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  1. Did you install all the necessary drivers? drivers for your chipset, gfx etc... I ordered a similar system and am thinking of putting Vista x64 on it too.
  2. Yes that seems to be the problem. The page will load now but the animation doesn't work like it should. I guess it's another bug. But thanks a lot for your help At least the site shows up now Thank you. I'm glad you like it
  3. Well if I removed the links then the page will be displayed but the div slide effect and slimbox doesn't work. If I don't then I'll just get a blank page. Thanks
  4. The problem is that my site doesn't work with IE7. Other browsers works just fine. The problems occurs when i link the page with some javascript files. If I remove that line everything seems to work fine. <script type="text/javascript" src="js/mootools-release-1.11.js" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/slide.js" /> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/slimbox.js" /> Link to the site Can somenone help me with this? I tried google but I coulnd't find anything usefull. Thanks.
  5. Nice desk Ps. I love Cerebro Here's my desk, running Kubuntu 7.04 Link
  6. Forget Ubuntu and Suse, both will run slow on your pc. Xubuntu, Slax, Zenwalk or Pardus should run fine though.
  7. Still using Vista RTM Link I modded the aero theme a little bit. If anyone wants it I can put it online.
  8. I'm doing graphic design too and for school I bought a "normal" laptop. It really doesn't matter if you buy a Mac or a PC. As travisowens said, it's the hardware that matters, not software. Photoshop/Illustrator works fine on OSX as well as Windows. But if you want them to run smoothly you should get at least 2GB ram and a fast HDD, processors are not that important, well maybe important for heat/battery usage but not for running the sofware. And I woulnd't buy a 17 inch. laptop unless you're gonna replace it with your desktop. Those things are heavy and no fun carrieng around al day.
  9. KDE, because it feels like XP oh and I also like Konqueror.
  10. @grafx1 It's an ATI mobility Radeon x700 with 128 MB Ram
  11. I liked the Longhorn sidebar but in Vista MS changed it too much. When it comes to performance, Vista feels and runs faster then XP, I have it a month now on my laptop and the performance is also getting better, some programs starts faster after a while.
  12. Thanks I was searching for this too...
  13. It works fine on 32 bit Vista. Do you have the 64 bit version?
  14. OMG this topic made me realize how stable Windows is I had some BSOD's in the beginning because of bad Nvidia drivers but that's fixed now(I'm using ATI now ) Currently using Vista RTM which is even more stable then XP.
  15. 3,7 on my laptop specs: Turion @ 1.8GHz 1268 MB Ram ATI x700 128 MB GFX card 1 on my desktop but it runs faster then XP specs: AMD Sempron 1,74 GHz 512 MB Ram ATI 9550 128MB GFX card
  16. Thanks sudeepg123 You need Multiplugin to skin iTunes. And here you can find some cool skins.
  17. Same here, just switched back to the standard view.

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