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  1. I do that you can only change the "Documents" you cannot change the drive letter. Perhaps it cannot be fixed?
  2. Not even one reply helpful bunch o chap's lol
  3. Can someone please kindly help me out here i have a small problem. I changed my Documents location in start menu to as thats is my partition for documents, aswell with music & pictures. However on the start menu main display instead of just saying "Documents" it says "Documents (D)" is there any way to remove the Drive letter from this its a bit annoying? Thankyou On a personal note im really starting to like vista especially Dreamscene although it has a tendancy to crash once it's stable it'll be great, what you think?
  4. I second that this would be great when its final but not much word on it lately, eagerly awaiting feedback
  5. Can vLite integtrate Vista SP1 to Dell Oem Version?
  6. Hi I just bought myself an Nvidia Geforce 8600 256Mb DDR3 Graphics Card. However my current motherboard doesnt support SLi so i wanted to know if i was to get a newer motherboard. Would it be better to buy myself another Nvidia Geforce 8600 256Mb DDR3 card and run them in SLI or get a Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX in single mode? Thx for ur help
  7. Looks great cant wait till its released!!
  8. Here is my Winntbbu.dll, Enjoy!! http://rapidshare.com/files/61598697/Winntbbu1.rar.html
  9. Dont worry my friend i find that the language returns to its original state when windows is actually installing it does for me anyway, so what im saying is it should just appear normal!!
  10. I am by no means an expert here but but I think I may have figured it out so here we go!! The process seems quite simple install Bootskin unattendedly and in RunOnceEx run two commands The whole process is run with a bootskin.ini file which looks like this Step 1 "%systemdrive%\Install\Applications\BootSkin\BootSkin105.exe" /f Step 2 "%systemdrive%\Install\Applications\spacexp.exe (Winrar SFX Archive extracting bootscreen to "C:\Program Files\Stardock\WinCustomize\BootSkin\skins" Step 3 SpaceXp.reg adds this to your registry and hopefully the screen will appear Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
  11. What is it with you bringing back old threads and webcam support. Two topics and no one has given you the walkthrough, because there IS NO walkthrough. Redo your ISO. The time you spent searching for these dead threads could have been spent doing just that. If you dont like me brining back old threads then why dont you do your job and simply delete them if there useless then why have them clogging up the board? I also cant redo the Iso as I did not make it
  12. I have the same questions more for support for my webcam though, Can someone plz tell me how?
  13. Is the link to the latest version on the 1st page?
  14. It will be implemented in the the upcoming version of Wpi. Its not a single application just Wpi will provide more customisation options.
  15. Yea I'd really like this aswell to be honest then would use this as theme would do it myself but no idea how to update.
  16. Maybe your using an Xp Sp1 file when your OS is Sp2. Sp2 overwrites these associated files
  17. Looking brillant almulder im not to sure if I like the circuliar oval along the options at the left but its looking great none-the-less
  18. If you go to wpi.htm then options you should see the option somewhere
  19. Can someone plz post a screenshot of the changes that can be made here as to be honest I have no idea what these changes allow.
  20. I must say to Everyone here you'r doing a brillant job and user customization I think is a must unless your very laid back. It's a great thing thats happening here.
  21. **** that is nice seriosly m8 you have some skill.
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