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  1. about 2200 for my laptop, but without discount I would have paid about 3500, thank god for 12% student discounts and 35% off coupons... as for my desktop probly about 1500-1800 if you count the cost of the components when i bought them (I reused the Case, PSU, one of the Cd burners, and the old monitor as a secondary)
  2. I'm trying to sell some proccessors that I was given for some work I did (as seen here: Auction ) I was asked the question of weather or not the proccessor is a P3 or P4. Does anyone know if this is a P3 or P4 or if it would even be labeled as such?
  3. you out the $OEM$ folder in the root dir, most of the other files that get changed (winnt.sif, etc) are now in AMD64 instead of in i386
  4. I think its better, but i have to say microsoft antispyware was way better, i don't know how it went down in efectiveness when it has more money poured into it but its still one of the better.
  5. try d-loading the newest versions of programs, winrar fixed it right after x64 came out, and most others are catching up if all of your hardware has X64 drivers there should be no problem getting it up and runnging (a few exceptions such as splinter cell: caose theory use starforce and doesn't work in x64, but i boycot programs that use that anyways so thats no prob for me)
  6. you wouldn't want to integrate it into X64 windows, its not compatible and would screw up your install.
  7. only call one from GUIRUNONCE, then call the next one when that one finishes repeating till their all done. Thats the onlt way i can think of at least.
  8. update to the newest version of daemon, the first x64 version is knowo to cause probs in NERO
  9. you cant just paste over the old one, you have to delete it, then replace it
  10. Whats your PSU Brand, that really sounds like a PSU prob.
  11. VIsual Studio is the only one i know of that works: i beleive that any of these should work: Here
  12. @Stead, did you try disabling access to one of the cores for NFS? I know in counter strike it almost always solves the prob for people
  13. i would have to agree, the demo scared me, but from the get go the full game just wasn't sacary period, and for how bad the graphics look, it runs horribly even on low settings (on a Athlon64 3500+, 1gig RAM, ATI X800) RANT> after playing HL2 if games don't run good im just not happy, i mean HL2 ran with medium settings with decent FPS on a 900MHZ Duron with a 32MB Radeon 7200, and i stilled looked excelent, wereas this game doesn't really look all that great and runs horribly </RANT>
  14. According to this article it is not supported in X64 http://www.microsoft.com/technet/prodtechn...bit/cifx64.mspx you can try looking at some of the desktop widgets, they probly run better anyways (active desktop was a performance killer)
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