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  2. jaclaz

    RAID under Win 7, Disk Manager or Intel Rapid Storage?

    Let's try to clear the matter. Calling *anything* RAID without specifying its RAID level makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. RAID 0 is NOT properly "RAID" as there is NO redundancy whatsoever, it is only a senseless way to (maybe) achieve very slight read/write speed increases (which actually happened only on some given configurations making use of slow, now obsolete, devices and connection buses) at the (real) cost of a definite increase in the risk of failure. RAID 1 is actually "RAID", BUT it should be called simply "disk mirroring". You can have disk mirroring BOTH via hardware and via software, in the case of Windows, software disk mirroring is one among the modes "dynamic disks" can be setup. BUT at the end of the day, since the disks are actually mirrored, there are very little differences in practice on the contents of disks. Basically each disk is (or should be) an exact mirror of the other. In ordinary, day to day operations, you will notice no differences using the one or the other. When (if) disaster strikes and one of the two disks in a "mirrored" set fails, there are only a few slight differences, not really worth more than a thought. In the case of a "hardware" mirrored set of two disks, you can *any time* take the one (or the other) and connect it to another PC and it will be immediately recognized as a "normal", "self standing" disk, and you will be able to access its contents "normally". In the case of a "software" mirrored set of two disks, when you take the one (or the other) and connect it to another PC it won't be recognized "as is" and you will need to change the partition ID in the MBR from 42 to 07[1], and then it will be recognized as a "normal", "self standing" disk, and you will be able to access its contents "normally", even if a few sectors at the end of the disk (outside the normally accessed area) will contain "dynamic disk" settings data). The "hardware" mirrored set might be (slightly, you won't probably notice it) faster in operation. Of course the "software" and "hardware" mirrored set settings "do not communicate" as - even if the end result is the same or very nearly the same - the way they work is different. With hardware, you are essentially saying to the hard disk controller to write the data it receives to two different devices, with the software you are telling to the Operating System to write the data to two different connected devices. Personally if I were to choose, I would prefer a hardware mirrored set (aka RAID 1) over Dynamic Disks anytime, only because Dynamic Disks have historically given more problems, though the reason is not clear/straightforward, a possibility is that knowledgeable people (and with the available means to buy more costly hardware) chose either hardware mirroring or never chose "RAID 1" while a vast number of less knowledgeable people (and/or without the means to buy a RAID controller) chose the "free" Dynamic Disks mirroring, hence there are very few reports of issues with hardware RAID 1 and some more with "Dynamic Disks". jaclaz [1] Never tried/checked how these disk behave if GPT and not MBR, but most probably there will be a similar issue of chainging partition ID.
  3. Predabot

    You Want to Change Your Username?

    Could you please rename my account to DoomN00b? Cheers in advance. = )
  4. caliber

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    I use the TeamViewer version 10 and it works just fine.
  5. Today
  6. Thomas S.

    sTunnel for modern email protocols in old email clients

    Yes, it is. But who will do this? And who tests and supports this version? I ask Michał Trojnara - he is too busy...
  7. RanCorX2

    Official - Windows 10 Worst Crap Ever!

    broken builds, broken hotfixes, they sure do like breaking stuff. thanks for the heads up, will not be integrating that in my next updated iso.
  8. Jody Thornton

    Windows Store Unavailable on Windows RT 8.1

    It's working again on my Microsoft account. Just started working on it's own. So now I'm downloading my apps.
  9. jaclaz

    Windows 98 Hard drive Cloning

    If the files can be seen by dir and you already fid a fdisk /MBR the only remaining thing is making sure that: 1) the partition is Primary and Active 2) the bootsector of the partition conatins valid code 3) the IO.SYS and other system files are actually there What I would do: 1) make a dos/Windows 98 boot disk with a copy of grub.exe (the grub4dos DOS executable) or make a grub4dos boot floppy (or USB stick/CD/whatever) 2) run grub4dos 3) attempt to boot the Windows 98 system on the disk by directly chainloading the system file This more otr less equates (on the grub4dos command line) to find how the disk is seen in the BIOS (it will be either (hd0) or (hd1)) and which is the partition where the DOS/Win98 is (normally first partition, i.e. either (hd0,0) or (hd0,1). So: geometry (hd0) geometry (hd1) if the disk is seen as (hd0) root (hd0,0) ls <- this should show the contents of the partition, like DIR chainloader /io.sys boot if the disk is seen as (hd1): map (hd0) (hd1) map (hd1) (hd0) map --hook root (hd0,0) ls <- this should show the contents of the partition, like DIR chainloader /io.sys boot You can use *almost any* grub4dos version, but I would suggest a 0.4.5c version, like: http://grub4dos.chenall.net/downloads/grub4dos-0.4.5c-2016-01-18/ http://dl.grub4dos.chenall.net/grub4dos-0.4.5c-2016-01-18.7z or, if it doesn't work (the Presario is an old machine and not many tests have been made with newer versions on old machines), a "historical" 0.4.4, last version of it, 2009-10-16 that you can find here: http://reboot.pro/topic/16641-grub4dos/ If you need help assistance in the usage, just post your questions/doubts. jaclaz
  10. jaclaz

    Windows no longer boots, secondary HDD is unaccessible

    Again, not very good signs, actually bad ones. Basically a hard disk sector (which is normally seen as being 512 bytes in size) contains - accessible only by the internal citcuits/logic, a record that is a sort of checksum of the contents of the sector itself, called CRC or Cyclic Redundancy Check, this is a value, written at the time the sector is written that is checked when reading the data to make sure that it is valid. If you have a huge number of such errors, particularly if they come in "a bunch" at cyclical intervals it is likely a (but not necessarily) a failed head. The image won' t be successful, you can stop the imaging of the whole drive. You can or you cannot hear the hard disk "crunching" at intervals? If you stop the program you should still have available the (partial) image (the .dd file). Check it in a hex editor, or in DMDE. Is it all 00's or it does contain some data? All the symptoms till now are that of a failed drive, point is whether some partial data can be copied or not, and if these data are enough to recover (some of) the photos. If your photos have a value I would suggest you to stop fiddling with the disk and ask for the assistance of a professional data recovery firm. Typically we are talking of a cost of anything between US$ 300 and US$ 2000 and there is no guarantee that the photo can be recovered, most "serious" recovery firms (not very easy to find BTW) will ask you anything between US$50 and US$300 to "diagnose" the disk, and then will submit you an estimation of the cost of recovery (id possible). jaclaz
  11. Thank you, now I can update to 1809 in peace
  12. Thanks! I have been using CCleaner so it's not a new install for me. But it's always nice to know ways without relying on 3rd party programs.
  13. Thomas S.

    Python 3.7.1 for Windows XP

    @404notfound, @Dibya and @FranceBB Hello all. Nice work, but... If a project requires a development environment, this must also fully run. If Python 3.7 under XP is required as a development environment for HTTPSProxy under XP, Python 3.7 must be fully installable and supported. It is unacceptable that already the development environment must be sought together until it runs without error. The Python modules need to be updated regularly, there are enough tests therefor. I would like to supply SW to my user, that is not develloped on a possibly faulty development environment... Sorry, but so your project is not suitable for a development of HTTPSProxy (at this time) i think.
  14. Wasn't going to really say anything about this reply....just find it hard to believe that some people are so naive to think that Microsoft are actually trying to improve by telemetry updates..... No....perhaps not but Microsoft are more willing to over step the boundaries of what is in the user's best interests.... are we really saving settings...private information....just to improve the user's experience?! Microsoft hide behind contracts that have been written by so called top law firms to protect their stupid arseses when they get caught....What Microsoft do is no better than the American government thinking it is OK to "spy" on everyone in the name of national security.....sorry, just no respect for a company whose employees seem to do what they like and think it is ok? I am of course refering to the so called support rep for Microsoft that was helping me with a customer computer and while connected to it did whatever she thought ok to fix the problem...including surfing dubious sites to get help to fix the problem.....
  15. Goodmaneuver

    H.265 playback on win-98 with vlc or mplayerc?

    I use "media info" Win9x version of the exe is of 7/2009 but you can run with a later Mediainfo.dll, I use 0.7.78 (2015). The frame rate is important of course and HD could be down near 20 hertz. Photoworxx bench on my ME system, core2duo 3.3Ghz E8600 was over 9000 which is real good. At the moment one of my boards just had problems and I have gone back to P4 2.8Ghz single core which has got CPU Queen bench of 2700. I know I can play HD on the core2duo and AMD 2.4Ghz dual core but not sure about your frame size whether they would, nearly have scores double the 2.8 single core. I will have to rig up again. CPU limiting on VLC audio will be in sync but if CPU limited on KMplayer the video will lag behind the audio. Some hardware will run / boot faster with 32bit and depends on OS compared to 64bit.
  16. Dibya

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    Now a days devlopers are drunk to cut support or they are watching hentai during writing code . Anything may happen believe me. It can be fixed with one core api/extended xp/my API wrapper
  17. +1 vote to enable dx9 hardware acceleration
  18. I don't have such a thing. this is the site I was refering to https://notre-siecle.com/tests-de-capsules-compatibles-pour-les-machines-a-cafe-nespresso/ when you try to leave a comment at the bottom it shows up this message ''ERROR: You have selected an incorrect reCAPTCHA value'' as far as the other forum the captcha is working well now.....
  19. Oh, ok. We'll be waiting. Hope you find it soon. Thanks.
  20. VLC 3.0.4 says (in the codec tab) the video resolution is 2304 x 1296, buffer dimensions 2304 x 1312, Planar 4:2:0 YUV, Mpeg-H Part2/HEVC (H.265). The file is 5 mb (5.156 mb) and 25 seconds. The video is black and white (was taken at night in IR mode). VLC will "play" the video (time cursor will move along the bottom) but only the first frame will show on the screen. This is on Latitude e6420 laptop (core i7) windows 7 (32-bit). This same video file will play fine on a dumb win-7 (64-bit) desktop PC with some socket-775 CPU and onboard graphics (intel I think) with same version of VLC. I was just wondering if it would play on a win-98 system because I think it needs VLC 3 minimum.
  21. alacran

    Microsoft Edge coming to Windows 7 and 8.1

    Yes, it is. I have IE 11 on my own Win7 SP1 uptated upto December 2017 install.esd, but only used IE 11 once, to download FireFox.
  22. Messerschmitt

    Windows no longer boots, secondary HDD is unaccessible

    Hello all. So I have got my basic computer going. Fresh OS install on my SSD and put in 2 older 3TB reds in Raid, as you probably know reading my other few threads. Somehow I think my SSD failed to boot because either somehow some files were written on my failed HDD when I first installed the OS, or because I used the SSD Tweak forum and things such as Enable Write Caching on SSD and checking Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device have corrupted the SSD when my HDD failed and it improperly shut down windows. I don't know. There wasn't really a power loss. Anyway, back to my main quest, trying to get my pictures back. I am using DataRescue DD. Seems like the only option is to create a image? I saved it as the default "image[%Range%].dd and did the whole drive. Now, it seems this will take a LONG time. The timer at the bottom stays at 00:00:00 remaining and the progress bar hasn't moved. But before I let it run over night, I am hoping you can tell me what "Read error at 22bxxxxx: Data error (cyclic redundancy check) means. The address keeps changing as I am guessing those are bad sectors, but I am getting a LOT of them. Like 10-30 every minute. Does this mean I am SOL and it won't work? These errors started popping up from the very beginning and they haven't stopped since I started writing this (just over 10 minutes). Lastly, is it possible that the HDD physically failed? Like mentioned it crashed as I was coping the thousands pictures, it didn't really suffered a physical blow (like drive failing off). Can it have brought down everything? While DataRescue DD is going, I can't hear the HDD keep crunching at the same tempo every few seconds. And it took a while until DataRescue DD loaded up the drives. Also, if the .dd file makes it in the end, what are my options to explore the .dd file and hope I can retrieve my pictures?
  23. CamTron

    ATI Widescreen support for Win9x?

    Completely uninstalling and reinstalling the driver software added the registry keys, but I am STILL unable to choose 1440x900 as my screen resolution. I don't know what determines the list of resolutions that shows up in the display properties. Going to try hacking an .inf file and try to force it into 1440x900.
  24. pathwayus69

    Windows 98 Hard drive Cloning

    So I picked up a Compaq Presario 1200 laptop. It has the original os install on it, but the hard drive sounds like its on it's last leg so want to make a clone of it. I picked up a pata to usb adapter so far I have tired Easeus partition master 13.0 and Gparted in linux. Copy partitions over to the new drive then install it into the Presario and all i get is "no operation system found. The drive show up in the bios and if use the boot disk form windows 98 boot disk and run dir for both partitions it show all the files. I have also tried "Fdisk/ MBR" to replace the Master boot record but still no luck.
  25. pathwayus69


    Thanks for the info I will try that out
  26. FranceBB

    Team Viewer Drops Windows XP Support

    I think he was thinking about Windows XP Embedded, for which the support ended on January 12, 2016.
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