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  1. Welcome to MSFN You just simply over write the default settings for the application I will reinstall MS Word and feed you back for the exact option you missed with
  2. Please share it! Please organize your replies as what Tarun did ... Thanks man
  3. One of MSFN rules stated that: Do you know that not all unread topics are exist under View New Posts and you can check it your self right now to know what I mean...I mean a quick review for View New Posts index and a quick review for new topics under several forums will let you know about it.For example... This is what View New Posts shows: This is what General Discussion Shows: And as you can see the two titles with arrows does not exist under view new posts link. I've really wished to solve this issue since a while ago, but simply give it up, also when I did post about its reason many told me that it does not happen with them while some confirmed it. EnJOY
  4. humm...this is a good idea,but why not you do such a thing and post it and sure any moderator or nuhi himself will make it sticky
  5. This switch does not work, it loads the application interface as normal and wait for user interact to continue Do you believe that I'm still recieve the same error LOL
  6. Thank you nuhi for all your great work
  7. I think MS is not he issue here, while nLite is the main issue
  8. How about, 'Good work, man! It's not good that a program such as THIS has misspelled words.' Maybe, 'I meant audit team... that was the joke, to misspell the word.' Perhaps you meant this:"I just remembered that guys from the UK always blame Americans for eating too many letters in their words." Apparently, no one HERE will be making the audit team... WOW ...

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