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  2. Thanks, that's fascinating stuff! I bought my first PC in 1993 in the Windows 3.1 days, but I never attempted dual booting until I dual booted Windows 98 and Windows 2000, in 2000! I thought that having an NT option would be better for video editing, which I'd just got into, faster and more stable than Windows 98. I waited ages for Windows 2000 to come out because I wanted to wait for FAT32 capability on the NT system, as Windows 98 couldn't use NTFS of course.
  3. Thanks for clarification. Hopefully we are all talking about Windows Media Player 11 (x86 version only). Hasn’t anyone tried to get iTunes working? The last version to support Windows 7 and 8 appears to be 12.10.11. (The last version to support vanilla Vista is a dinosaur now.)
  4. Well, you miss the history then (you are either too young or too old - and forgetful ). Back in the good ol'days you had DOS (MS-DOS 6.22) on C: FAT16 (and this was *needed*) then you *added* NT 3.5 or NT 4.00 in dual boot, usually on a second volume (to be able to use the NTFS and a larger volume). The Win9x changed this because it was mainly a shell over DOS, so you needed anyway the DOS boot files on C:, and at that point it was smarter to have also the Win9x on the same volume, but in the meantime you has (with second release of Windows 95) also FAT32 available that allowed to h
  5. Yes, but there are a lot of Android and ChromeOS users, so fingerprinting will become useless over time, when more and more people visit such sites. If the script is first party and the site doesn't work properly without it, what then?
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  7. about that i dont know what happened to that install or how i made it to work but now on newer installs its still broken
  8. I'm sorry, I'm tired of waiting I don't like the stardock software ...
  9. yeah, but what about the glass effect? yeah, but what about the glass effect?
  10. My Serpent gave the same result as Pale Moon (stuck in the middle):
  11. Thank you for your kind words @hpwamr, and you too @Mr.Scienceman2000, but I am a ReactOS user too. I don't use mac or ubuntu/linux though.
  12. I think because 1069 people didn't have any of these apps installed (or the apps couldn't be detected)?
  13. So, if I understand this, Zero is good, in that, it didn't detect anything? But, Why was my Serpent52 Build Id: 20210508151854 seen 1069 times? Perhaps I'm not understanding the results. 92.24% Unique. EDIT: FWIW ... The test won't run with the user pref [dom.storage.enabled] set to false (which is how I normally keep it, I only enable when needed).
  14. Aerolight can be activated with Winaero Tweaker ( for example )
  15. Chrome 90 (Windows 10, macOS Big Sur) Ubuntu: Only Firefox and Tor browser.
  16. It didn't work in Pale Moon. See also: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=26860
  17. It is not possible to claim that Linux/Android are a mitigation to the bug. Instead it is correct to say that the test fails. The developer states that the test succeeds with Ubuntu 20.04: https://github.com/fingerprintjs/external-protocol-flooding The mitigations to the bug are those that I have already cited, therefore a script-blocker.
  18. That's probably because Android has a Linux kernel. https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/HEAD/docs/linux/sandboxing.md Type: chrome://sandbox/ in Chrome/Chromium and I saw this:
  19. What PERCENTAGE did it give you? Ignore the detected apps, it is the percentage that is telling you if you are "unique" or not, unless I'm mistaken. It didn't find any of my apps but only listed me at 92.35% I have Word installed (but it is version 2003). If the Adobe icon is for Acrobat Reader, I have it installed (but it is version 9.5.5). But on the other hand, if I have to DISABLE extensions that run by default just to get this thing to work, then I'm being PROTECTED in the wild and this demo was kind of pointless, IMHO.
  20. No surprise. Unfortunately, the bugs are there and always will be. We must do our best to take care of privacy and security, without becoming paranoid.
  21. If for that matter, it doesn't even work in Android. But that's OT in this thread
  22. Their script starts its "job" once you start typing the reCAPTCHA in the input box... On FirefoxESR 52.9.1, they successfully detected an association with the Telegram desktop app (i.e. Fx can handle ".tg" links...); FWIW, I had only tested the app some years ago, currently it doesn't even support Vista (or XP) ...
  23. It doesn't work in Chromium on Linux (it "detected" all 24 apps ,haha)
  24. Vulnerability affects many browsers. P.S. If you like you can put the test to the attention of W members.
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