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  1. There are multiple images in the wim files. AFAIK 6 ones in server2008 install.wim. IMO, you need to mount the proper part of the image (eg 2 is for enterprise) and then put your new (updated) files in that. Then commit changes and unmount the image. Try it this way, this should work
  2. mrnxdmx

    iTunes 7.6.1?

    Itunes version runs flawless on my server 2008 installation. I can provide screenshots to you if needed. You can contact me via pm.
  3. mrnxdmx

    Antivirus for W2K8

    what?? my server 2008 wouldnt even install eset nod32 business edition, it says that this product is not intended for server 2008.. how did you install it? btw, i tried installing the eset smart security edition, not AV Eset's latest Smart security runs great on my windows server 2008 install Test again with latest one. 3,0,650 is what i use in my system.
  4. mrnxdmx

    v1.4.1: WFP prompts for CD

    As clearly stated by jaclaz here: Are you using nlite in any company or business purpose? If yes, you are using it illegally. ... Besides, you are clearly breaking rules of the board, by needlessly attacking another member : You're using nLite in corporate environment. And what Kels did is, just reminding you the Nlite Eula: nLite IS NOT FOR CORPORATE USE!!! Read the EULA! You agreed to the fact that nLite is not for corporate use when you installed it. Plus before you ask it is BECAUSE of reasons like this nLite will not be for corporate use! And then he just commented about nlite forum, thats being used illegally on msfn forums. I understand that he uses and loves nlite too: OMG you actually decided to let your job DEPEND on nLite? You are in an IT field and you cheated pure and simple... An app like nLite should not be used in a "production" enviroment because you cannot support it. You are WAY above your head here sir. Everything you used Nlite to do CAN be done by yourself and then you can support it and actually know what you are doing. People like you are just going to get nLite shut down. Then I dont get this, what was wrong with Kelsenellenelvian so far??? Who's cheeky little puppy here boy? You're working in an IT department than you must know sth in life? Respect? Do you know WPI? A world wide used application, that helps everybody to install custom apps on their system?Sounds interesting, huh? Also, you can easily see this under 's user image: Group: Software Developers Posts: 4691 This part tells me not to blame him You got one big prize from me; from now on, you're my cheeky little puppy.... Gzzzzzz
  5. mrnxdmx

    Would you rather use XP or Vista?

    I'll stick with xp pro, until microsoft no more releases hotfixes or updates for it. It does all my job, also runs faster than vista on my current hardware...
  6. mrnxdmx

    [Release] Live Messenger 8.5 final

    Thanks for the tut shark. Helped me much. My modified msn is working ok on my system. I found the installer files here (in my turkish windows xp sp2 machine) Program Files\Common Files\WindowsLiveInstaller
  7. Thanks for all replies. As I'm building ie7 addons, i'm addng new files that are not in standart xp sp2 disc. So that, i need to use fileflags (16) values for new files, in order to prevent possible errors. The link 7Epsilon gave describes all situations
  8. I will ask the same question. I couldnt find a proper eplanation on web, even on microsoft.com doesnt give any informations...
  9. mrnxdmx

    Minor problem after integrating IE7.exe & IE8.exe

    Thank you NaDer_GenKO. This clears up the situation. It occurs when you directly overwrite all IE7 files in xp disc. This problem does not exist with my normal ie7 addon. But i will look in this issue and post here if i can find any solutions.
  10. mrnxdmx

    Minor problem after integrating IE7.exe & IE8.exe

    Can you please tell us how did you integrate ie7? With nlite using ie7.exe or using one of my addons posted here?
  11. mrnxdmx

    IE7 and Microsoft Update Not installing

    Thats what i ment. Cheers to all
  12. mrnxdmx

    IE7 and Microsoft Update Not installing

    I think you guys have some "giving credits" problems. Do not do that for my ie7 addon pack. Tell people who did the job, then use it in your app
  13. Latest version works perfect on my turkish xp sp2 disc. Thanks for your hard work again
  14. They are for same purpose with different methods. Both will make your windows updated, both have all required updates. But, autopatcher only works on a windows install, ryans pack can only be used via a cd, for formatting or upgrading. You can check Ryan's forum for more info about his pack, and also advantages of his pack. I prefer and suggest Ryans pack for all formats.
  15. mrnxdmx

    Crapless FlashGet 1.82.1003

    FYI, 1.81 final is out.