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[Desktops] 2005

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My desktop for October, my first attempt with cosomizing.


Special thanks to Zxian for helping me with the icons.

Icons: Element icon suite (deviant art). Modded with AveDesk

VS: Lamina

Winamp: MonoDark

and thats pretty much it :thumbup

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New wallpaper, and the ported Vista sidebar.

from where you got the ported side bar ?

Thanks? :rolleyes:

wow...thanks, i had found it.

anyone knows where can i find more parts (gadgets) for Vista sidebar ??

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And were exactly did you find it? :rolleyes:

it is said to be Warez, but i'd found it directly through ordinary Google search :blushing:

Oh ok let's see if i can find it :)


Do you need to install WinFX in order to run the sidebar?

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so how can i change the icons for my music and my pictures? without downloading a program.

from Folder option show hidden and protected files

navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\Username\My Pictures

open Dekstop.ini

you will find a section [.ShellClassInfo]

paste this code but replace "C:/myicon.ico" with the path to your icon:



save it.

the icon is changed without any software.

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