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  1. Upgrading possibility

    I could be wrong, but as far as I am aware, there is no upgrade option. You have to do a clean install whatever. And when you install the driver, (I found this worked for me) locate the driver EXE. file and right click it, then select properties and then compatibility. Select the option to make the file XP compatible.
  2. Fujitsu Laptop xp pro

    Fifth fomat! so you have only just started then! LOL no seriously, I get a lot of recommendations for AVG antivirus, get the free version, it seems to run well and not chew up sys resources like norton 2005 does on my machine. As for getting that little more out of your system, without knowing your specifc settings, first up, try tweaking your BIOS settings and then also limiting what programs start up with your computer, hit start > run > MSCONFIG then go to the startup tab and see what programs are running. If you are confident to know what you need with startup then go ahead and disable items you do not need straight away. (when the computer restarts be sure to check the box on the prompt that appears as the pc starts) Also in the services tab, again if you feel confident, turn off any services you do not think you need. These are just basic tweaks to help boost your pc, if you look in the tweaks section here, I am sure you will find a whole lot more! If you get stuck, just holler.

    If you can be a bit more specific as to your computer specifications we may be able to not only recommend the software, but some other ideas to help speed up your computer. The more detail you give, the better the help will be!
  4. Fujitsu Laptop xp pro

    It depends on what software categories you are looking for, do you have an OS installed, do you have any software installed? If you can say what type of software you need we can recommend good programs for you. The specs on that system ain´t to bad, you could do worse than to upgrade the ram to start with. there is no reason that should not run XP with a good selection of software, I find with a lower spec system, tweaking system resources is an excellent way of getting that little bit more and helping your system run smoothly. Be a bit more specific as to your needs and I will give you a few ideas.
  5. [Desktops] 2005

    I have been using Aston to theme my desktop, still with the basics at the moment while I link the apps through. Can´t seem to get the two side docks to show up in screen cap though (even though they work fine) Aston Shell here.
  6. Beware of www.canaca.com

    Just been checking their site out! what a scream. they even ofer a dial up internet access at http://acanac.com/Dialup.htm. Note the slight change in Company name. It says that one of the perks of their dial up package is the ability to send 50Mb attachments! over a 56k dial up!. LOL And the website, sheesh that template has been doing the rounds for ages.
  7. N00b checking in

    Hi Everyone, Just happened upon this place while going through another forum, looks like a cool place to be. A little about me: My name is Peter. I live in Torremolinos, Andalucia, Spain. Run a little Computer Business and work for a car hire company. I am a Moderator on two other forums. Looking forward to reading all the posts and helping out a little. Geo.