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  2. WinCert seems to be the next place for that kind of content that was at RyanVM. They have a files section that have many of the repacks integrators famous reuploaded from RyanVM (such as ricktendo and user_hidden). RyanVM was most famous for its repacks (switchless installers and lite installers) Recommend everyone post the files they have from RyanVM there on the WinCert files subsection that has file storage functionality.
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  4. Wunderbar98, For codecs there is a post here. as mentioned DivXDecH264.ax should register OK.
  5. The actual AOL website notes that the chrome version of shield has NO XP/Vista compatibility
  6. @blackwingcat There are some more problems with exkernel v30e slipstreamed into w2k with hfslip. Registry acl get buggy, Subinacl has to be used. But for "restricted" in german we have to use "Eingeschränkter Zugriff" in additional.cmd - file. This will not work because of "ä". It produces Error (chcp standard - 850). For examination, I copied exkernel files into a w2k machine (not slipstreamed). I did "cmd" and wrote "ä". It displays "ä" . Then I tried with a .cmd text file (notepad font is lucida console, script in german "Westlich" (western europe, no.1): If I execute the .cmd - file, it comes out as something else: o with "tilde": This error is an old one. It is also present with exkernel versions kernel32.dll v5.0.2195.7254 in year 2018. I did not notice, because I did not use .cmd files too often. Suspicious files (examined with process explorer: advapi32, cmd, gdi32, kernel32, msvcrt, ntdll, rpcrt4, user32. ctype.nls, locale.nls, sortkey.nls, unicode.nls are original w2k DEU source dated 20.06.2003. I also changed advapi32, explorer.exe, cmd.exe, ntdll.dll, rpcrt4.dll and user32 to original w2k DEU. No effect, the error remains (and more errors come up, as expected). I could not change kernel32 to original -> BSOD. So most suspicious is kernel32.dll. Could you have a look on it? Greetings Joe PS: Thank you for giving new advice for localizing kernel32 in 2019!
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  8. I have now tried these python runtimes compiled for vanilla 98, they fail similarly with KernelEx disabled and don't do anything with KernelEx enabled as far as youtube-dl is concerned, assuming they are buggy. Python.dll from official Python 2.7 is dependent on msvcr90.dll and so requires KernelEx to run, there is no point trying to make hybrid installations, it won't work. Wget works on some but not all difficult SSL sites using the --no-check-certificate argument. ZoomPlayer Basic is a great free (DirectShow) multimedia player IMHO and current version may still support vanilla 98.
  9. that could be the cause why they are making a browser in english for international users..... anyway I don't care because when you download Android apps you get to share a bunch of personal things. this is not the cause for which I don't use W10
  10. Hi jumper, a link for those Pythons was provided by loblo a few posts back, already tried and failed. Goodmaneuver the official python-2.7.1.msi would not install, a DLL required for the install could not be run. I don't plan on swapping parts from a newer OS, will just let it rest. Looked at a bit of custom coding to replicate youtube-dl functionality, even just for one specific website. Went through JavaScript, Windows Script Host, Unix utilities, crazy .BAT file. Too much effort with limited success, as running vanilla even has issues with wget due to SSL. Thanks all for trying to help. Provides insight into the limitations of an old OS on today's internet. Access to a modern browser and youtube-dl is just a reboot away. Initial intention was to get some online access to browse and download gaming related files, mission accomplished. Tried Winamp, liked it back in the day, not so much anymore. My VLC is okay, sometimes flaky compared to their newer releases. Any suggestions for a vanilla Windows 98 multimedia player that handles most codecs please let me know.
  11. Windows XP SP4 thread (along with a few others) has been mostly archived, but some pages are missing: https://web.archive.org/web/20191105073426/https://ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10321 We need a full snapshot of the site.
  12. Try the "Classic Theme Restorer" add-on: https://ca-archive.biz.tm/storage/472/472577/classic_theme_restorer_fx29_56-
  13. A list current problematic updates for Office 2010 on XP x86 that should be avoided would be helpful.
  14. To be specific, I was trying to install the Chromium-based version linked to in @jumper's post directly above mine. (The FF 52-based version is old news.) The Web site claimed XP compatibility, but I was skeptical, and sure enough, it doesn't install.
  15. You're probably trying to install AOL Shield pro which is based on a new version of Chrome. Xp only works with the firefox 52 version which you can get here https://getonline.aol.com/xp-vista/
  16. Cattle Decapitation - A Living, Breathing Piece of Defecating Meat
  17. might try it via a VM to check for any dodgy stuff, it may be sending data or something to a webserver or whatever! Will check out it and if it's all good I might check it out
  18. I think there's an about:config preference you can set to false: plugin.load_flash_only Try it and see. Edit: Yep, it works! You have to create the Boolean pref above and set it to false, but it works. BTW, Serpent 55 is essentially an updated version of FF 53, and it does support NPAPI plugins. Also, it's probably worth pointing out that you will lose some security fixes in moving from FF 52.9 ESR to FF 53.
  19. The "best" browser for XP depends on your hardware. For pre-SSE2 processors, I agree with @looking4awayout: If your system is even older (pre-SSE) your best bet is probably @roytam1's no-SSE build of New Moon 27. For newer systems you have more options. The Chinese Chromium backports are OK if you like Chromium and can deal with the Chinese language. If you prefer a Firefox-based browser, I've had pretty good luck with @roytam1's Serpent 55. It supports more add-ons than his Serpent 52 and I almost never have problems with Web sites not displaying correctly.
  20. Thinking back about the time when "you know who" made a lot of fuss about the branding of the forked browsers, I noticed mainstream Basilisk still contains strings where the browser is referred to as "Firefox".
  21. I have downloaded both versions although the 360SE is 100% chinese and full of advertising banners just like the QQ web browser. I feel sorry for the chinese people who have to deal with slow internet speed, censored sites and spied on 24/h by the government. I had to download the exe files through W7 because none of my browsers were able to do so. to begin I have uncked all cases before installing it because chinese software is often full of spyware and malware now the verdict, I must admit it's the best browser I have tested in a long while, very smooth and does support google store apps... no other spyware program got installed to my knowledge but I would be cautious to use this chinese browsers to make purchases online a few days ago I was about to download the new Yandex version but I don't think I should give it a second chance... LOL
  22. This happened to me too. If I remember correctly, what it ended up doing was adding the contribution amount to my existing login. So instead of $5 total donated it shows up as $10 kind of thing. I think this worked out better, because the number of licenses was more for $10 than it was for 2 x $5.
  23. There is a revival server called "Escargot MSN Server" that works very well, they are currently trying to support WLM 2009 =p
  24. sure https://nojus.trexion.com/local/WinXP/jre-8u231-windows-i586.tar.gz
  25. Despite claims at the Web site, it doesn't seem to install in Win XP:
  26. the best browser is the one that has multi process function enabled and the one that supports official site addons. Firefox52 is still good but more and more sites are not displayed correctly anymore Serpent52 doesn't support most addons even if you manually install them in (Serpent55 unreliable) Centaury52 and Newmoon28 are pretty much the same thing, with my main hardware (AMD BE quad) when you open-close too many apps it gets frozen at around 30% of CPU usage in short, you cannot live with a single of these ''old'' up to date browsers because you may want to use FF52 to test some sites that do not run on them
  27. Anyone got a link to the "jre-8u231-windows-i586.tar.gz" release version? Can't download it from Oracle.
  28. Images often downloaded separately from the email that contains them because they're so large. Outlook uses IE to download these images. If IE can't download an image you'll get the red X, but there are lots of reasons IE might not be able to download from a particular server besides a certificate problem. For example, there may not be a TLS cipher that both the server and IE support. You may find that installing @heinoganda's version of ProxHTTPSProxyMII will resolve many of those download failures.
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