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  1. hehe I remember you too one that was on the tip of my tongue earlier , Kel??? worked on wpi I believe
  2. please consider helping guys, their's no catch, you'd be liking a post from me, no groups or liking pages etc. I really could do with the boost after the rough year or two we've had
  3. I left in 2007 I think I came back and made around 3 posts in 09 Nice to see your still here! other big names that stuck in my mind from way back are xpero, nuhi,digitalprime, shark007, Ryanvm,bashratthesneaky
  4. bit of old school today ACDC -various and little bit of avril lavigne
  5. A one time forum addict is back Since my time away much has changed in my life. 2 children actually! Right now at home things are a little difficult with my sons disability we're struggling to adjust, me and his mom are out of work atm (recession) He's asked for some rather expensive things this years. We're struggling but I have spotted a chance with the help of my friends old and new to do something amazing. Over in the UK a popular E-retailer is offering £1000 in a facebook competition. Rules are simple. Get the most likes on your own status and win no catch I'd really appreciate it if you all could take just a second to like this status www.facebook.com/AriaPCTechnology/posts/270619819651773 I can assure you, it not a scam, spam viral link or anything sinister, You dont need to join any groups or like any pages. Just like the status from me. Thanks . I'm and active member of the community over their and have won things from them recently. It's the real deal. I know its a PR exercise for them but I just want to win A like on my status to help me turn around xmas?
  6. long time no see buddy :D

  7. Took a long break and just wanted to say HI any one remember me
  8. where are the fans in picture 6? are they between the case and the radiator? if so shouldnt it be with the fans on the other side so you have fresh cool air going to the rad?
  9. the ram i have can run at 1066 no probs, its the bus speeds of intel cpus are confusing me to be honest. AMD cpus just cant keep up for video related tasks no matter how many cores it has. are they any decent INTEL cpus out there that will work with my ddr2 ram? I currently have Patriot 2GB PC2-6400,800MHz, CL 4-4-4-12 as i said they work fine at 1066Mhz, 2x1gb sticks. im thinking now however 2gb or 4gb single sticks will be better.
  10. My trusty old AMD dual x2 4000+ was replaced with 7750 Dual a month or so ago if im honest i dont see that much difference, I have been out of hardware scene for sometime now. The q6600 was dominant Cpu was i was active. So i figure it's time switch to intel, im a budget however and i would like to do things in monthly stages. I want to start with a new CPU and motherbaord. I currently have some DDR2 6400 whoch id like to keep for now. Btw UK prices suck right now so an i7 as much as it looks all new and shinny is plain out of the question! Ideas? An overlocked Dual intel or Quad? This new rig would be for very occasional gaming but mostly DVD/video work. thanks I'll list my current full specs soon
  11. great timing i have been away for a while now, looking forward to the new content to help me get back into the scene
  12. Sketchy question ,in order for someone to post that file they would be admiting to illegally downloading the ISO you mentioned. It's not gonna happen. This junk doesnt belong on these forums
  13. this shows the difference from slowest ddr2 to fastest http://forums.hexus.net/hexus-hardware/122...-vs-pc7100.html after reading i dont see much point unless you insist on running your CPU and RAM at a 1:1 ratio

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