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WMP10 Slipstreamer Version 1.1

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Just made 2 new ISO's this morning and no hanging with RyanVM's full pack and nLite,

so it doesn't hang for everyone..............So take warnings however you want.......The

installs were bug free, different for Asta I guess.................


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Ok. Didn't work. I get the icon from the WMP10 (After Windows is installed) but when it gets to the part of Registring Components on Windows Installs it gives the error about not being well installed!

I think there is no solution to the **** problem!!

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I think because it is a Windows Media Player Update and not a Windows XP update.

It fixes some problems with MPEG-4 Videos...

-- Hmm, I guess I shouldn't called it a hotfix, but it has been recently released nonetheless...

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I'm trying to integrate this fix into my CD....

--> I'm trying to apply this patch into the CD, it contains a new MP4SDMOD.DLL file...

--> I tried to just drop it into I386 but it doesn't overwrite any files there...

--> The closest file I could find is an MP43DMOD.DLL file in I386 ....

----> it seems that MP4SDMOD.DLL isn't copied over using BTS script...

(or maybe it wasn't in the WMP10 original package)...

----> It also seems that WMP.INF needs to be modified... (and I don't consider myself qualified to modify INF files... Last time I tried tweaking LAYOUT.INF, I spoilt the whole setup !!!)

--> Any help please ..??

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Anyone has trouble with the license thing?

When I go to the cinemanow (on the top right corner where it has napster, musicmatch...), wmp10 cannot get a license to view the trailers. This doesn't happen with my attended windows.

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