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  2. Just a handling suggestion again ;-) After reading again the install-instructions on page1, those really look a bit complicated if someone doesn't already know by himself where prefs are stored. Especially if his browser is portable or is not installed in the usual locations. As we've seen, normal users can be completely lost then, start blind guessing and land in completely wrong folders, not even aware that program and profile folders are completely different things. I keep thinking some screenshots of the file explorer would be easier... And perhaps include install instructions inside the zips, as a UOC_readme.txt? That wouldn't require to visit the forum (which may not always be possible or easy for everyone, or just too lazy) and search through long, long text to find the crucial paths. Additionally the paths could be included at the start of the js-files too... Or the readme could just say "Installation instructions also found in file.....js (right-click file and edit to read as txt) Am not quite sure what the system does if users just "open" js-files... Just as idea, in UOC_Patch_38.js something like... // UOC_Patch_38.js for Firefox 38 ESR based browsers // Developed by Looking4awayout - Version vN2I - 2019-11-16 // Forum: https://msfn.org/board/topic/178306-uoc-patch/ // //======= INSTALLATION: // Copy THIS file to your PROGRAM folder, where your browser creates DEFAULT settings: // FIREFOX: C:\Program Files\Mozilla\Firefox (contains FIREFOX.EXE) // \defaults\pref\UOC_Patch_38.js // PALEMOON: C:\Program Files\Moonchild... \palemoon (contains PALEMOON.EXE) // \defaults\pref\UOC_Patch_38.js // K-MELEON: C:\Program Files\K-Meleon\(KM-Goanna?) (contains K-MELEON.EXE) // \browser\defaults\preferences\UOC_Patch_38.js // // ATTENTION: after next browser start this will change your OWN settings in profile // //======= BACKUP your PROFILE settings first: // FIND PROFILE: // Open address "about:support", click on button or link to PROFILE FOLDER. // Copy 2 files "prefs.js" (has date of today if correct folder) and "user.js" to a safe place. // (prefs.js will be modified by THIS file after next browser start) // (user.js gets replaced completely by the 2nd UOC file "enforcer") //======= And in "Enforcer" file... //======= INSTALLATION: // FIND PROFILE: // Open address "about:support", click on button or link to PROFILE FOLDER. // BACKUP: 2 files "prefs.js" (has date of today if correct folder) and "user.js" to a safe place. // Replace "user.js" with THIS enforcer file and restart browser. //=======
  3. I just tried accessing the website of a UK restaurant chain using IE11 on Windows 7, and it would not connect, saying there was some sort of security error, which couldn't be overridden. The address is https://www.cote.co.uk I thought perhaps this was because IE11 is now becoming obsolete, especially when I tried it on my Windows 8.1 netbook too, and got the same error. However, I just tried on IE11 on Windows 10, and it worked fine! Can anyone else confirm this, and has anyone any idea why it would work on Windows 10, but not on 7 or 8,1, using apparently the same Internet Explorer version? Thanks, Dave.
  4. Yeah that's the crux, max privacy and max features are mutually exclusive. One just cannot block at the same time all sorts of privacy related functions and still have all features working, if those require some of those functions. It's a dilemma. We understand this here but unfortunately, when looking around the web, most users still don't have the slightest clue! They keep thinking they could get a set of "flawless" privacy settings, then after adding some more magical prefs are soon disappointed to discover "bugs". They keep fiddling with new settings, only to fall into another trap shortly after. Never quite understanding it's simply not possible to block lots of stuff and still get everything working at the same time. And of course by far the best privacy protection is to just block javascript completely (causing a few 'bugs' too as expected 8-) Privacy settings are such a giant subject, a separate thread wouldn't be nearly enough. At least not for the endless jungle of Mozilla prefs, IIRC current browsers have over 3000 prefs already (yikes!) Makes probably a million possible combinations... many cross-influencing each other, and additionally users have different hardware and browsers, complicating things yet more... Can't imagine there's even just 1 expert left who still understands all of this with all cross-effects too. There are already lots of projects out there trying to find at least a good compromise of permanent settings for most users, although not really possible, considering everyone has different needs too (needing stuff like facebook and gmail or not etc). But still better than nothing. Like the famous ghacks user.js, or german site privacy-handbuch.de (oh great, which now blocks old browsers too, no TLS1.2) The only real solution for this dilemma is to toggle some settings only TEMPORARILY when needed. It keeps surprising me how few people even consider doing this. Although admittedly not quite easy, it requires some knowledge what those toggles are doing. Still it's the method that works best, and one of the reasons I absolutely love K-Meleon with my long row of toggle buttons, many self-created (mainly macros Blockeria and priv3buttons). Although I can only toggle a few prefs too, among the 3000, but as mentioned, blocking javascript (completely or partly) goes a very long way towards privacy already, and blocking 3rd party iframes etc. too.
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  6. @Matzwiz > Unfortunately, I don't have a system capable of building these browsers myself. > So I wrote that comment in the hope that @roytam1 will do a test build of both browsers, > and revert my changes if there are any problems. If it's only normal xml/html/js files, not CPP, you can most likely find and exchange those inside omni.ja In K-Meleon works fine, just not sure if those other/newer browsers allow changing omni.ja too or if it breaks some signature or whatever.
  7. It was in this thread https://msfn.org/board/topic/178283-how-you-really-browse-the-web-on-98me-in-2019/page/3/#comments https://github.com/rn10950/RetroZilla/releases/tag/2.2
  8. Yes on occasion with UXP, with the most recent being Fox Video. https://video.foxnews.com/playlist/featured-latest-news/ The problem for me is when the user agent is IE11 but changing it for that specific site resolves it. With Twitter I set it to the latest firefox ua and with Fox Video specifically I had to set static.foxnews.com.
  9. @blackwingcat: I apologize. "ä" - cmd problem is not a problem of exkernel. It also exists in wxp32 and 64, and also in win7. Is it a microsoft bug? I tried a workaround: Result: As you can see, all of the characters are displayed wrong. Furthermore, ">" is displayed "1>". But the result seems to be OK. I can use it to get the "Eingeschränkter Zugriff" done. Anyone knows a better solution? Greetings Joe
  10. UXP XULRunner is not used by K-Meleon(I hope I can make changes to make KM use UXP, but for now KM uses Tycho.)
  11. can't tell as they're reverted in my tree.
  12. I am using http://proxycrime.com as last resort. See my post of april, 23 thread posted in next post by @Goodmaneuver
  13. I know I won't. Then again, I even keep a Real Player plugin in my main rig, set to "ask to activate", although I actually cannot remember anymore the last time it was useful, if ever, since this rig's XP install time (early 2007).
  14. https://www.ghacks.net/2019/11/16/startpage-search-owner-changes-raise-serious-questions/
  15. I'm not sure how I feel about removing Primetime support. On one hand, @roytam1 already builds in support for playing .mp4 files, so you would think Primetime isn't really needed any more. But OTOH, there have been reports of badly distorted audio when playing some .mp4 videos. Disabling the built-in support and installing Primetime fixes this issue, but that won't be possible with Primetime support removed. The distorted audio issue seems to be rare, but it does still seem to exist. Has anyone encountered it lately? If so, could you post a link to a video exhibiting the problem?
  16. Let's get this out of the way right off: I didn't touch the functionality of either AM! All I did was revert the Bugzilla "fix" in Serpent 52, restoring version numbers to its about:addons page. I didn't (and really, can't) turn Tycho into WebEx or vice versa. Serpent will continue to support the same limited WebEx add-ons; NM still will not. Nothing has changed except that one bit of information on about:addons. This is cosmetic surgery, not brain surgery But it did take me a while to figure out how UXP separates the two browsers. The UXP repo is a bit of a mess, since it has to support PM/NM, Serpent/Basilisk, and XULRunner (used by KM). Turns out under folder toolkit/mozapps there are two subfolders, extensions and webextensions. Each of those folders has a subfolder named "content," which in turn has a file named "extensions.xml." Under "extensions," that file matches the "before" code in Bugzilla, but under "webextensions," it matches the "after" code (the version number has been moved to a tooltip). Clearly, Serpent uses the code in "webextensions," so I just added back the code that the Bugzilla "fix" stripped out, essentially reverting it. This is the same thing the Waterfox folks did to restore version numbers to that browser (yes, I checked that commit too), except in the Mozilla repo there is only an "extensions" folder, not a "webextensions" one. Finally, I also added the one-line change from Waterfox that lets you turn the version numbers back off if you don't like them. I did that in both "webextensions" and "extensions," so that's the only change that will affect NM. Well, I'm a stickler for consistency, and implementing that pref required only a one-line change, so I implemented it in both browsers. The only thing the new pref does is suppress version numbers if it's created in about:config and set to false. IOW, NM 28 will continue to work exactly as it does now, unless you decide you don't want it to! Was that actually carefully examined? Well, I was as careful as I could manage to be in merging the code in. I'm confident I got the one-line change to check the new pref (in both NM and Serpent) right, but there were quite a lot of code that needed to be put back into Serpent's extensions.xml to revert the Bugzilla "fix." And I've done enough coding to know how easy it is to slip up and break something no matter how careful you are. Unfortunately, I don't have a system capable of building these browsers myself. So I wrote that comment in the hope that @roytam1 will do a test build of both browsers, and revert my changes if there are any problems. I don't see it that way. IMO something is broken in FF 40+, and in Serpent; it's just that, as a user of the CTR add-on, I never realized it because the add-on patches the bug! MCP and Waterfox both seem to agree with that assessment, as they both implemented the same fix. Unfortunately, in MCP's case, it was bundled with a much larger "fix" - removing all WE support - that actually did violate your adage, so the "cure" was worse than the disease. (Waterfox fixed it correctly, but of course it requires 64-bit Win 7; otherwise we'd all be using it and @roytam1 would have a lot less work to do every week!) As for CTR, I think you're blowing the Tycho vs. WebEx thing way out of proportion. Like my own changes, CTR is cosmetic surgery, not brain surgery. Neither of us care what's going on deep inside the browser; we're both just changing how things look to the user. The engine underneath doesn't really matter, because it's not interfacing at that level. If it did, how could you expect CTR to work with browsers as different as Basilisk (Tycho AM) and Waterfox (modified WebEx AM) and yet not work with Serpent 52 (WebEx AM with UI modified as in Waterfox)? I think this is your best point. As it happens, I did look for add-ons besides CTR that would put the version numbers back. After all, not everyone wants to install CTR just to fix that one issue. I didn't have much luck, but then, I didn't look very hard, since it seemed fairly simple and more sensible to just fix the problem at its source. At the end of the day, though, this is the same argument we've seen over other features that Mozilla or MCP have removed (container tabs come to mind): is it better to have the feature in the browser itself, or as an add-on of some sort? Usually, we've come down on the side of leaving the feature in the browser, and that's what I'm trying to do here.
  17. Will this have some consequence on video playing? I checked my profile and found 3 folders: gmp\WINNT_x86-msvc, empty; gmp-eme-adobe, empty; gmp-gmpopenh264\1.6, gmpopenh264.info, gmpopenh264.dll Currently I have no problem playing videos I encounter.
  18. Anyone ever get a am3 790fx chipset running? Seems like it has enough to make this possible just obviously drivers only go as low as xp. Was thinking of using my x850xt pci in primary slot and 5870 on the 2nd pcie slot.
  19. Grease


    Long time lurker and finally signed up lol. Im currently going threw my retro withdraws and i been addicted in collecting hardware from my kid years to enjoy more so as a adult now. Anyway long story short at the same time im obssessed with the idea of building all in one solutions to preserve some of these timeless pieces. So hope to learn a lot thanks.
  20. Due to outdated security protocols vanilla Windows 98 can no longer connect to many websites, regardless of browser utilized. Fortunately numerous free proxy websites are available. Just bookmark a proxy that is able to successfully connect to your desired site. When encountering a site that won't load, open a tab and load the proxy site, then enter or paste the target URL to browse the inaccessible web page. Example, tested in Dillo and SeaMonkey: - Open browser and load an encrypted URL, such as https://openbsd.com, it will fail. - Open a new tab and load a proxy site, such as http://free-proxyserver.com. - Enter or paste the previously inaccessible URL into the proxy site. Note: - Find a web proxy that works with encrypted (https) sites. - The web proxy continues to work in the desired tab when clicking target site links. - Free web proxies have limits, such as timeouts, data utilization, file size download. - Beware proxy sites aren't inherently safe, yet another middle-man. - No appreciable load time increase and now you can visit the site.
  21. Newmoon 27 SSE backed up prefs only AFTER patching.... was in Newmoon Productions-folder not Newmoon. FF 45ESR SSE UOC-Patch and Enforcer installed. Cannot install Browser- apps. running from folder. Newmoon and FB working much smoother than with Firefox 45ESR. all advised addons installed. More later. KM Goanna 76.2 Cannot patch /enforce in advised location since in dont see these: have prefs.js at different location. see further down. "For K-Meleon users, check out Mathwiz's post below: . One little correction: the UOC Patch for FF 38-based browsers also applies to the K-Meleon browser, but you have to extract it into a different folder. Instead of <browser folder>\defaults\pref, for K-Meleon you should extract the patch into <browser folder>\browser\defaults\preferences." True for me: ....\browser folder>\browser\profiles\xyz.default\ -patching/enforcing done. see image at the end. user.js backed up will be replaced. prefs.js sitting beside UOC-patch. Browserinstaller not working. Only palemoon-loader is working. will leave older version alone if stable since have to adjust this or that. in about:config and settings. 1a). Firefox 45.9.17 Nightly: cannot find german languagefile. Installation possible? 1b) KMeleon: Already asked but no answer: How to find out which version is running? From which date? 2. I am about to install all these advised Addons: NoScript (I recommend v2.6.9.32 or v2.6.9.27 for New Moon, and v2.9.0.9 for Firefox 45 ESR SSE) Using maybe better using the advised ones or checking how they behave? how stable system is? Decentraleyes 1.4.2 Bluhell Firewall 2.5.3 UAControl (To change the user agent on the fly, per website) uBlock Origin 1.10.0 Vacuum Places Improved 1.2.1 - Bluhell Firewall 2.5.3 cannot be found only newer and older. Can anyone provide it here pls? will then add direkt-links of the other advised addons. ------- 3. Browserinstallation never worked here: maybe not enough space only 6gb left in systempartition. see image
  22. Oops, it looks like there is a version, and there are 64-bit downloads (for the time being at least). ESET has no free versions AFAIK.
  23. @roytam1, @Mathwiz : How is that guaranteed to only touch Serpent 52's AOM (WebExtAM) but NOT NM28's AOM (TychoAM) ? On GitHub, in the PR's description, it says But NM does not need that pref, OR the functionality of that PR ... Also, Was that actually carefully examined? (I mean, with regard to further UXP-based apps...) If I am to voice my personal humble opinion, this whole issue was rushed... Also, I'm a firm believer in the adage: "Don't fix it if it ain't broken!" and, as of this writing, NOTHING IS BROKEN (yet) ... To re-emphasise what I posted in my previous posts: 1. Serpent 52.9.0/UXP and Serpent 55.0/Moebius both have a WebExAM type of AOM (St52 one derived from FxESR52, St55 one derived from Fx53.0a1 - probably not identical, but with very few differences between them...) 2. CTR v1.7.8 serves both above browsers perfectly, and AVN is offered as an option (OFF by default); also, CTR is incompatible with NM, so this leaves NM totally out of this discussion. 3. CTR v1.7.8 won't break in St52 in the future, unless @roytam1 explicitly touches Serpent's AOM code (not likely) 4. The upstream team have implemented the TychoAM on both Pale Moon and Basilisk; I'd speculate that they are unlikely to change TychoAM any further, but you can never really be sure with them... In the event they do change it, it's probable (from my viewpoint) that those changes won't be applicable to St52's WebExAM and would have to be reverted by Roy (but somehow applied selectively to NM28?)... The CTR v1.7.8.2019 branch was created by Aris with only classic Waterfox (Firefox 56 derived, but heavily forked...) and official Basilisk in mind, but after official Basilisk had changed to the TychoAM; if upstream implement changes to TychoAM, then CTR v1.7.8.2019 will have to accommodate, of course, but with code not relevant to Serpent's AOM... There's absolutely no compelling reason to install CTR v1.7.8.2019 on Serpent 52 currently (... just because you can it's not a valid argument in my book )... 5. If, despite all the above, one insists on installing CTR v1.7.8.2019 in St52, then, as posted, to get the AVN feature back (present in CTR 1.7.8) just co-install either of Version Number in Add-ons Manager 1.10 (by magicp) caa:addon/addonvernumber/versions?page=1#version-1.10 Add-ons Manager - Version Number 1.4 (by Aris) caa:addon/amversionnumber/versions?page=1#version-1.4 NB: Latest v1.5 not compatible with Serpent (it installs, but BREAKS the AOM!) Of course, you can install either one without any version of CTR, if you JUST want the feature of AVN in St52's AOM... Thus, no need at present to touch the UXP platform code... In all fairness, MCP might in the future do something more radical in Basilisk's GUI, outside its TychoAM; if that big change lands in Serpent 52, then CTR 1.7.8 might get (partially) broken, and an update to a future version of might be needed; even then, CTR + one of the above extensions should suffice (but let's cross that bridge when we get to it...). In closing, I thought I'd detail my personal, lukewarm, view on that PR, since it was I that instigated this chain of events (after pointing out to @Mathwiz the existence of CTR versions past and providing a link to the Wf PR that implemented AVN natively in its - Fx56 based - AOM) ; and to clear out any trace of a possible misunderstanding, this has nothing to do with the author of the PR; I highly appreciate all his efforts (coding and otherwise) and contributions offered to this great community here, not to mention the outstanding quality of his posts; plus, I sort of think of him as a good friend (especially since we've conversed in the past over PMs); so, @Mathwiz, nothing personal here Best regards!
  24. My Windows Explorer was intermittently sluggish a while ago, sometimes taking >15 seconds to navigate even small directories. It appears resolved after replacing the buggy network card, mentioned in earlier posts. Unsure, maybe a buggy adapter/driver unsuccessfully seeking non-existent network shares. Snappy fast again. Mentioned in case it helps someone troubleshoot a laggy Windows Explorer. Always got confused with Windows Explorer drag and drop for copy/paste, hold down Shift/control/whatever. Finally learned to right-click and drag then just select Move or Copy from the popup menu. Modifying the right-click Send to menu adds a lot of functionality. Ensuring DOS Edit, Notepad and WordPad are in the list makes it easy to open files that don't have a recognized extension, rather than holding shift, right-click and select Open with. Using the Windows Explorer File dropdown more to quick zoom to previously visited directories. Similarly, adding frequently accessed directories to Windows Explorer favourites helps. This old software is not given enough credit, still a blast to use and very functional. Windows 98 isn't the most stable OS i've ever experienced but it is lean, efficient and configurable. It's also hard to break, most everything is fixable. DOS with eye-candy. Reminds me of Tiny Core, Linux-land has also become bloated. All are welcome to share any favourite Windows 98 tips here, won't be considered a hijack.
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  26. Here are some possible one-parameter substitutes for if_nametoindex: SetIfEntry SetIpTTL SetIpNetEntry SetTcpEntry IsLocalAddress IpRenewAddress
  27. JFYI Just in case some of you are interested on FFU format, I started a thread about this subject on reboot.pro: http://reboot.pro/topic/22182-capture-and-apply-windows-full-flash-update-ffu-images/ Where you can see more info about the use of this format, and about DismMountService a GUI tool for Dism (from Retokener) capable to capture/apply on FFU format, and recommended version of Dism (10.0.17763.1) for this task, since Dism Version 10.0.18362.1 and newer seem to have some bugg related to this feature. Best Regards alacran
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