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  1. thanx a lot but why when i try to download the shockwave plugin for firefox i receive an exe file with the icon of an html page? Don't work for me:(
  2. Shark good job man!!! But a question, i realize and see that this installer not install the shockwave properly on my winxp copy...ie7 doesn't recognize it.. Put this on my cmd file: ECHO. ECHO [sHOCKWAVE] ECHO wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\swInstaller.exe ECHO done! it's ok like this?
  3. ???? ehm...what? I just want to know if it's possible, once integrate some cab installer, to remove these one on my win unattended and place newer ones..
  4. but....info and news about a new version? Nice work but without update ummm.... :sneaky:
  5. hello guys, try to find with a search here in this forum but didn't find anything so i ask you how to install totally silently utorrent new version via svpack.. ECHO. ECHO [uTORRENT] ECHO wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\uTorrent.exe /??????? ECHO fatto! with the /S it's doesn't work!!!
  6. i was always thinking about how to remove, for example when new version are available, the addon integrated before by nlite on the copy of winxpunattended..it's possible and if yes how?
  7. good good work man, thanx a lot for your release!!! But what are the silent command to install it silently and register it via batch file? Thanx man!!!
  8. rado waiting for firefox and Thunderbird 2.0 in ITA :thumbup :blushing: You rules!!!
  9. mr smartepans...YOU RULE, never see an amazing and clear tutorial like yours..finally i got my cd full unattended and with tons of drivers, thanx man, really!!! Just a question, it's possible, after add all the drivers pack, that my iso now (starting at 300MB ) finished @ 650mb with all drivers?
  10. oh nice, no sorry i saw the official forum but not see your tutorial, wow will take a look!
  11. what about firefox 2.0.3? don't understand but i think it's not working with this verion.-..
  12. up,please i also today downloaded all the new pack and db installer but same error...
  13. pleaseeeee, really i don't see any nice and easy guide...please please plese
  14. I did but receive always this error and don't know why... I run the .exe so in installed dps base, the i put all the rar archive in the driverspack folder and then run BASE and click on slipstream...nothing
  15. i downloaded all the drivers pack and the tool but don't understand how to slipstream and compress all the drivers on a cd or dvd...can someone help me?
  16. HY, where can i edit the winrar config reg file? Maybe i can install Winrar, customize and then find the registry? But where?
  17. I and greeeeeeeeeeeeeeat job man!!!! Newbie here so be patient :thumbup I made an ini file like this: [iNFO] Start=Manual Drivers_drive=CDROM Drivers_dir=\ Device_manager=On Method=RegistryDevicePath Logging_to_file=Yes Logging_option=Simple Drivers_Packed=No Copy_drivers=No Copy_where=C:\Drivers Delete_drivers=No Create_backup=No Debug=No Time_to_start=0 what i would like to do with your program is set a cd or dvd with all the Bashrat drivers pack and with your program install all the necessary drivers on various pc...so what i must do? make a cd with all the drivers and your programm and run this on or made others changes?
  18. ok so i decided to update the amazing sneaker drivers pack with the latest release but...how? i don't find the guida to creater a cd or dvd with all the zip archive of various type of drivers with sneaker drivers pack, someone can help me?
  19. Hy guys, i would like to know a simple and best way to create a nice dvd or cd with tons of drivers so that if Windows not recognize peripheric, i can use the support to have all the drivers that pcs need... How can i do? Maybe the Bâshrat the Sneaky project but how?
  20. wow, tnx for this mini tutorial, i will try it soon and tell you!!!

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