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  2. "my work here is done" - but but... Have problems with my preferred Meteoblue weather channel, eg: https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/week/london_united-kingdom_2643743 In some browsers builds I don't have two maps, Current satellite, and Radar, cause lack of some meteoblue links which don't fetch (see in uBlock). In DcBrowser have 1 link only (on 6): www.meteoblue.com - no two maps In v12 r 8: have 3 links only (www, static, my) - no two maps In 12 M: 6 links are here, all is OK In 13.5 r 3: 3 links only (www, static, my) - no two maps
  3. I had set up a fresh vanilla ME. The problem occurs with and without the Nvidia driver installed. I installed the WinInstaller 2.0 and the graphics driver only, nothing more.
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  5. Is there any way of getting Windows XP updates after SP3 till April 2014? Not interested in POSReady or SP4 -- Just till April 2014. An attempt to re-install Win XP - Home 32 Bit is the plan. Ready to download manually from Windows Update Catalog if the update list is available. Its late for the effort but ready to go for it. Just need a lead. Thanks.
  6. That made it worse! I went from 60% to 80% lockup rate to 100% lockup rate. Before I would at least get the address bar and tab bar, with this suggestion I don't even get that! I do not use fullscreen mode either (but I don't really see it as for "security reasons", kind of sounds like a Red Herring but I've not researched it).
  7. Wanted to post this since ages, but never enough time, sigh... For downloading youtube with old browsers, love genyoutube: Link+youtube-ID: video.genyt.xyz/xxxx This offers the TINIEST size by far, in 3gp format :-) Yeah the image is kinda fuzzy, but recognizable and a whole lot better as nothing at all (am on a whopping 22kbps connection since they dropped umts/h4, argh) and sound is normal. For reading comments kinda like ruclip: Link+youtube-ID: ruclip.com/video/xxxxxx/ And finally here's my brandnew tiny little bookmarklet to download directly and "blind" from ori youtube: (code below 256 chars, hopefully works in FF2 but haven't tested yet, only FF3.5-KM): javascript:function ucrp(match,p1){return String.fromCharCode('0x'+p1);} var lk,x=document.body.innerHTML.toString().match(/\"itag.:18,.url.:\"([^\"]+?)\"/i); if (x){lk=unescape(x[1]); lk=lk.replace(/\\u([0-9a-fA-F]{4})/g, ucrp); open(lk, '_blank');} Important: - To open links by js, the permission for POPUP windows is required (or not, see Edit) (todo: with a bit longer code, but probably too big for bookmarklets in FF2-Gen-browsers, the download link can alternatively be added as normal page link instead) - default video SIZE here is itag 18 = 360p = 640 x 360 px Alternatively change in code 18 to itag 22 = 720p = 1280 x 720 px SADLY no tiny 3gp-format available this way anymore, only with genyt :-( :-( EDIT: Ha! Changing the URL of the CURRENT page directly AVOIDS the popup permission, works great at least in my own browser (set to ask "Open or Save" for mp4-links): javascript:function ucrp(match,p1){return String.fromCharCode('0x'+p1);} var lk,x=document.body.innerHTML.toString().match(/\"itag.:18,.url.:\"([^\"]+?)\"/i); if (x){lk=unescape(x[1]); lk=lk.replace(/\\u([0-9a-fA-F]{4})/g, ucrp); document.location=lk;} .
  8. i meant that brief second some program windows take to render that shows when aero is off sometimes. It is not real slowdown just that when aero is on you cannot see loading. I had to diagnose one client who said Windows were slow to render and it was that.
  9. "never have anything fullscreen, you can just have 1% of the gbf tab visible and it will not freeze, but if you dont it will freeze." - reading on Bing... -under link here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Granblue_en/comments/kgj0mj/psa_calculate_native_window_occlusion_expires/ Then in chrome://flags you have two flags about "occlusion".. For security reasons, I never use fullscreen mode. I like to see a bit of desktop, to be able to act if needed...
  10. Dangerous experiments! Personally I always backup my entire Windows' folder, or at least system files with ERU (a tool included with Win95, I prefer this MS-tool above SCANREG - still available as ERUZIP.EXE). Removing HDATSR.EXE only means that the memory buffer needed by HDA2.DLL is not defined and not protected if Windows is started. In the link I gave you, the procedure for WinME is described. Actual RAM is not important, just the amount 'visible' to Windows, and the location of the buffer. Availaible Windows memory can be limited with MaxPhysPage in SYSTEM.INI, the location of the buffer with PCIHI/ PCILO in HDACFG.INI. In the sparse documentation of HDA2.DLL Watler, who programmed HDA2.DLL, used the phrase 'outside the reach of Windows ', if I remember well. I do not use WinME, the only instance of the procedure to relocate the buffer is described in the thread I linked to. So you can try first following: 1) Comment out HDATSR.EXE in AUTOEXEC.BAT 2) Add to SYSTEM.INI [386Enh] MaxPhysPage=3E6FF (if the entrance already exists with a higher value, change to 3E6FF. 3) Add to HDACFG.INI [BUSMASTER] myPCIHI=$3E82 myPCILO=$0000 myPCI=$3E820000 aPCIHI=$3E81 aPCILO=$0000 aPCI=$3E810000 BTW this will limit Windows' memory to a value just below 1GB. But if this approach is working on your system, I can make calculations for a value around 3GB.
  11. I've found a nice little feature in Invidious, the alternative Youtube interface. You can download Youtube videos right to your Windows 98 computer. Tested with a TLS-patched Netscape. When going to a video site, it says "Download as:", then there is a wide choice of video and audio-only formats. Currently, the instance at invidious.snopyta.org makes a healthy look now. But that can change rather quickly, as instances come and go, and need to close down when the load on them becomes too much or Google changes their code to block them.
  12. Thank you for your efforts,I used it and find you have forgot the zh-cn.pak(the Locales folder),It causes the browser to always be detected as English
  13. Didn't work. Took only two reboots and first-launch-after-reboot locked up on second reboot. The lockup isn't "every" first-launch-after-reboot, it's closer to right around 60% to 80% of first-run-after-launch - a majority and an outright nuisance.
  14. Is YouTube trolling us? Seems to be showing dislikes again, I can only tell the script works without looking at the console since it replaces rounded numbers. BTW, I amended the script multiple times the day I posted it. It wasn't showing exact numbers on more feature rich browsers at the beginning since I overlooked compact notation parameter for number formatting which less featured browsers don't understand and ignore, but other browsers do and then show rounded numbers again. I don't have a good experience with Invidious on less featured browsers. Some videos just refuse to play, but then I try them on Invidious on recent Firefox/Chromium and there they work... So it's kinda pointless to me, if I wait a bit for the YouTube site to load initially, it works fine on poorer browsers I use (for now), so can watch anything and if I still want smoother experience, can use recent Chromium or Firefox anyway...
  15. That's personally one of my bigger reasons for 360Chrome. I have x64 7 and x64 10 on two laptops -- but using "older" software is much more efficient and less resource-hungry. I don't "need" 360Chrome for 7 or 10, "official" versions, be it Mozilla-based or Chromium-based, already run on those OSes - but at huge cost to resources.
  16. AGREED !!! HEAVILY AGREED !!! My "workhorse" is an i7-4770 at 3.4 GHz with 16 GB RAM. Purchased late 2014 with 8 GB RAM for just shy of $700. I've since upgraded to 16 GB RAM. It came pre-loaded with Win 7 x64 but "updated itself" within 6 months or so to Win 10 x64. I was pretty much immediately "enraged" with Win 10 and how dare my computer "upgrade itself" !!! I should have known better, I disabled all of that auto-update crap in XP but forgot to (or just never got around to) disabling in 7 and here I was in 10 and hated it! I was going back to 7 no matter what but took time to contrast real-world same-hardware performance metrics between XP and 7 and the winner, bar none, was XP. This "workhorse" has been on XP every since (we can all "agree to disagree" on why MILLIONS of us worldwide have come to the same conclusions and REMAIN on XP). Though I should add here that I have since tweaked my 7's and 10's but haven't repeated the contrast-and-compare same-hardware performance metrics to XP. My main point is this - me buying the i7-4770 did not make my Core 2 Duo's and my Core 2 Quad's "useless" -- why would I throw them away when they are EXTREMELY usefull as-is? But that also doesn't mean they are "worth" throwing money at (and I do take issue with forum members 'telling me' to go buy RAM for my Core 2 Duo's and my Core 2 Quad's!). I own four "classic" cars. A '55, a '61, a '90, and a '91. Cars and computers are "hobbies". I will "throw money" at a '55 or '61 without hesitation, there will be hesitation at how much money is thrown at a '90 or '91. But if my "daily driver" starts to require "money thrown at it', you have to wheigh the pros and cons very heavily -- if that "daily driver" requires money thrown at it "left and right", then HELLO, trade it in for something more reliable! Again, I take very serious issue with forum members 'telling me' to go buy RAM for my Core 2 Duo's and my Core 2 Quad's -- not going to happen! They are VERY useful to me as-is and I will cut bait with them as soon as they are no longer useful to me. But I will not "throw money at them"!
  17. @NotHereToPlayGames , maybe a solution for your issue with v13.5 and a multi monitor setup. https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/77251594/chrome-freezes-while-using-two-virtual-desktops?hl=en also i forgot something i got in the reply from retrobrowsers.com. he said he also updated a wiki ... https://xpforever.miraheze.org/wiki/360_Extreme_Explorer
  18. I don't use Office but Windows was easy to get up and running again and while my SaB didn't stay activated I could just enter my key again and it activated fine
  19. on some themes the taskbar items [battery - wifi - etc] are black on other themes white - is it possible to have a setting to choose which colour SaB uses
  20. I can reproduce. A second, high priority, Explorer process is created when Opening Containing Folder from search results if Launch...in a separate process is enabled.
  21. Be sure the number is more than that, i use your build 11 & 12 for more than a month and i'm more than satisfied i ven talk about it around, last week two friends adopted it as main browser... for the record version me too i don't like version 13.5 and you know why.
  22. If I install that font, the browser's interface font changes to the Impact one, maybe you have more SimSun font types on your font folder? I actually didn't think different font file formats could be an issue. The program I used is ttx. I used the program to get the specific ID of the font that the browser is asking for (SimSun) and put that ID inside a different font (Impact) to make the browser loads that specific font. The filename doesn't matter, the program just defaults the output name to the original font name plus a "#1". Try that and also try restarting the computer. Thanks for the info. I will check that later. Cheers.
  23. I did not try to change AppSettings and went back to CORE.ini 4.5.2 and the nVidia software returned. Remember I am running with 4.5.2 build AppSettings. The initialization routine failed after attempting to updating the driver with Core24a installed. nVidia initialization silently registers Nvcpl.dll and Nvwmdcpl.dll. It it is a runonce instruction and there might be more to the initialization as in the past just emulating the instruction did not start the software on reboot.
  24. While I statistically encountered most quirks with 8.x, I certainly appreciate the number of good things it brought, from native multiple-monitor taskbar, per-monitor desktop background support to streamlined file / registry permissions dialog. Though I still wonder what was the guy that deleted Manage wireless networks GUI smoking.
  25. I have 2 working drives that run K25 on WinME. What I found is that the VKernlEx.VXD of K18 is the culprit. Now I have a stable system with Core24a that Jumper uploaded in the KU21123.7z and all modules except VKernlEx.VXD of which I have 4.5.2, Sheet K18 registered and KexCom17 registered. Once you have a Rundll32 error occurring it is too late the Registry is corrupted. So I offline copied over the DAT files. The Rundll32 error only occurred after adding VKernlEx.VXD18 and Core.ini up date ; but I have ruled out the Core.ini as I have it running. The only thing is the nVidia software stops after updating CORE4.5.2 to Core24a. This is still a problem as a re-install of the driver does not fix it. I will try new AppSettings perhaps for RunDll32 and for NV modules. Forgive me if I have it wrong but we have to discuss to overcome any discrepancies.
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