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  1. What's your internet connection like?

    If only we had fast internet like the Japanese: 66mbps!
  2. not setting default printer script

    At work we are currently upgrading ALL the company's computers and I took a glance at the script to see what they were doing. Though I don't have the exact thing in front of me, I remembered bits and pieces of it and found something through Google that is similar and might help you (listed below since there are multiple codes on that page). Pete Roper sent in printui.dll commands The key technique is rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry. 1) This installs printer quietly rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /in /q /n\\servername\printername 2) This deletes the networked printer from the machine being logged onto, and does so quietly. rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /dn /q /n\\servename\printername 3) This Sets the default printer rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /y /n\\servername\printername This looks very, very similar to the code at work, and at work whenever I re-run the code and choose a different default printer, the default printer changes like it's supposed to. Hope that helps!
  3. Expanding Wireless Network

    Thanks for the replies! My next question is: for roaming, do I buy another router (wrt54g) or an access point (wap54g)?
  4. Halo 2

    How's the lighting on H2V? Is it a lot easier to see than Halo 2 was on the Xbox? I thought about picking up the game for my laptop (running WinXP MCE) but wasn't sure if it was worth it; I wanted to see if anyone else had attempted to run H2V on XP and the results of such an attempt.
  5. Where I work, we have seamless wireless all over both buildings and no matter where you go inside you're always connected to the same wireless network. I would like to set this up in my house. From what I've seen via Google (and please correct/add to anything I write below) it looks like the setup should be like this: When using multiple routers (I'll use two in my house) for the same network, make sure the SSID and encryption are the same. Make sure the channels don't overlap. Router one should use channel 1, and router two should use channel 6. I currently have a Linksys WRT54G; can I buy another WRT54G and use that as the second router, or do I need different hardware? Are there any other settings I need to change in order for this to work seamlessly? Thank you for your time!
  6. Harry Potter

    The movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix was so condensed I couldn't enjoy because I'd read the book prior to seeing the movie and knew all the parts they'd cut out, and that really bugged me. The acting was a bit better than the previous movies. The last part of the movie had some really cool special effects; it was fun watching the dueling. Other than that, I'll definately be at Borders Friday night to get my book. I've got a whole weekend to read.
  7. Transformers was great

    Saw this movie twice; once opening weekend and once the weekend after that. When I first heard Michael Bay was directing this movie, I thought all was lost. Then I saw this movie. Thankfully, he did NOT ruin Transformers. The movie, the graphics, the camera work, the acting, the music, Megan Fox - it was all awesome. I especially loved the military action and the car chases especially. The music that played during the car chase with the mustang and camero was a good choice and I had a blast watching that scene. And like the guy above me said, "Every movie needs more evil Mustangs. Every movie." There is nothing cooler than seeing a Decepticon Ford Mustang Police Car with "To punish and enslave" written on the side of the car. If you want to just have a good time and see some amazing specialFX, go see this movie!
  8. I know this is a really old thread, but I've been trying to solve this workgroup problem for a while on my Windows MCE 2005 HP laptop, and I finally found a solution tonight. Here's the note I wrote up for myself; I thought I'd share it with everyone else: HOW TO ADD WINDOWS MCE 200X TO A WORKGROUP 1. DOWNLOAD NETDOM.EXE 1.8: ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/reskit/nt4/x86/ 2. COPY THE NETDOM.EXE TO C:\%WINDIR%\SYSTEM32 3. CLICK START, RUN, TYPE 'CMD', THEN HIT ENTER 4. TYPE THIS: NETDOM MEMBER \\COMPUTERNAME /JOINWORKGROUP WORKGROUPNAME AND HIT ENTER. 5. THE RESULTS SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS: NetDom 1.8 @1997-98. Written by Christophe Robert - Microsoft. Querying domain information on computer \\COMPUTERNAME... Computer \\COMPUTERNAME is currently in workgroup OLDWORKGROUPNAME. Changing LSA primary domain information on computer \\COMPUTERNAME ... Updating trusted domain ... 6. REBOOT THE COMPUTER.
  9. Halo 2

    Well, apparently another group beat Fallingleaf, releasing a patch/crack that lets users play Halo 2 on XP. Some people say it works, some say it doesn't. Don't know if I'm allowed to post it or not, but if you use google, you'll find it.
  10. Halo 2

    Apparently, Falling Leaf Systems wants people to be able to play Halo 2 on XP, too! Here's the original article: http://nikon.bungie.org/news.html?item=18626
  11. Microsoft Update hungs, system unresponsive

    Hmm, let me know what happens. I had a similar problem on a laptop I had to reformat. I got so fed up with trying to install Office that I installed OpenOffice.org instead!
  12. [Question] Searching for a new router

    Another update: I switched the security on the Linksys to WEP 128-bit. Everything works like a charm. Apparently, there is something wrong with the WPA-PSK settings and it has to do with the two Zonet adapters. Thanks for your help! I will play around with the router and adapters a bit more and try to figure exactly what the problem is and will return with my findings.
  13. Dell AIO 964 Printer

    I've been working with someone on setting up their Dell AIO 964 machine, and everything works fine except for one small thing. First off, here's how the telephone system is set up: LANDLINE --> DELL 964 --> ANSWERING MACHINE/TELEPHONE (it's another AIO thing) Now, whenever you call the landline, the fax machine on the Dell is supposed to answer after 3 rings. If no fax is detected, then the Dell is supposed to let the answering machine pick up. Atleast that's what the manual says. Sadly, it does not work this way. Instead, when you call the house, after the third ring, the caller gets the annoying fax sound and is never forwarded to the answering machine. I found a way around this so that the answering machine will pick up first; I just set the answering machine to pick up at 4 rings, and the fax machine to pick up at 5 rings. But then what happens if someone sends a fax.... So my question is, why won't the Dell AIO forward the call to the answering if there is no fax detected? Everything is connected correctly. The manual doesn't mention having to change anything in the software to enable this. I did look on Dell's website and there is a firmware upgrade, but I want to know if there is anything else I can try in case that doesn't work. If you need anymore info or if I didn't explain this clear enough, please let me know. Thanks!
  14. [Question] Searching for a new router

    No. There is a pond on one side of the house, and neighbor next door, but their house is a "normal" distance away. 20-30 FT? I'm really bad at judging distance. I switched to WEP for tonight. Ironically, it's kicked off the laptop a few times, so I edited the wireless profile on the laptop and it seems to be running ok, for now. So far, so good! Just wish the WPA would work, if that's what it is.
  15. [Question] Searching for a new router

    Actually, no, didn't think about changing the security settings.... On the box, it says the Zonet adapters support WPA-PSK TKIP....but why would they keep getting kicked off? My Netgear router only supports WEP 128-bit encryption, so that's the new setting I put on the Linksys. I will let you know how things go. Thanks!