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  2. Alas, my Win98 boxes are in storage at the moment, so I am relying on memory, which may be fallible. I am assuming that you have ClamWin already installed and that it is running full disk scans automatically somehow. So that will need to be cancelled. For cancelling within the program, see the configuration screen here: http://www.clamwin.com/content/view/23/55/ and follow the link to Scheduled Scans. If it is being fired up externally (for example by Windows task scheduler) then see here https://duckduckgo.com/?q=how+to+schedule+clamwin how some folks recommend doing it, and reverse any actions that may have been applied in your case. For Clam Sentinel go to http://clamsentinel.sourceforge.net/ to download your choice of installer or non-installer as you wish. There are two user guide linked at the bottom of that page. I hope that helps.
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  4. Oh crud...WPS Office no longer works on Windows XP!
  5. @walksinsilence "If I'd been creating restore points every three days I'd have nothing but month old restore points and how I would have fixed the problem I've no idea as I'd tried every other method I could think of to no effect." --I have never had a problem with 3 days. "What I really wish was that there was a restore point save option either provided or as a third party tool." --I have thought about that, also. I agree. Although, there is the option of an image backup, which I also have ready, if I ever need it, but restoring this is very time consuming. @harrytri Okay, thanks. I'll give those a try.
  6. where can one find Vista Beta/Longhorn 5456.5's ksecdd.sys , doesnt seem to work on vista with 6003's ksecdd.sys for w8's usb 3.0 and where exactly is the "security_cookie"
  7. No! He has too many nuts to crack on his plate, already! No offense meant, really, but it's not courteous to pester people! Your latest question can be best answered by your testing them yourself. @roytam1's browsers are his (quite big already) gift to the community... you're welcome to use them for free, but it's not polite to bother him to death with vague questions. You don't wanna test? OK. You may read this thread and the previous one in full and you'll know all there is to know about every one of roytam's browsers.
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  9. @roytam1 Could you clarify please whether Serpent 52 or 55 has an advantage in terms of general compatibility with websites?
  10. For me, the title of the files aren't displayed and the settings are not saved in the program's folder but in the Application Data of the user's profile...
  11. @ray5450 Try to disable System Restore and enable it again after rebooting. If the problem continues (no restore points although the scheduled task) then there must be something wrong with the Windows installation and if I were you I would consider reinstalling Windows. By the way, do you use any antivirus program? I used AVG but abandoned it when it started messing up with the OS functionality (now I use Avira). Avast must be pretty much the same with AVG since Avast owns AVG too. Anyway, you can try disabling your antivirus program for three days and check if it makes any difference.
  12. I use Clam Sentinel (at http://clamsentinel.sourceforge.net/ ) and set it to scan only files that are newly written to disk. Then manually set ClamWin off to do a whole disk scan when I know I am going to be away from the machine for a long time. [The same difficulty with Clam happens on my Linux box. If only there were something similar to adopt!]
  13. Or, alternatively, can they get uploaded to some other location than file sharing hosting? those links will dissapear, you know.
  14. First try worked here, but after that it broke down. I think they should take "legacy" out of the name now...
  15. Is there any way to make Clamwin take less time and not chew up my CPU
  16. Maybe someone should start a new thread "Community builds for XP" or something like that. That would make it much easier to find the new builds.
  17. OpenGL and Webgl on Radeon 9550 in KM76.2.1
  18. I was going to say something about the frequency too but that does depended on how much space you've allocated to restore points. Having a smallish 120GB SSD primary drive I reserve about 8% which in practice means about 10GB of space and 7 or 8 restore points. I put in a manual restore point every week and delete those if more than a month old but only if I've had no problem. That saved me recently; I had this weird issue I won't bore you with but I couldn't find a solution and the web site of the program involved is now just an archive with no mention of similar issues. I worked my way back through the 6 restore points I had and it was only using the last one, six weeks old, that fixed whatever the problem was. If I'd been creating restore points every three days I'd have nothing but month old restore points and how I would have fixed the problem I've no idea as I'd tried every other method I could think of to no effect. What I really wish was that there was a restore point save option either provided or as a third party tool. Whilst you can backup the Windows System Volume Information folder which contains, amongst other things, the restore points, I've never had the confidence to risk testing if they actually work months later. Instead I content myself backing up the registry once a month and hope I never have to use it. So far so good.
  19. @nicolaasjan Yes, this works. But we need to fix this regression bug which may also depend on the latest recent version of UBO Legacy.
  20. Meanwhile Mirrored.to has removed DataFileHost from their service. I've have replace it by "DownloadGG". The first post is updated.
  21. Same here. Click on "View" instead and import that address. (or right-click and copy link target)
  22. LOL! I would agree leave the ;# REMmed lines in the INF. The file is already a huge amount smaller than the original, and I can't see any harm in leaving them there so any future experimenter can see what used to be included. I think if the batch files are included there should be some sort of readme file with them to explain how to use them and why you might want to.
  23. Some how the VMWare you and I use are quite different I've reuploaded with fix language file and urschipidea in exclusions.
  24. @roytam1 Hi, There are problems with subscribing to custom lists taken from Filter List for uBlock Origin: Could you check with EasyPrivacy optimized? TH.
  25. I would say that everything is ready for "release", what has to be decided is whether to leave the ;# REMmed lines and section or remove them alltogether. (I would leave them, as they might be useful to someone with different hardware and willing to do experiments. As well, it is to be decided if the 6 (please read as 7 ) small batches are to be included or not. Naaah, a parrot happily jumping around will suffice . jaclaz
  26. i created an account because i felt compelled to reply to the sentiment i see all the time along these lines. all i can say here is thrashing microsoft because the world has changed and might seem unfamiliar to you is useless. windows 7 sucks unless you don't mind being stuck on old hardware in a world that is moving on. i remember clinging to XP until i couldn't, i remember early 7 and it sucked. they worked on it and it was great by the time i upgraded to 10. and 10 sucked but they're updating it all the time, and i've come around. it takes me maybe ten minutes to get a fresh 10 install looking like this. i've tried my hand at turning it into a full-blown linux clone as well. another five minutes and i might re-theme it with some great styles from niivu and others. i use aeroglass when i can, when i don't it's whatever as you can see from my screenshot, the gamechanger is the fact that windows 10 comes with WSL - a fully functioning linux kernel built right in. this means windows 10 is pretty much the lobby where i might play a game on steam before opening up a terminal and getting to work, using a *real* operating system. (it will even run graphical linux applications, if you need to rely on that sort of thing) and more importantly: i don't have to rely on janky 3rd party apps like rainmeter to extensively mod my desktop. windows 10 has so much powerful features built right in, or easily available. while the default experience certainly borders on intolerable for power users, the more i see replies like this i start liking it more: because to get a great OS you have to sit down and just learn a bit about it. when i see people complaining, i just see people who are unwilling to learn a little bit about their software - and that's fine if you're alright with the basic UI. sometimes it feels like the devs for 10 really work hard to give the user an incredibly powerful OS - and then they have to deal with a marketing team that will come in from time to time and demand that they cover it all up with a flashy, ad-filled UI aimed at turning the UI into a user-data-collection device. they comply, but they also ensure it's something you can easily undo.
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