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  1. SoKoOLz

    Restoration of Background Intelligent Transfer Service

    I agree, there are no lists. If you want to reinstall the service again, I suggest you use your original XP disk to do the recovery and you will get your BITS back.
  2. Hi Siginet, First of all, I would like to say thank you for making this tool. It rocks. I've created some very nice Boot menu with the Ezyboot and wondering whether it can be used with the powerpacker? I'm kinda new in this stuff, any guide or suggestion would be very nice. Thank you
  3. Yeah, I know. U r right. I should have done something to it. I think it might be the program called Vista Manager.
  4. Hey guys, I found the fix !! I just cant wait for the solution anymore, so what I did was actually reformat and everything works again LOL. I can't help it, one day my removable drives are working fine then the next day they stop working. Very annoying actually. Reformatting is the quick and easiest way to do LOL. Thanks anyway
  5. I've tried login as an Admin account and the same thing happen, so I dont think re-adding my own account would work. But I'll tried that and let u know. Ok, it doesnt work... T_T
  6. Hi guys, Suddenly, I'm not able to access my thumb drive in Vista. I don't know why, it popup and error message that says "Access Denied" even though I have used it before. I've tried with my other thumb drive and the result is the same none of them is working. I'm sure that I didnt set any permission for that, It must be the latest MS patches. My Account is a full Admin account with UAC turned off. BTW: All my thumb drives are still working because I've tried it on my other XP systems and they all work fine. Have a look at my screenshots: Please help, Thank you
  7. SoKoOLz

    nLite 1.3 beta - Santa's confession

    Thx very much and Merry X-mas!
  8. SoKoOLz

    How to make a dynamic signature (IP sig)

    I have verys trange problem, when I have created my sig. It works perfectly on my test server(with Appserv installed). But when I put it on my host, it the forced me to download the image instead of showing the image. With an error inside saying that "<b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined function: imagettftext() in <b>/usr/local/xxx/home/vhosts/xxx.com/httpdocs/sig/test.jpg</b> on line <b>133</b><br />"
  9. Hi all, How did u inegrate the GDI tool in XP SP2? I cant do it.. Please help Thank you I'm sorry I didnt search before post.... I just found how to do it. by using this for the registry fix: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\GdiDetectionTool] "GDITool"=dword:00000001 Sorry piff