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  1. hi to all iam working in a multiboot dvd but i had some with a dis. live linux. this distro use isolinux to boot , but i want to make a dvd with live linux, mini pe and some ima files . how to boot with linux ?? i had my dvd full working but i want to join this live distro. i use magiso to create the dvd. thanks for the help
  2. thanks but after dont give error?? or something like that if not thanks anyway
  3. hi hello to all i am trying do make a multiboot with xp pro and home. everything works i dont had any issue BUT when i gona create the iso with cdimage with the parameter -o (optimeze) he gives a error that the files are the same ant one is corrupt like this
  4. This is my tutorial to create a multibootutilscd simple http://rapidshare.de/files/8902683/MultiBo...how_to.doc.html
  5. i find a way simple go to the proprieties of your connection, change to security, chek the box that asked por password and user name, chek teh tha ask for phone and done. the copy the shortcut to your startup (inside the menu start) and voila when you restart the pc make a conection withou ask a name or password.
  6. hi to all i install a pc on my grandfathers house , simple people, they never work with a pc. i put internet with a moden usb adsl. my question is: there is away when the pc start, he conects automatic to internet via usb adsl. off couse user and password previos post and record. the simple think, fast, no more workarounds. thanks
  7. im gona try to build a walkthrough simple and fast. give some time )))
  8. solve this hotfix KB891122 is hanging. this is a update sdk for media player thanks for the help
  9. here i am again well this the problem is. i integrate some hotfixes with nlite but during install @ 13m a popup appears and said that " my system restore is turned off ...." and the windows had the of WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 10. i think this is cause by a hotfixe . some ideas/ or soluction ? thanks error image
  10. you could compress the folder that comtain the programs. i had the same problem i compress with uhar, during install of s.o . the file is copy to the disk and decompressed after install everything, you create a previous batch that delet de folder and the file compressed . using this metod inside 700mb i pu office 2003 full+drivers+wxp+some programs i hope this help
  11. ok its not so simple but is the same way that you join 2 windows but rebember that autorun of my cd. my cd is very simple you grab digiwiz / hirens / ~utils cd take the boot sector of them then you edit the 3 files (like you do with 2 xps) after put like this order 1- hirtens 2- digiwiz 3 - utilscd when you add the utils cd the autorun from digiwiz is replace by de utils cd if you see the autorun he gone start on menu.exe (its the menu on windows with the appls). there many sites to talk about multiboot but if you go to the magiciso.com (tutorials or faqs) there is all the stuff that you need to now. including to create a menu ina simple way. i hope this help
  12. the HFSLIP only works with english version?? or all languages? thanks
  13. hello to all iam still around this issue about long time . i make search on net / forum but nothing conclusive. i need to integrate the hotfixes that contain the windows genuine advantage. with nlite its impossible . the hot fixe extracted gives me a exe file . ok but if i put this on cd and install and make updates it install again the hotfixes. resuming. i need to install this hotfixes there is any way to to this ?? thanks for the help

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