K-Meleon resides in. The way I recommend copying the files is to install K-Meleon 1.5.4 from the executable file (7zip version will not work).
  18. is 360Extreme Explorer the chinnesse chupacabra ? Yo prefiero los derivados de firefox, para poder seguir usando algunos de los maravillosos xul addons. Gracias!!
  19. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/52.9.0/releasenotes/ June 2018 = 10,12% January 2020 = 8,22% June 2021 = 6,x% January 2023 = 4,x% June 2024 = 2,x% too late for crying... if you are not the market leader and drop support fox XP this is what might happen. (Moonchild staff is also responsible for this) if Safari ever give up and switch over to chrome .... only the UE can prevent this google monopoly https://www.techspot.com/news/83575-mozilla-lays-off-70-employees-revenue-declines.html
  20. Welp, this explains why IE11 isn't included in your WUD UL. If anyone still wants it, it still exists and there's one last Cumulative Update on the Catalog. Original + Cumulative (No direct links, Steven...): https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/18520/download-internet-explorer-11-offline-installer https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4534251 WTH IS THIS THINGY? (v11.0.0.4 / 10/21/2019) "NOW WITH BING AND MSN" lol! x64: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=41628 x86: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40907 Welp#2: Went back and read some more of the thread. YEESH! What a wet bag of worms! (and that I replicated some stuff already in the topic).
  21. tampis pour toi, t' aimes pas le SP4 d' un site serieux et ensuite tu prends un pack russe.... bref
  22. yo uso el Serpent porque te permite usar el multi proceso para que vaya más fluido sobretoso si abres muchas pestañas pero el 'chupacabra' chino los barre a todos. luego habrá paginas en donde unos funcionan mejor que otros o que aceptan extensiones que otros no
  23. Hello again @Stevo, and thanks for answering my question. (I'm not running build 6003 and have no SHA-2 support with which to test.) Does this mean you're not using Avast anymore? I'm using Avast Free 18.8 on Vista these days, and I know it creates Group Policy keys that prevent users from turning Defender on in order to avoid conflicts. Did you install the last-ever Server 2008 updates on Windows Vista last week? Any issues?
  24. Actually I'm OTA I think I saw that once, but not since I switched. It's possible the nag comes from one of two .dll's I've long reverted: markup.dll and StartResources.dll. The M$ guide update process regularly replaces these .dll's, so if you have the latest/not-so-great versions from M$ on your system, you may get the nag. Usually I'd notice those .dll's had been updated because the old, defunct "Sports" line and/or the Netflix app would disappear, so I'd shut WMC down and revert them from backups. It's possible I saw the nag during a time when the updated .dll's had been installed. Switching guide providers seems to have stopped the periodic update of those .dll's (another reason I don't want to switch back), but if you don't have older versions to revert to, you may be stuck with the nag.
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