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  1. dirtwarrior

    TClock3 0.3.5

    I am looking for a good link for this. Help
  2. dirtwarrior

    scanners and cameras support

    Which files or reg entries are for scanners and camera support? Does anyone have a batch file to add these back?
  3. dirtwarrior

    USB Mass Storage Enable

    You are right
  4. dirtwarrior

    Faster Startup For Windows 2000?

    It indeed does work. For even faster times use the files from 2k3
  5. dirtwarrior


    This is good news for windows 2000 users
  6. dirtwarrior

    processor fan

    I am going to replace the heatsink fan for a 2800+ AMD. Should I get a hi-speed fan? Would it keep it cooler? Should fan blow air into, or pull air out?
  7. dirtwarrior

    Bold Fortune

    Does anyone know about Bold Fortune site being down?
  8. dirtwarrior

    KernelEx for 2000?

    Thanks for sharing.
  9. dirtwarrior

    HFSLIP+nLite --> No good Windows 2000 CD

    Glad you got it sorted out
  10. dirtwarrior

    oil crisis

    Thanks lost
  11. dirtwarrior

    oil crisis

    http://www.americansolutions.com/actioncen...7b-346a1e096659 A better link
  12. dirtwarrior

    oil crisis

    We have a lot of oil in USA but can't drill for it. Please sign this petition http://www.americansolutions.com/actioncenter/petitions
  13. dirtwarrior

    Photo retouching software

    Those are both neat, but they both require XP+ and Paint.NET requires .NET2 I don't see that ArtWeaver has any photo-oriented features. It is for drawing. Or am I missing something? PhotoFiltre looks awesome! I think we may have a winner The photos were recorded in black and white... there IS no color data there. Sure you could add fake color but there's no way you're going to be able to turn black and white photos into color photos. It's just not possible. dirt, I found this link while reading these posts but I don't think it is exactly what you want: http://www.artweaver.de/index.php?id=62,144,0,0,1,0 Thanks it looks like it might work.
  14. dirtwarrior

    Help With Windows 2000 Pro Specs

    It should be ok with it. 2k only needs 64 meg of ram. 128 is ok but I would go more. 2k has more driver support than 9x. In the end the choice is yours to make.
  15. dirtwarrior

    Photo retouching software

    I have read this with a lot of interest. I have some B&W photos of my grand parents. Is there an app to colorize them?