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  1. i'm using Opera 10.10 on acer aspire with synaptics touch pad with the latest drivers v 14.0.3 horizontal scrolling not working, but it's working with chrome, IE, and other appliactions !! thanks for your support.
  2. Thank you so much, i'd disabled the storage drive of the modem (detected in device manager), but it still mounts and dismounts the device. i thought it was faulty, but thank you for the info you'd gave me.
  3. when i connect 3G USB modem Hauwei E156G, it connect .. disconnect .. connect, after that it is working OK, but is that normal ? it's updated with latest software. i'm using windows 7 and also the problem is under Vista. Thank you...
  4. How to connect to 2 wifi using Wireless Network Connection 2 (virtual miniport adapter) available in Network connection folder ? Thank you...
  5. Fan is always on after resuming from sleep mode ? i'd tried different Bios versions but no way... i'd to restart to solve the problem!! aspire 4315 cel 1.7 Vista premium SP1. drivers are uptodate. Thank you.
  6. what components to remove to reduce Vista memory footprint ? is it services only or drivers, languages,... will decrease memory consumption ? Thank you.
  7. may be you can update manually, so that you can choose what to download.
  8. usb and processor (Intel Celeron) drivers cause delay in resuming from sleep as the event viewer stated !! so what to do in this satuation ?? there is no usb devices connected... Thank you.
  9. Thanks submix8c, i'd found it at the Unattended section, Thank you
  10. i'd create a bootable usb flash drive with "hp usb format tool", and boot my vista lap, but i can't read any hard drive to install xp. as xp cd refuse to boot at all, although i set bios to boot from cd and disabled serial support for HDD. the usb flash had took the letter C: and i can browse its content but there is no other partitions visible ?? acer 4315 Thank you...
  11. Thanks tain for your fast reply and for the info.
  12. what i know : to extend wireless range of a wireless router is to attach an access point to it. my question is about: SSID channel encryption all of this have to be the same on the 2 devices ? if the channel has to be different, my (Atheros) wireless card has a fixed channel no. in its settings, so how to fix that ? Thank you.
  13. Thanks sbolton, i'd disabled the lan card as i'm using the wlan, and i think it is now fine...
  14. while i'm surfing the net i see the globe orb in the system tray disappears and then appears and so on... but the router is connected. is vista disconnecting me or what ? and how to prevent this ? i'm using a wireless access point, and vista sp1 is up to date. Thanks .
  15. How much time did Vodafone usb stick modem take to connect ? Thank you.
  16. Wireless will do easily 1Mbps down and up, so if you go with the standard 54Mbps (N isn´t that much faster) you will have enough overhead to get the 1Mbps on a weak signal. Just remember to place your router/modem at a high spot... Thanks puntoMX so much... and thanks Kelsenellenelvian for the link...
  17. we didn't installed the router yet but i'm afraid that i may get low signal, so i'm asking how would poor signal strength affect speed... Thank you.
  18. What speed will i get if i receive poor or fair wireless signal ? the original ADSL speed is 1 M bit per sec. ? Thank you.
  19. my battery lasts for only 2 hours with Vista retail full package !! i hope Vlite may fix this but also, what about memory foot print ? did Vlite decrease that ?
  20. @ Randomness How much Memory did your Vlited Vista take, please ?? Thank you...

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