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  2. My build of New Moon (temp. name) a.k.a. Pale Moon for XP

    And isn't it funny that Moonchild forgives Matt Tobin his outright disgusting behaviour, yet he bans me and I think three others from the forum for much less than that. Unbelievable. He even defends Matt for his statements. The other thing is, they never really answer why they cannot support Vista. See, with XP I have no problem with jettisoning the OS from support (sorry, I'm also not try to start something - I just want to be transparent), but Vista and Windows 7 are such close cousins. And just by seeing that functionality restored by Roytam1 shows that the Moon-Matt team are creating artificial blocks on UXP towards Vista and XP.
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  4. My build of New Moon (temp. name) a.k.a. Pale Moon for XP

    I thought a comparison might come up, but I never called anyone names - criticized; Yes! But that doesn't make a 9x or XP user a moron. But Matt Tobin's tone is very toxic. I'm glad you're proud of me LoneCrusader.
  5. The ISP host address changes automatically to WAN host IP to Lot of times some months, BSNL randomly hanging up despite DSL LED, WAN host ISP gets changed to that, Is this some kind of deliberate prank, bullying, throttling by BSNL or maintainence, I'm their loyal subscriber from 5 year full, who's paying 1000₹ every month minimum, for an year I had to pay ₹2000 for faster package. I flushed Chrome, OS DNS, Reset TCP, removed my preferred DNSfactory, factory rebooted router, still same.
  6. Hi all, Quick question about how memory addressed, more specifically divided up on 32bit OS in order to better optimize an application. The machine in question has 4gb RAM. 3.25 shows as usable. The video card has 1gb, I've not idea how this is mapped at startup. I can maybe source a card with 512mb (last resort). The /3gb switch in boot.ini can unlock certain features of an app i'd like to use. Without it, some features are omitted (at best a precautionary measure, in my opinion not needed). When the /3gb switch is enabled, problems arise, noteably graphics driver (sometimes) runs out of memory. I see /userva=xxxx can be added to boot.ini to refine /3gb, and so this is what I would like to ask for assistance on setting. (the xxxx). Microsoft recommends between 2900 and 3030 on the relevant knowledge base article. Some facts; While the app is in use it consumes approx 650mb of on board video memory max, seen via a monitor, I believe. See screenshot. The application by default is patched to be LARGEADDRESSAWARE In any case /3gb must be enabled at all times With all these facts/conditions... what would be the best /userva=xxxx setting? Perhaps an easier question is, if /3gb is set, what /userva=xxxx setting would otherwise return memory allocation closer to default had it not been set? ballpark figure? 1000 or 3000? To clarify why the 3gb switch must be enabled in all cases is, well, it was a recent decision to enable LARGEADDRESSAWARE on the app to be better accommodated by 64bit systems. When this was done some users with 32bit OS had problems. So the developers LARGEADDRESSAWARE and greyed out certain options in the app to make it more stable. Before this greying out change, I myself personally, didn't have a problem but that was with a 256mb card. The problems are likely to have been stirred by the recent trend in video cards copious amounts of video ram. Its unlikely said app will be reverted to oldschool. So my only option is to use said switches to revert full features, perhaps In conjunction with an optimum userva setting. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Great forum.
  7. "Windows Starting" wrong language

    Hi again! I have checked that and it says Swedish....but I get English Bootice
  8. Cannot install Aero Glass

    Where did you find the setting to make it clear on Win7? The transparency there is always blurred. Classic Shell offers the ability make it fully opaque with certain skins, but not transparent without blurring from what I can see. On Windows 8.1 however, turning off the aforementioned option to enable Aero Glass removes the blur effect while keeping transparency for such skins.
  9. So do I, but CTR won't work with my favorite theme "rein".
  10. Cannot install Aero Glass

    Well that is kind of making it transparent but not the clear setting as it is in 7. Who do I get that?
  11. It is not a good idea about regular release cycle. If you find a bug, fix it now or wait next release cycle hoping devs can fix it in time?
  12. This is a godsend for those of us on XP! I haven't been using it much lately, as we still have FF 52 ESR until June, but I've been keeping it in mind for when 52 goes EOL. Is there going to be a regular release cycle (now or in the future), like every six weeks or so, like official FF? Or at least a mechanism that notifies when an update is available here (and provides a link to the relevant post(s))? Also, which one would be the best going forward? The version based on PM2.7, or the new Basilisk/UXP/whatever it is? I assume the PM2.7-based New Moon will receive security and cipher updates for some time? c p.s. The only gripe I have is that iCloud.com doesn't work (both with the original PM2.7 and the New Moon releases based upon it), so I can't get to my email :/
  13. For a long time I wasn't keen on using PaleMoon just because I knew he was involved in it (had a run-in with him before). But eventually my Firefox 3.6.28 wouldn't do what I wanted it to do anymore and I went to PaleMoon because of the interface. Now I'm back to Firefox again (with Classic Theme Restorer and so on of course). I can't help but find it funny though, I didn't like him because he liked to go around criticizing people for their choice of operating system. Sound familiar Jody? (All in good fun now, lol, not trying to start anything. And I see you're back on Vista. I'm proud of you. )
  14. It may merit a new thread, but it occurred to me to post addons that work with newmoon. I never tried palemoon, so I do not know if it applies to it, but for newmoon a number of old firefox addons that are not listed as working in palemoon work fine in new moon. The list (including official palemoon ones, and old firefox ones too) below: active-tab-color-2.0.0.pm.xpi add_to_search_bar-2.5-pm.xpi add-bookmark-helper-1.0.3.xpi context_search_x- Decentraleyes.v1.3.10.xpi downthemall-2.0.18-sm+fx.xpi eclipsedmoon-1.04.xpi expose-noisy-tabs-1.1.0.xpi -it breaks some pages (eg, Netflix, linkedin) though, needs whitelisting - probably some tweaking around) google_search_link_fix-1.4.9-fx+sm.xpi greasemonkey-3.30-pm_forkBranch.xpi HTTPS Everywhere 5.2.5 (firefox 52+) i-dont-care-about-cookies-2.8.1.xpi image_zoom-0.6.3-sm+tb+fx.xpi (firefox 52+) internote-3.0.2-fx.xpi (firefox 52+) menu_wizard-5.03-sm+fx+tb.xpi (firefox 52+) moon-tester-tool-1.1.4.xpi (required for httpseverywhere and ublock at least, I read in pm forums, and a few of the palemoon forks) mouse_gestures_suite-2.5.1-fx+sm.xpi mozarchiver-1-0-2-pm.xpi noscript_security_suite-5.0.6-fx+sm.xpi open_with-6.8.6-fx+sm+tb.xpi (i believe from firefox 52+) passifox-1.2.2-fx.xpi pmcommander-2.0.2.xpi pm-localeswitch-3.0.xpi readerview-1.3.1-pm.xpi screengrab_fix_version-0.99.12-fx+sm.xpi self-destructing-cookies-1.0.0.pm.xpi ublock_origin-1.9.10-sm+tb+an+fx.xpi (firefox 52+) tab_mix_plus- ublock0-updater-1.3.0.xpi (firefox 52+) umatrix- (firefox 52+) xclear-1.8.2-fx+sm.xpi
  15. I'm aware, I was just letting you know exactly what I did to get it working-- no offense intended The 64-bit version works just like the 32-bit version does using the same modifications, however the H.264 & MSE codecs do not work in either version as I stated in my previous post where I got the 32-bit version working, so it's best to use roytam1's version of the browser, where this problem is fixed.
  16. The experimental build works for 17134 as it does for 17133.
  17. Okay -- you could type into the Browser Address: "about:cache" You should get a screen display that shows where your Browser FILE CACHE is located. You could DELETE ALL the *.MP4 files that are located in that FILE CACHE. Then try that TWITTER Media file again, see if it plays. The odds that this fixes the problem are VERY LONG ones, but I suppose it is possible. Put it this way, based on what you have said it, a 'corrupted' MP4 Media file in the Browser FILE CACHE *might* explain what you see it. Not too difficult to try it. The MP4 file that you are trying to play it, does download in one of these three formats: hls-256 mp4 320x180 256k , avc1.4d0015, mp4a.40.2 http-256 mp4 320x180 256k hls-832 mp4 640x360 832k , avc1.4d001f, mp4a.40.2 One of the above does NOT have any AUDIO content (mp4a missing, 2nd one). No idea here which one that you have it in your FILE CACHE. But most likely it would be the 640x360 one that includes the AUDIO content. Again, LONG ODDS that this will fix the problem. Anyway, that pretty much finishes any ideas that I have them for you. Good Luck -- TR.
  18. ... He was indeed "mild" in this case; have you read his post in the Basilisk and Windows Vista thread? https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=18253&sid=6564594a4cfa3e2e728c19bbb48ea89f#p136555 Since both of us are running Vista , greetings fellow freak!
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  20. Last Versions of Software for Windows 95

    Thank you for the help! If you have found anymore software that was the last to support Windows 95, let me know. I already have Windows 95B installed on my 32 GB SanDisk CF drive and I can't believe that it still works when I run it on VMware Player.
  21. Last Versions of Software for Windows 95

    Np. I'm just planning a Win 95C instalation on Compaq Armada 1550. I did a similar test a few years back so I have some idea what might work. I even wrote down some things. I've just took a look at my notes. Let me try using your template. LAST - FREE - Abiword - An open source Word Processor - 2.4.6 LAST - FREE - GhostScript - An open source PostScript Interpreter - 8.54 ????? - FREE - GhostView - An open source PostScript Previewer - 3.6 ????? - FREE - Coolreader - An open source Ebook Reader - 2.0.66 LAST - FREE - OpenOffice.org - An open source Office Suite - 1.1 LAST - FREE - PDF Creator - An open source PDF Printer Driver - 0.9.5 LAST - FREE - VLC - An open source Media Player - 0.8.6 LAST? - FREE - Winamp without Modern Skin Engine - a freeware Media Player - 5.32 LAST - FREE - Windows Media Player (official) - a freeware Media Player - 6.4/7.0b LAST - FREE - Windows Media Player (unofficial) - a freeware Media Player - 7.1 LAST? - FREE - CDmage - a freeware ISO CD/DVD image editor - LAST? - FREE - Winiso 5.3 - an older version of a shareware ISO CD/DVD image editor - 5.3 ????? - FREE - DeepBurner - an ISO CD/DVD image burner - LAST - FREE - CDex - an open source CD audio grabber - 1.40 LAST - FREE - Audacity - an open source Audio Editor - 1.2.4b
  22. My build of New Moon (temp. name) a.k.a. Pale Moon for XP

    I notice that Matt Tobin was really kind towards your posting your theme on the Pale Moon Forum. You just can't please some people. https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2484&start=380 I hope Matt notices that I "respectfully" called him "Matt" or "Matt Tobin" which I know he really likes - not something an "enept moron" would call themselves like - oh I dunno, say "New Tobin Paradigm" or just "Tobin. Only dummies would call themselves that. Check out his spelling of "inept".
  23. Last Versions of Software for Windows 95

    Thanks for the heads up!
  24. Last Versions of Software for Windows 95

    I just remembered another one. SoftMaker Office 2006 supported Windows 95. It's the last version to support Windows 95.
  25. i was wondering if anyone has experience with installing gart drivers and / or igp 340/345m on windows nt 4.0. i have here a sony pcg-frv28 that i want to test out on nt 4.0. i have not been able to confirm for sure if the package i have is really for nt 4.0 or not, it just says gartnt or in the inf, it says supports windows nt, but that could mean windows 2000 and newer only. i was not able to locate a gpu driver for the "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4337" device or specifically the ipg345m that the laptop uses up till just now, the package i found has an NT 4 folder, the download name was "ati773w9xmew2xp" it is part of ATI Radeon Drivers 7.73. i located the driver package by referring to the forum thread below and manually searching and downloading the 7.73 driver- http://www.hardwareheaven.com/community/threads/any-idea-of-ati-nt4-driver.11292/#post-93985 however, the guy in the forum said it needed dx8 or above? and the last post mentioned someone using a modded driver which i really didn't want to go about doing, i was not able to find "Patje's DH Mod tool V1.1" that was mentioned either. so i was also wondering if these guys even used the gart driver or if it's required on NT 4, regardless of using the modded m7500 gpu or not.
  26. Last Versions of Software for Windows 95

    Winamp 2.95 was the last version that only supported the classic themes. I'll be digging up more software to see which version of a product was the last to support Windows 95 soon.
  27. "Windows Starting" wrong language

    Thanks for the info 😁 Will have a look bookie32
  28. Hi everyone, Sorry for my bad english^^' I have a problem, i give donation for the good job thx bigmuscle, i received a donation.key but the watermark doesn't deleted i dont know why the machine code it's good and the key it's good but the watermark is again here On debug.log have: Machine ID: Checking Key: Donation.key: Invalid Signature. Someone can help me plz?
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