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  1. right honestly....get hold of the 1650 pro..... for emulators that will do........i can run ps2 emu alright with that!! and n64 mame...... and it dont kill me on watts either!!
  2. 3aces

    vLite 1.0 RC - Hammer

    Cheers Nuhi,.........you god!!!.... that flash problem is fixed......also vista its self seems alot faster generally...duno whether thats just me lol..........thanks mate :D
  3. right im not sure...no expirence with x64.......but someone will help
  4. in wmp x64, check in the plug in sections to see if the messenger plugin is activated
  5. right if you have WLM, the 1st time you run it, it is resource hungray because it shadows your contacts on your har drive, so let it do it, then after it will be very light
  6. omg excellent....why didnt i think of that......now is there anyway i can make this into a font?? ok i kinda done what i needed to do with it, but i would love this as a font, if anyone knows can you post and let me know please
  7. In my browser it's Arial. Western, Greek and Cyrillic. In another browser it can be something different. yeah tahts what i get in FF and MS Word 2007 it must be somewhere.........right i got it from another site to use as a msn name, and they call it lord of the rings...now i searched lord of the rings and it didnt find anything either!!
  8. From what I remember, it is greek, so try googling for greek fonts. I may be wrong though. oooo looked around for about an hour...couldnt find it :S
  9. im looking for "тнιѕ ƒσηт" i cant find out what it is called.....obviously its out there....can anyone help me plzzz
  10. hmmm since i updated to FF keeps loggin me out as well :S.......
  11. see if you can find any reference to the hotfix on your harddrive, there is normally a log file somewere, if you cant find one.....then something is wrong
  12. microsoft office website!! lol
  13. yeah i got to say...it hasnt failed me yet!!
  14. well as far as i know you put the updates in the update folder and they will automatically install......
  15. i guess not......i wonder if its because my vista is vlited, i say we call nuhi to the topic see if he can shed some light CALLIN NUHI :D
  16. have a look at nlite or for linux, try **** small linux
  17. i dont think something is right? any ideas???
  18. right ima try this now and ill post abck in about half an hour
  19. right how can i enter in the numbers for the colours manually... i have come accross a very nice shade of purple i cant make without the number??? :S
  20. hmmmm ill look around for ya see if i can get anything up!!
  21. custom built at home and at college...we have like a million dell machines!!!! but they dont use vista as far as im aware!
  22. erm....do it as a template and do it so that content isnt editable!! then techincally it should work

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