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  2. SYS.COM from 98SE for ME

    Just to be clear, running this from WinME GUI unmodified after fresh install copied the crippled versions of COMMAND.COM and IO.SYS with removed real mode and no booting. I copied over the IO.SYS and COMMNAND.COM from tools\nettools\fac (extract from *.dta files) directory in the WinMe Cd, overwriting the relevant ones on the HD. io.sys - 35d8554b736e6d03960a0d158ac293e5701e7640 (from tools\nettools\fac) note this version is different to the one on the EDB and the non-bootable version. It can be used to install and boot from HD and floppy/USB/CD etc with no hex modification. command.com - 9a21712e64c4d498b70880b419104aed8a732ffd - same as one from EDB.
  3. WindowsPatchLoader

    This program is also useful: BatchPatcher Downloader. I like it because it allows me to save a text file containing the download links as well as detailed descriptions of what the updates are. This program will install batches of updates: Batch Patcher. It's not perfect, but it mostly works. I've found that it doesn't work so well if I try to install large numbers of updates; in the future I am planning to group updates by the month they were released and install them in small batches, rebooting after each batch. Another useful utility is Portable Update. It works very well, but is more complicated. It's my preferred way to install batches of updates on Windows 8.1. I've also used it on Windows XP, but the last time I tried it (last month, I believe) it wasn't working.
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  5. Aero Glass Deactivates Automatically

    Hello, thank you for responding, but I really do not know how to go the aeroglass task. If you can explain it in more detail, that would be great.
  6. IE 8 in 2018?

    I added the DisabledByDefault DWORDs to my registry as above. However, IE8 still does not use TLS 1.1 or 1.2. I believe both protocols are installed and usable, but IE8 isn't using them. Here are the cipher suites reported by the site above (result of Paste looks terrible, but it's readable):
  7. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Hi @greenhillmaniac thanks for the context. Hi @VistaLover Yes, having it already installed was what caused the message/failure to reinstall. It was odd... I tried using the Search Bar (in add/remove programs) and tried it with & without the KB in front, and nothing came up. However, after I booted in Safe Mode, then rebooted in Normal Mode, it was there.
  8. i think 1.0.9 is workable,it gives kernel errors yes, but after that it works properly i havent tested it but i will in a few days,these days my head is paining too much so i might test in a day or two.
  9. Win 98: Explorer in another language??

    How could I ever forget! Thanks for letting me know! I don't have the PC with me ATM so I'll try that next Saturday.
  10. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    I don't get it ... Why having KB4019478 already installed prevented you from installing KB4019276 ??? (Unless this is a typo, of course... ) In my case, I always let "Installed Updates" completely finish populating the relevant entries, which can take a while on my system, and only then proceed with typing in the search bar the update ID, always including the KB characters (i.e. a search for KB4019276 will succeed, but a search for just 4019276 will fail! ) BTW, @JohnRichardTLH and @mike_shupp, welcome to the Vista Community of the MSFN forums ! The more we are, the merrier...
  11. How to get navigation bar to be transparent

    I was gonna say that I had the same problem until I used OldNewExplorer to disable the ribbon and now it works flawlessly.
  12. I don't know what Microsoft was thinking when it decided to ditch Aero Glass. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I 'upgraded' my PCs from Windows 7 to 8. The dull, mundane look of the UI took me back to the days of Windows 2000. What BigMuscle has contributed towards restoring the look is fundamental. If it weren't for his hard work, I would have resorted to using WindowBlinds, which, seems to be a memory hog, and, doesn't work as well as it should given the asking price for it + premium themes. For a time after Windows 8 was released, I had thought that Microsoft would realize that they messed up (and would work to patch Aero Glass back in), but then Windows 10 came out, and now I'm convinced that they won't bother listening to the countless requests to implement Aero Glass back in for W32-based apps at least (UWP apps they might). So yeah, BigMuscle's work has been invaluable in this regard - I can't stress that enough. And that's why I'm proud to have donated to the cause + will do so again for the work to continue. And Microsoft clearly doesn't appreciate the saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Sad story indeed (but thank goodness that BigMuscle stepped in).
  13. Force close programs on shutdown

    Good reference, which leads us to : http://www.proffs.nu/brutus.htm http://www.proffs.nu/readme.txt The AutoEndTasks is Windows 2000 and later only. jaclaz
  14. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Hello, name is Vix I am running into an issue with OldNewExplorer. It has worked perfectly up until a week ago. I imagine an update broke something, or maybe a personal id10t error. I am running Windows 10, Professional. Most recent update, and drivers. I have a custom theme Arc and up until a week ago everything worked fine. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling. I tried using a new download, and I also tried refreshing my registry to a backup. But no matter the action, the ribbon remains! Thank ahead of time for any help! Amazing software too!
  15. Force close programs on shutdown

    Many years ago at a company, everyone had very slow Windows NT 4 systems that would take AGES to shut down. Due to scheduling requirements, users had to shutdown or restart their computer at the end of their shift while on the clock. BUT this typically would result in someone having to stick around for 10-20 minutes longer than required. I didn't want to do this, so I used the registry to speed my shutdown/restart time to a more reasonable timeframe like 10-20 seconds. I'm not sure if it is what you want, because it is relating to all programs... maybe an atom bomb vs a hammer comparison. WaitToKillAppTimeout used with AutoEndTasks: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc978624.aspx This will force close all programs on shutdown and not wait the default period of time and/or there should not be any programs that keep the OS from completing the shutdown process.
  16. You Want to Change Your Username?

    rustamabd > rustyx7
  17. Free version limitations

    two questions 1) Free edition ... trying to clarify what it includes (maybe?) Free edition includes Basic Features (as listed www.ntlite.com/features/) + Image Management + Live-install Modifications + Component Removal + Integration for Updates, Language and Service Packs + Driver Integration + Hardware Targeting + Registry Integration and Editing + Tweaks + Unattended Setup + Application Integration + Pending Changes Overview and + Post-process Automation for personal home use Except Free edition excludes those features that are added by the Home License (as listed www.ntlite.com/shop/) – Live install direct editing – Full component removal – Other machine hardware list imports and hidden devices – Exclude irrelevant drivers from the integration list – Export drivers from image or install – Auto-fill unattended options – Update cache (WinSxS) cleanup – License never expires, includes 1 year of upcoming features – sign features (Free edition) would be + plus sign (included) when Home edition is purchased 2nd question) -- If purchaser is in US, is VAT tax added, hidden but not shown? From my computer, when I press blue "Buy now" button, avangate shows $49.20 as "total price" -- does that include VAT? Thanks NUHI ! Molecule-X ---- edit ---- 3rd question -- can I use NTLite to build a Windows 7 PE environment, integrate Rollup, install drivers, and add software (total commander, firefox, notepad++, imgburn, terabyte backup, ..., etc.) if NTLite can, and it's a lenghty answer, this maybe put this in its own separate thread, to show full capabilities
  18. Does this performance tweaks make any sense? https://github.com/xunxun1982/pcxfirefox/tree/master/patches/release
  19. Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Yeah... Unlike the error messages from Windows 7+, where it clearly says the update is already installed on the computer, in Vista it just says that the update is not applicable on your PC... A bit more annoying, but manageable.
  20. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    Good. In theory (not necessarily in practice) the Winternals one should be if not faster at least more compatible (since after all it uses "original" MS drivers/programs), but I suspect that the Paragon driver issues are due more to some combination with hardware, it is one of those programs (as we have seen here) for which opinions are either "it's just fine" or "it's unstable/slow". jaclaz
  21. I installed a newer version of the ADK, I think build 17115 or something, and now the SIM doesn't even start, complaining (or it's actually Windows) about unsigned driver. I guess I will just wait for full release. I just hope they didn't take away the possibility of running it on Windows 7.
  22. You Want to Change Your Username?

    Please change my username to rustyx7. Thanks in advance!
  23. [Update] Firemin (2018-03-19)

    New version: Firemin v6.1.0.4963 (2018-03-19) at: https://msfn.org/board/topic/177538-update-firemin-6104963-2018-03-19/
  24. windows 95 on gateway 600yg2

    thanks for the info, the touchpad has been working so far within windows, i haven't updated the system much, just applied some setting changes in system.ini, etc, but it seems that i may be impacted with some unfavorable results later on if i choose to install xusbsupp, but i'll see how much i want to experiment with the system. what may be nice to find out is if there is a working driver for the mobility radeon 9500 that the laptop uses, the package has some vxd files in it so i am hoping it will work, though they may be for w98 first edition, gpu driver version is to be installed for the following below: "TO BE DISCONTINUED" = M10_ENU, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E52 also some other random questions and info, probably not the best place to put it but i was wondering if you know a good lightweight system information tool for windows 95 and 98SE, i tried to download "ReSysInfo System Information Viewer v2.1.0 32-bit" from mdgx but couldn't find any trace, even with wayback machine or manually searching google for file contents / etc. i won't be using aida or everest as my goal specifically is to find something a lot lighter than those that is either around the same date or newer supported chipsets. i found benchmarkx 4.1 for w95 but it's only good till like 9-2-2002. there are some other ones but i can mention those later if necessary. i already updated some other components, dtemp was very nice and worked right away on w95, Roadkil's Disk Speed 2.0 for 9x was also nice and worked right away, i think it measures 4K random read with a queue depth of 1 ( which is a main reason why i wanted it ) as the speed almost identically matched AS SSD benchmark on a windows 7 system where i tested both programs, AS SSD not supported on windows 95, very early versions of AS SSD work on 98SE but are sort of buggy / slow.
  25. Yep, there are rules everywhere in life. Better get accustomed to it. You should try being more organized yourself. Might have prevented some of the weird issues you kept having before. I saw. I can't moderate there anyway, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt on that one as there could have been progress on these systems for XP without progress for 98 and vice versa.
  26. windows 95 on gateway 600yg2

    Well, you found the culprit all right. Enabling "USB Legacy Support" means that USB input devices are set to emulate PS/2 (or older types) input so that they will be functional in DOS or other environments where there are no USB drivers (the first round of 95 SETUP launched from DOS falls into this category). The problem with this is that when Windows loads and loads its USB driver stack, the Windows drivers take over and the emulation is lost, leaving you with no input control unless either the KB or Mouse is not USB. In the case of Windows 95, where there are no USB drivers until one installs USBSUPP/XUSBSUPP, there's a chance that the emulation would continue to work provided one does not install one of these packages. However this would also have the effect of preventing use of USB Storage devices with that particular 95 installation. With 98/ME, the touchpad should work as a regular USB-HID device, but there might still be some hiccups during the SETUP process if any dialog boxes are triggered that require clicks to continue (unless the keyboard still works).
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