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Which windows version you like?


Which Windows you like?  

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  1. 1. Which Windows you like?

    • 95
    • 98
    • 2000
    • Me
    • XP

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I voted for Windows 95!!!!! It is just the "cleanest" OS Microsoft has made, then they decided to make a version with IE3 and ruined it forever :( . Right now I am forced to use XP because I have to share an Internet connection and XP is just the only OS which allows me to do it without any hassle, but if I could I belive SuSE or 95 would be my choice, because Windows 95 is better than XP in the way that when you connect it to the internet without any kind of updates you don't get with a virus right after 5 seconds of being online :D And if you need to reinstall it, it wont take you more than an hour to install everything you've had before.

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I voted for XP; I am happy with Windows XP Pro SP2, although I still in love with 2000 & 98 but not Me.

But believe it or not, the experience that Microsoft acquired from Windows Me was great. I think if windows me wasn't there we wouldn't see a XP like this.

However, for those who don't love XP because they see it vulenirable, they have to keep in mind that there is no secure system; moreover, I think Windows Longhorn will draw a line in OSs history.

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3 years ago when I got my first PC (P3, 733 MHz, 128 RAM, Voodoo FX 4800 AGP 32 MB video card) it came with Windows ME. It worked for the first little bit until I was running a few programs and it just sllllloooowwwwweeeeddddd down. Seriously I could click the minimize button and go downstairs, get a drink and pet the dog and come back up just as the window was finishing the minimization. This was before I knew anything about Prefetch, Cache, Temp, Tweaks, etc, but you shouldn't have to know about that stuff for a PC to run good. Windows ME would literally stutter and restart itself!

WINME = worst OS EVER.

Windows XP SP2 nLited. :thumbup

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I voted for XP.... better for the average home user/power gamer.

but CAD applications run better on 2000.

Windows ME got selected by someone?!? I want a recount.

Even Bill Gates would deny releasing Windows ME.

only thing better on ME than 98 was the speed of the defrag utility. hehe.

i've used them all and xp is the most stable and reliable. but i think ms could have optimized the code a bit to decrease the memory usage. (not like 1 gig isn't enough. lol)

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