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  1. The apps by Nirsoft is portable can I make Unportable?? I have sent all RegDLLView as an example. John RegDllView.exe
  2. Where in Windows 10 is the figure in picture 1 below used?? John
  3. Where can I find the taskbar icons on the icons on the lower right hand side of the screen. Which files are the icons in ? John
  4. How do I replace windows 10 system32 with a customized one. Then copying it into place . I'm using restorator 2018? John
  5. I will have 3 laptops, 1 Image server (mirroring). 2 of the Laptops are ( ahem Gateway M-1622 Laptops) and one is a Toshiba L755-S5368 Laptop. The two Gateways are identical both the the same motherboard and memory configuration. Now to the question, if I install Office 2013 Professional Plus on one of the gateways Mirror it and activate it. Will Office complain if I try to activate the other one? Or do I have to have a new key for it? Will it not be activated and life is bliss? I will be using acronis to do the mirroring! If I have another key is there a way to put all the keys in Office and allow it to choose which one to use thru a batch file? John
  6. I used to use a file renamer that I could use wildcards such as #,?, @ and rename a file from 11vts_22_0.vob to vts_02_0.vob is there any such tool that does this? Thank you John
  7. Does anyone know how to install these silently? What are the switches? John
  8. I have looked everywhere for sfclist.dll and can't find it in Windows 7 Home Premium. I am looking for the Windows 7 Protected file list. Where is it? Also where is the %windir%\winsxs\options dir? John
  9. @daremo Does Windows 7 reset the security when sysprep is used? @all Is there a utility that can scan for differences in files across Partitions? John
  10. I have some explaining to do, Iput the new bootscreen in the reverse integrated one after reboot the bootscreen was the new one . Then sysprepd with the generalized checked then I used oobe. then I copied it to a clean version of Windows setup drive then created an ISO. WHen I tested in VMware Workstation 7. It returned it to the Original Bootscreen. Why? how does windows know that the files were changed and what does it compare them to? John
  11. Deployed OS Could please tell how WIndows 7 knows that a file has been changed in the Deployed OS or does it completely disregard the imagex'd one!
  12. It returns back to the default Windows 7 boot screen when tested with VMware workstation, after copying into hard partition (reverse integration) and testing out on vm! John
  13. :thumbup When I use bootupdater, created a bootscreen, did a sprep with the oobe item checked and then run imagex to create install.wim. What happens during the imagex process to make sure that the defualt bootscreen is displayed? What does windows7 compare the original to in order to make sure that the files are corrupt? What security measure are used? John
  14. What kind of security is in boot-mgr in Win7? What happens when I change the boot-screen on a separate partition using sysprep? then I use imagex to create install.wim then copy that to another partition that the DVD setup files on it! when I run it in a vm I get the old boot-screen. Why? John :whistle:
  15. Is Windows 7 Protected file list the same file? Where is that file? Where is the file that lists the files in Windows 7? John
  16. Is there a Windows 7 Protected File List? Where is it? John
  17. Help me with this code, it doesn't work. It should press the buttons in this order: 1, 2 then 3 in the picture. But it doesn't work: #region ---Au3Recorder generated code Start --- Opt("WinWaitDelay",100) Opt("WinDetectHiddenText",1) Opt("MouseCoordMode",0) Run('Keygen.exe') _WinWaitActivate("classname=#32770","Stardock ObjectDock ") MouseClick("left",139,178,1) _WinWaitActivate("Open","Namespace Tree Contr") MouseMove(247,291) MouseDown("left") MouseMove(247,290) MouseUp("left") _WinWaitActivate("Error =(","Can't open file") MouseDown("left") MouseMove(119,129) MouseDown("left") MouseMove(119,128) MouseUp("left") _WinWaitActivate("classname=#32770","Stardock ObjectDock ") MouseClick("left",221,178,1) _WinWaitActivate("Save As","Namespace Tree Contr") MouseClick("left",236,279,1) MouseClick("left",236,279,1) _WinWaitActivate("classname=#32770","Stardock ObjectDock ") MouseClick("left",317,182,1) #region --- Internal functions Au3Recorder Start --- Func _WinWaitActivate($title,$text,$timeout=0) WinWait($title,$text,$timeout) If Not WinActive($title,$text) Then WinActivate($title,$text) WinWaitActive($title,$text,$timeout) EndFunc #endregion --- Internal functions Au3Recorder End --- #endregion --- Au3Recorder generated code End --- This was made autorecord.exe and autoit Thank you John
  18. Here is what autoitinfo says: How do I record the mouse movement? I am the 32 bit autoit on a 64 bit WIndows 7 Ultimate. because the 64 bit of Au3Record_x64.exe keeps giving the error failed to load dll. I had the record mouse movement checked., but it doesn't record the movement. Thank you John
  19. Can you elaborate on this? Do I look for a word or Phase ? If there are no alt keystrokes for buttons? I'd also like to wait until a windows is active so that autoit can use that window and uncheck the "run objectdock now checkmark" at the very end of setup. Thank you for your help, My name is John
  20. Hello all you nice people, can you please help me? Run("odock.exe") WinWaitActive("ObjectDock Plus 2 - InstallAware Wizard","") MouseClick("left",327,352,1) MouseClick("left",35,307,1) MouseClick("left",342,351,1) MouseClick("left",346,354,1) MouseClick("left",210,234,1) MouseClick("left",357,360,1) How do I get this to run? I am trying to to go through the odock screens and Uncheckmark the "run objectdock now" part of the setup! What do I need??? Thank you, John
  21. Does anyone know how to install Editpad Pro 7.x silently? Any command line switches? John
  22. Wouldn't you need to mount the install.wim image first? then take out all parts/languages you don't need would that shrink the size? John
  23. I am building a Unattended Microsoft 7 Ultimate x64 Sp1 installation dvd. Can I split the install.wim into two parts and put them on the same disk and will it install properly? How do I subtract over a gig to make sure it works? What do I use besides zlite rtp? Does RTLite actually make the size of the install.wim smaller so I can fit the install.wim on dvd? I have all the updates since SP1, Edit Pad Pro, notepad++ , paint++ and Diskeeper 2011 Pro Premiere install in the wim then I create the install.wim. I use gimagex to create the image.wim file. How do I condense the size of install.wim? John

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