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nLite 1.3 beta - Santa's confession


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nLite still wont do [ExtraFileEdits] Ive tried everything Ive tried


Ive tried


I even tried [ExtraFileEdit] without the S like you state nLite supports in the v1.0 RC4 changelog on the nLite site

Heres the Add-On I want to work http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?act...;st=0#entry2046

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Thanks nuhi for the release,but I can't download it from your site anymore :(

It used to work before with the same browser and same settings,but now it just reloads the page when I click on a download link.

I found nLite hosted on other download sites,but I can't find the Self-Extracting archive on any of them.

Why don't you mirror the SFX archive as well on D/L sites such as BetaNews,for example?

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