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[Desktops] 2005

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Here's mine.

* Vis Style is my personal mod of Milk 2.0 by lennard

* The little clock in the left side of the Taskbar is an html script.

* The blurred pic is a Konfabulator slideshow of my gf

* The clock and sysmeter are Rainmeter skins

* The calendar and to-do are from Rainlendar

* The weather and countdown are from Konfabulator

* The bordered icons on the left are ShortPopUp menus.

(click images to enlarge)


Composite screenshot of the Start Panel and a ShortPopUp menu. jetAudio is at the bottom, in bar mode.


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Let's start this sucker up again...

Minor changes from last month. Mostly just the wallpaper. I've been playing with Samurize on my desktop... haven't got it here yet tho... look for that soon.



Wall - Pretty Green Eyes (found at DA)

VS - Cyrix for WB (found at WinCustomize)

Icons - Mix, mostly Elements icon set

We'll see how long this lasts... it's a bit brighter than I'm used to.

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