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WMP10 Slipstreamer Version 1.1

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well pretty good - except I cannot find, anywhere, mp10_setup.exe so I can't use it.

Sneaky's site points to an advertisng site which returns absolutely nothing -even with file name variations.

OK I'm not a techie but I am quite experienced. From what I read Sneaky has done a good job - if only I could use it!!!!!

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thanks great program

if you can add more features or make it more complete

or know of a way to easily slipstream stuff like ffdshow

give me a holla

thanks again its great, now im doing well with minlogon slipstreamed and wmp10 :D

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  • 3 weeks later...
BTS said that some feautures were not on that version ... Read the first post, that maybe it.

Gouky did your installation complete? I have your same priblem, "WMP can't install perfectly, do you eant to install from microsoft website?"

What can i do sigh? I DON'T HAVE sp2 and don't want to have that Sp, too much error...

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