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  1. Windows XP, Dell Inspiron 640m I was tinkering with audio settings and then the speakers stopped working. However, sound is output through headphones perfectly. I've re-installed drivers numerous times, so that probably isn't it, and I'm 100% sure it's not a hardware problem since the speakers are fine in Linux. It's probably some obvious setting I overlooked, but which?
  2. VS: SlanXP Icons: iNiZe (Recycle, Docs, My Comp), Element (rulesPlayer) Wallpaper: PHOTONS by Tinkupuri (Slightly modded version) Widgets: YWE Weather Display CD Art: CD Art Display W/ DC Tunes
  3. They are exactly the same thing, if i put something in one - it'll show up in the other. I would i go about in making it so only one of them display. I think this may be better in the Windows XP section - can a mod please move this
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a February Desktop Finalist winner
  5. I nLited NSW a long time ago. But now i have two computers that i want to wirelessly network to share the printer. Anyone got any easy ideas that dont require me to reformat?
  6. Version: Firefox Theme: Cylence Theme: Obsidian Variation Icons: BLACK Enabled Extensions: - Adblock Plus - Download Manager Tweak - Flashgot - Greasemonkey - Minimize To Tray - NoScript - Paste & Go 2 - Personal Menu - Tabbrowser Preferences - UI Tweaker Disabled Extensions: - Favicon Picker 2
  7. all my favorites have been named except desktoplistview, which changes desktop icons into a desktop list. desktoplistview
  8. desktoplistview: http://iamwill.com/dev/desktopListView/index.php If you want to make it load in startup, put a shortcut of it in the startup folder (Start > Programs > Startup)

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