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[Desktops] 2005

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@coyotewrw-im want to have that toolbar on the left that you have, so im suppose to use ShortPopUp? if so then can you please explain to me what i need to do? ive dloaded it but have no clue where to go.

also, how do you make the menu stay there? whenever i click it goes away.

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Here's mine.

* Vis Style is my personal mod of Milk 2.0 by lennard

* The little clock in the left side of the Taskbar is an html script.

* The blurred pic is a Konfabulator slideshow of my gf

* The clock and sysmeter are Rainmeter skins

* The calendar and to-do are from Rainlendar

* The weather and countdown are from Konfabulator

* The bordered icons on the left are ShortPopUp menus.

(click images to enlarge)


Composite screenshot of the Start Panel and a ShortPopUp menu. jetAudio is at the bottom, in bar mode.



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I have been using Aston to theme my desktop, still with the basics at the moment while I link the apps through. Can´t seem to get the two side docks to show up in screen cap though (even though they work fine)


Aston Shell here.

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Alrighty...This one may not be all that functional, but it's pretty cool IMO. I'm probably gonna look more into the graphical stuff you can do with Samurize, but I've got more on my plate now, and I'm not at home that much anymore... :P

Clicky to make biggy


The visual style is called Sentinel Beta by ChaNinja. You can find it at DeviantArt.

But wait... there's more!!!!! A picture doesn't do it true justice. Check this out! That's right... B)


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@ripken204: Give me a few days and I'll write a basic SPU tutorial, k? Be patient, it'll be well worth the wait, I promise. :)

@wolf7448: Turn off your caps-lock key, noob. Don't you know that the louder you yell, the less people will listen?

Also, one man's "clutter" is another man's bliss. Since you're a self-described newbie, you might want to be a bit more polite. Otherwise you'll quickly find that others aren't very eager to help you when you need it.

Here's a good link fer ya: http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html

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