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  1. Windows Live Safety Center beta

    yes it cleases viruses, and yes i have seen it pick up the sober worm!
  2. its worked for me! i hope it will for u guyes
  3. Windows Live™ Messenger beta

    works like a charm!, its good if you have a friend who blocked u because there mad at u and you want to apologize to them!
  4. how to almost get rid of all spam forever! u would probably say... its not possible!, Ur crazy! well its is, i have been spam free for years! and u can be to by following theses simple steps PART 1 1. Open a gmail account and a yahoo mail account (even if you have a gmail or yahoo account open another one) if u need an gmail invite, let me know! 2. Make sure the spam blockers are activated in both yahoo and gmail account! This is the tricky part, follow instructions carefully 3. make your new yahoo account forward all messages to your new gmail account 4. Make Your new Gmail Account Forward all messages to your primary account (the one u were using before we did all this) You Must do this part or everything we just did is useless 5. Only give out the yahoo email address to people/on line forms Part 2 Note: This will only affect NEW spam Threats not ones that are signed up with your primary email address! If you want to protect against new and old threats without changing your email address people already know replace steps 3 4 and 5 with the folowing... 3. Make a NEW email account of your choice, this will be your new primary email account 4. Make your Old Primary account (the one u were using before we did all this) forward all new messages to your New yahoo account 5. Make your New yahoo account forward all messages to your New gmail account 6. Make Your New Gmail account forward all messages to the account you make in step 3 7. continue giving out your old primary email address (the one u were using before we did all this) 8. use your email address u made in step 3 as your primary email account for now on questions? let me know!
  5. [Question] - Disable XP Services

    download microsoft antispy and go the the system exponents part and you get very flexible options in what you want to start up and what you dont
  6. Windows Live™ Messenger beta

    im trying to submit a bug to but i dont know how to... the above mothod does not work i get error... how odd, submit them right to the blog then
  7. Google type logo

    you forgot the question mark from what ic u did too this is what it should look like http://www.logogle.com/ggl.php?hl=ja&lo=MS...%20you,%20agree? ***edit*** it wont show question marks the seccond time
  8. MSN Contact List Problem

    He is free to post that information, and its not your duty to bash him for that. You really have to watch you back dude! ur right, i really am horrible when it come to that, i'm going to take that "think before posting" guide and pin it to my wall!, i'm sorry, i dont know what comes over me sometimes
  9. Just got invited to Windows Live email

    is that a web app?
  10. MSN Contact List Problem

    is he because i do not see that he said that
  11. [Question] Windows vista sounds...

    well u should fix that, but that doesnt answer my question
  12. MSN Contact List Problem

    1. Go to add remove programs, click msn messenger, click change/remove, click repair, follow the on-screen instructions! or lower ur double click speed in your mouse options! or if ur useing messenger plus, take off transperency 2. No one cares ur not useing msn messenger people , STICK TO THE TOPIC
  13. Just got invited to Windows Live email

    screenshot anyone?
  14. Hey guyes, just wondering... have any sounds/noises changed in windows vista? thx
  15. Windows Live™ Messenger beta

    in windows live messenger go, help>submit feedback and thats it!