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  1. It actually started lagging when i once put it on Auto
  2. Actually, there are only 5 buttons on that blue switch. But how should i configure them? Which CPU speed do i have ? 1.5x , 12.5x ... ?
  3. Why you like BFV ? BF1942 is better.
  4. Ok, i now thinks it's the switche's problem: CPU frequency ratio select. But how do i find which configurations is best for my PC ?
  5. Just now, when i have Win 2000, it's clogged up with viruses on the first week Why do they make viruses at all???
  6. Reply to cancer10 , Windows 98 is not for sale anymore, and at the old times , it costed as much as XP now. Many can afford it...
  7. How come in my poll everyone voted XP, and on other (same- Windows 98/98se/95/Me) , on first page poll, everyone voted 98 ??
  8. 98 is ok. It takes less space than XP, and is faster. I play modern games with it and they all go better than XP. Wright now, Windows 98 can support all modern graphics cards and a lot of processors. 98 serves me well.... AND I HATE MY AWARD BIOS PROCESSOR WITH ITS F**** CPU PROBLEMS. IT'S "AMD DURON 1.2 GHz" DONT BUY AMD. I cant even get support on it on their website...
  9. Nop, i wanted to say that that happens if i mess with the registry and delete something... Anyway, i'll take a look at that website.
  10. The SMART doesnt alert me. By the way, my computer gets laggier every day and now it's not just happening when i copy files, but if something is using CPU, even when i watch movies or play games. It started when (i think) i opened up my PC and there was this box with six switches. They all were off except for one. I pulled that one to off and it started lagging more everyday. All my friends have those switches to OFF, but they dont have problems. Then i tried to try switching ON switches one by another and it didnt work. Perhaps i need same time for my PC to recover as the time in which it damaged, but the worst thing is, i forgot which switch was stocked to ON . TIP: (the box is blue) Once i bought a new C:\ and installed Win 2000 on it. At first it was ok, but then there were same symptomes- For now it's just copying bad, but i fear it's gonna get worse just like my other hard disk. (it lags even when i copy [burn] a CD ) < Win 2000 C:\
  11. Sorry that i was not online for a long time... Ok, so i have to enable SMART and what does that do?
  12. MY SECOND DRIVE STARTED DOING THAT !!!! Maybe i placed it upside down?
  13. And where should i find the drivers? And im using 2000.
  14. But everything went fine wit the same drivers in Windows 98 SE.

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