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  1. R-STUDIO (http://www.r-studio.com/) or ONTRACK DATA-RECOVERY (http://www.ontrackdatarecovery.com/) or freeware RECUVA (http://www.recuva.com/)
  2. try to uninstall any ati driver and see..
  3. hello guys! i've tried to make an xpsp3 slipstreamed cd witn some regtweaks inside.. but i've a problem with them, cause they won't be applied...that's what i've done: 1. created an %OEM$ folder into the root of CD 2. created a folder $$ into $OEM$ 3. created a txt file into $$, cmdlines.txt with this code: [Commands] "REGEDIT /S Tweaks.reg" 4. added Tweaks.reg into $OEM$ i've created this iso with nLite without specifing anything about cmdlines.txt nor tweaks.reg...i think xp setup will recognize them automatically, if present! what's wrong with this procedure? Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you so much! It works for italian version too!
  5. Tool Tips Hidden Behind Taskbar http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/regs_edits/transoff.reg Or maybe the undo option same place Tool Tips Hidden Behind Taskbar - Undo http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/regs_edits/transon.reg
  6. mmm...it isn't out yet...weird date
  7. magicfly

    SP3 for XP

    so i have to wait until may.. thanks for the news!
  8. really beautiful!!!! it would be cool a patcher with these icons
  9. Vista??? Terrible mistake!! Go for Windows XP!!!
  10. i love it!! can you make it italian too?? thanks a lot!!! :
  11. hello boys! i'd like to change the actual (blue) orb button on Pgase's Luna Royale theme with the green one of his previous versions...anyone can help me to find the right bitmap please? I've looked everywhere with no success. Thanks in advance!
  12. have you tried to use Partition Magic rescue disk? myabe rebooting and working on partitions before Windows loads, could do the job...
  13. This is my desktop for this month...and what a month!! This worth the year!! Thanks Kimi!!!
  14. Thanks everybody for your enormous help!! I've decided to buy LG 20"...and i'll post my impressions once i'll get it THANKS AGAIN!!!
  15. * taken form the specs of the LG L204WS-SFRight... in contrast to what? I would take the Samsung 19" as you don’t want a 20"... Thanks PuntoMX for all your replies, you're cool! According to quality/price ratio...what about between SAMSUNG 19" and LG 20"? I see LG beats Samsung in almost the characteristics....and at a lower price (-10 €)...i'm really undecided between these 2 now..
  16. cool!! what about the 3 monitors?
  17. Friends, i need your last word, these are my choices: LG L204WS-SF 20" VGA Silver 5Ms Wide 1. http://www.essedi.it/scheda_art.htm?SID=&a...T=_OM_&PRT= SAMSUNG 940NW 19" Wide 2. http://www.essedi.it/scheda_art.htm?SID=&a...T=_OM_&PRT= ASUS VW193S 19" Wide Multimedia 3. http://www.essedi.it/scheda_art.htm?SID=&a...T=_OM_&PRT= which one between these? THANKS!
  18. I'll second the vote for Samsung. And if you are going from CRT to LCD don't forget the cleartype powertoy from microsoft. It fixes up the square - pixelated text on the lcd. Thanks! I'll keep your suggestions i'll have a tour these days
  19. first of all thanks for your replies, and now another question... which one between Samsung, LG and ACER ?
  20. Thanks for your reply...well, usually i buy fron this following shops, i think they're good and with a nice quality/cost ratio, just check: CHL ESSEDI FRAELPOINT Thanks!
  21. Hello friends. My CRT is slowly dying after 7 years of nice work...so i'm going to buy a new monitor, LCD this time Unfortunately i'm not so strong on monitor choices so i'd like to ask you some advices about new models...for 200 dollars max.. What about 4:3 or 16:9? For which use would you choose one or the other? Thanks

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