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  2. ... I was under the impression Disney+ launched initially only in the US, Canada and The Netherlands... https://www.cnet.com/news/disney-plus-streaming-service-launch-dares-prices-shows-movies-marvel-star-wars-pixar/ Aren't you currently in Poland?
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  4. It is possible. Recently, gfycat had announced it was deleting large portions of posts and the Archive team took to the task of backing up the site. Whatever their methods, it ended up causing bandwidth issues for them and they got their lawyers involved. https://twitter.com/textfiles/status/1192518085997137920
  5. That's good; your last post had me worried! My yellow shield was there this AM with the three Office 2010 updates. Since manual installation still works, here are links to their support pages: https://support.microsoft.com/kb/4484164 https://support.microsoft.com/kb/4484127 https://support.microsoft.com/kb/4484160 You can go to each support page, scroll down to "Option 3: Microsoft Download Center," and find links to the standalone installers for both 32- and 64-bit versions of Office 2010. (I would assume the vast majority of folks have 32-bit systems, but just in case....)
  6. Hehe! My second name is laziness... I finally installed it and everything seems right. Thanks for the tips, VistaLover!
  7. Microsoft Update didn't take anywhere near as long to complete its scan as it did when we had the issue before, it wasn't hours and hours like it was then! It just took several minutes, which is unusual now. I did get a yellow shield with those Office updates this morning, but they failed again when an attempt was made using that interface. I have now installed them all manually and all seems fine, but what a PITA! I guess we will always have to do that in future if what @Mathwizsays is correct. The second update (KB4484160) seemed to take forever to install, but it got there in the end!
  8. @TrevMUN Smart Defrag will assist you in Trimming your SSD Drives. That's what I use, and it's free too; simply run the program and click on Trim & Intelligent Optimize. Now, sometimes your SSD Device will show up as a Hard Drive instead of a Solid State Drive. Simply hoover over where it shows the HDD Icon and your Drive Name; and Two Arrows will appear, click up or down until you see it change your drive to SSD. As stated above, click Trim & Intelligent Optimize, just hoover your mouse over the arrow that's pointing right (It's next to the Trim button) and it will give you that option. I have yet to test Smart Defrag's Trimming abilities with NVME based drives but, I would expect it to work the same way; as long as windows sees it; it should also see it. Enjoy and Good luck!
  9. LAV Filters installed? Directx 9.29 redist? All Visual C ++? Enable MP4 (H.264 + AAC) HTML5? Server Disney + now works correctly in mypal, newmoon, basilisk.
  10. Direct links to official Adobe Flash Player distribution packages version with SHA-1 signature released today (should work with Windows XP SP3/Windows XP x64 SP2) Internet Explorer ActiveX: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Mozilla Firefox NPAPI (also for Opera Presto/Google Chrome 44 and earlier): http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/ Google Chrome 45 through 49 PPAPI: http://fpdownload.adobe.com/get/flashplayer/pdc/
  11. Chrome 49 no longer works for me. I use Basillisk now. First step is to override user agent. I have: general.useragent.override.skype.com;Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/74.0.3729.169 Safari/537.36 Now, web.skype.com will go into a redirect loop, because of fantastic web design. When you see "skype cannot be used for emergency calling" at the bottom of the page, start tapping Esc until client is loaded. This will prevent redirect.
  12. I guess it's again time for the monthly batch of updates. KB4526478 - Servicing Stack Update for Windows Server 2008 - 32-bit | 64-bit KB4525106 - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 9 - 32-bit | 64-bit KB4525234 - Security Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows Server 2008 - 32-bit | 64-bit KB4525239 - Security Only Quality Update for Windows Server 2008 - 32-bit | 64-bit Optional updates: KB4528081 - Update for Windows Server 2008 - 64-bit (apparently this update lets Server 2008 machines get updates after Jan. 2020 but it's only available in the 64-bit flavor for some reason) And that's it for November updates for now, but I'm pretty sure another timezone update will be released in a couple days so will try to add it to this list as soon as it's out.
  13. > Hi jumper, a link for those Pythons was provided by loblo a few posts back, already tried and failed. Now I see it and Liked it (despite them not working as advertised) back on Page 4. :)
  14. Standalone installers are working fine, updates have been installed.
  15. On modern operating systems, there is the only alternative in the form of Firefox, although it is also becoming more and more Chrome in order to remain compatible with sites.
  16. Don't know what to think, will leave this topic for everyone else.
  17. That isn't a problem only for users of older OSes; it's a problem for anyone who prefers a platform other than Google's Chromium! Opera switched to Chromium long ago. Micro$oft switched from IE to Edge a little less long ago, but the "new" M$ Edge for Win 7/8.1? It's Chromium-based. It's gotten to where Chromium is the new IE monopoly! (But at least M$ wasn't using IE to spy on me or to dragoon me into helping train their AI.) I sometimes wonder if I should have a SSUAO for Google sites, claiming to be Chrome, just so Google's reCaptchas don't bug me quite so much, but then I remember I'd have to update the SSUAO almost as often as @looking4awayout updates the UOC Patch! No, he means New Moon, as the Pale Moon folks will angrily tell you if you ever make that innocent mistake on one of their forums. "Pale Moon" is only one of the browsers officially released by Moonchild Productions. Pale Moon does not run on OSes considered "obsolete," like XP or Vista, and woe to the poor soul that mentions XP or Vista on a Pale Moon forum. Anyone else's build is "New Moon" unless they develop their own branding (e.g., MyPal, Arctic Fox) for their own fork of Pale Moon. Edit: Doggone it, @VistaLover beat me to it again! Foiled by a page break....
  18. If/When @looking4awayout's build process slows down a bit, I can happily host it on my site. I can do it now but it wont be easy keeping up with his new builds every five minutes.
  19. That actually sounds like an old problem that's come back! We used to complain about this all the time on the POSReady '09 thread. Then M$ did something and the problem went away - until now. Uh-oh; that sounds more serious. It sounds like M$ is now signing Office updates with SHA2 signatures. XP was never updated to validate that type of code-signing signature. Your only hope is to extract the updated files with something like 7-Zip and replace the original files manually.
  20. If I could figure out how to automate downloads from Mediafire I'd just put the code to do it in my batch file. Then every time I installed a new version it'd get the new UOC Patch!
  21. If they're using DRM (with no Silverlight NPAPI fallback), then 1. Any version of Pale Moon (official 27.9.4 runs on Vista, official 28.x.x doesn't) or New Moon don't have any support for EME, DRM and the WidevineCDM needed to decrypt the DRM'ed streams. 2. If you're actually using the Serpent 52.9.0 fork, able to run on Vista, then I have seriously bad news to tell you: while St52 does support EME/DRM, the version of WidevineCDM it is compatible with is; that version was revoked by Widevine licence servers (owned by Google) on Aug 13th, 2019. There is a task underway by a Moonchild Productions developer to port support to latest official Basilisk for currently supported WidevineCDM v4.10.1440.19; this task is currently stalling due to real life issues affecting that developer; even if/when that attempt reaches fruition, it is a moot point for the Serpent fork on Vista; new WidevineCDM dlls contain functions (actually, only one: TryAcquireSRWLockExclusive, Win7+) not compatible with Vista's kernel32.dll system file; as WidevineCDM is proprietary closed source code and Google don't support the CDM on Vista, there's practically 0 chance DRM services requiring WV will ever work again on Vista If Disney+ use DRM with WV, then, if you can, try Firefox Quantum 60.9.0/68.2.0 (with WV v4.10.1440.19) on a supported OS (Win7+); or the latest Chrome there; as I can't try D+ myself, I speculate your predicament is DRM related; if they don't employ DRM - highly unlikely - then some other member here (in the US, CA or NL) might throw some light... PS: If you don't grasp some terminology in this post, Google is your friend (actually, in the above WV context, your foe... ). Regards
  22. I think we may have a problem with Microsoft Update here. I wasn't offered any Office 2010 updates with a yellow shield today as I expected, and when I ran MS Update after scanning for ages it eventually offered three updates. Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB4484127) 32-Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Excel 2010 (KB4484164) 32-Bit Edition Security Update for Microsoft Office 2010 (KB4484160) 32-Bit Edition None of them will install, I've tried twice. They show as failed as soon as they download. The error is 0x80096010, which apparently means "TRUST_E_BAD_DIGEST - The digital signature of the object did not verify". That does not sound good! I have a horrible feeling that we may now be blocked because of out of date certificates. I ran @heinoganda's certificates updater this morning, i hope that didn't cause this! EDIT: Just tried with HTTPSProxy disabled, just in case, same result. I guess I'll have to try installing from the standalone installers for the updates tomorrow (off to bed now!)
  23. I might be the only one, but I tried Disney Plus today on Pale Moon 27 and Basilisk 52 running on Windows Vista (with the enabled VP9, DLL's) and it doesn't work. After clicking on Play, I get Error 83. Someone who maybe knows how to solve it, if it can be solved?
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  25. @MathwizMathwiz please don't forget to update to the latest version of the UOC Patch and the UOC Enforcer if you still haven't.
  26. Yes, I tested it with the latest PM 28, and it works! E10s remains disabled even with the "standard" FF 52 version of the patch. Thanks! So, the separate NM28 version of the patch is no longer needed.
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