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  1. Hello, I wonder have you manage to download this ApplyTheme application?

    I refer to this topic:

    Thank you ;)

  2. While messing around with c#, I thought id see how easy it would be to implement a program like I wanted to with Registry Tweakage.NET. I have developed a tool which seems to hit most of the points people wanted with the original. If this is in demand I may polish it and release it. Key features: - Data/User driven from reggy databases. - Users can share / merge multiple databases into one. - User can edit/save and add/delete from a database. - User can export selected tweaks as a .reg file. - Tweaks are grouped in alphabetical order for easy navigation.
  3. that is the point, so users can add tweaks to a config file and distribute them throughout meaning the program itself isnt hard coded and doesnt require the programmer to keep updating the tweaks.
  4. I have no problem with you trying to take up where my program left off. It would of being nice of you to ask but there u go. From your alpha it looks pretty much the same as mine except missing functionality, I dont see any improvements over mine. From what I understood people wanted a more flexible program, they wanted it to be data driven so they could add there own tweaks and not have everything hard coded, ie xml driven. As for releasing your source code, if people laugh at it then thats just immature of them. Every programmer has his own way of coding which is unique to himself, as long as its commented and can be understood improvements can be given.
  5. nice of you to ask before you make some replica of my application. also pointless unless you add something to it which makes it better (more tweaks isnt better).
  6. I dont recommend using it since its BETA software and BETA1 at that, at least wait till BETA2 is out which will be for the public. BETA1 is english only I think since people have being hacking the languages to make it work. There have being reported problems with the beta, and many users have experienced IM programs not working and breaking due to install.
  7. its a hacked version of iecustom.dll which bypasses
  8. It has the MS product validation on it btw for users who dont know but this can be easily bypassed with a custom hex edited dll.
  9. The headers have changed in the new versions so they wont be as big as previous versions like you specified. Also the sections are in the file in order of what they are on the menus, ie in 0.4 its SP2-Services from left to right then down so they will differ depending on what is selected each time.
  10. Added it so when you put <nopass> into the field it makes the pass blank. Is this ok?
  11. cool, didnt know such a program existed I might give him a pm
  12. microsoft windows will never be free, and this is totally irrelevant to unattended.
  13. its called regshot, and you will need the paraglider version. You can download it from here
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