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  1. Hello, I think that after the setup and on the first boot it asks you to change the admin password.So you write the password that you will use for the admin account.
  2. Thanks a lot nuhi! I was starting of making a new vista cd. Just on time! Great JOB
  3. Hello, Maybe the problem is coming from : control panel -> regional & language options Select on the 2 boxes (on regional options tab) Greek. And to the advanced tab make sure that Greek is selected on the first box . And finally check the other box that code page 28597 (Iso8859-7 Greek) is selected. Hope I've helped you!!
  4. Thank you nuhi!!!! Awesome!! :thumbup
  5. Thank you nuhi!! Just preparing my new win xp cd. Happy New Year!!
  6. Thank you nuhi!! Happy holidays & Merry Christmas! B)
  7. Just what I was looking for.. Thank you!
  8. Thank you nuhi!!! I'm going to start vliting my vista!
  9. Really really beautiful desktops everybody!!
  10. Portable firefox is possible and exists. As for making it default have you checked firefox preferences??
  11. venim

    Thank you nLite

    Thank you too nuhi!! Nlite has solved me from a lot of problems.!!
  12. I don't knowif that is possible. But there exists a small program from Symantec (Ghost explorer) that you can see and extract an image made from ghost.. I hope that I'm not wrong and that I have helped you..
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