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  1. WUD sorts downloaded updates into different folders (Critical, important, etc.) Does the batch file need to be placed in each such folder? Also, can someone provide a batch file to install all updates for Windows 7 please? I already have SP1 installed, if that matters.
  2. Looks like you guys are right. I checked over the weekend and the C2D E6700 is not available in my area (its not on eBay India either). The closest available is C2D E7500 with an Intel DG43 mobo for Rs. 9800/- (processor + mobo). That comes to about 220 USD. Is it worth it? The other config I was offered was an i5 based config (dont remember the specific version or board model) for roughly Rs 15000/- (about 340 USD) which seems high. What do you suggest? Also, would a Celeron E3300 as suggested earlier really be more powerful than a Pentium 4?
  3. Thanks! Does that mean I can go ahead and get the C2D E6700? I wouldn't want to first buy this and then find out it doesn't work with my mobo and I cant give it back. Also, how much of a performance boost would I get over the P4 3.0 GHz?
  4. To get a list of all installed software, you could try the free Belarc Advisor. Download it here.
  5. I ran the tool, and these are my details: Board Model: DG965RY Board Version: AAD41691-301 BIOS Version: MQ96510J.86A.1687.2007.0510.0258
  6. Well, it seems to be a BIOS problem, like Coffeefiend said the chipset isn't the problem but Intel brand motherboard are just no go when it comes to upgrading.You are better off swapping that mobo, CPU and RAM, kick out the 2 80GB drives or leave them in for backup or so and use the 500GB as your system drive. That video card is still not much outdated and will do fine at high settings for most games, if not maxed out. If you gave us a budget we could push you in the right direction . Indeed, that board will not do any 45nm based CPUs, just the 65nm and up. Yes you can use 533MHz DDR2 for CPUs with a 800 or 1066MT/s Bus . What is the BIOS problem you refer to? Can I install an updated BIOS for it to support these processors?
  7. Thank you for that list. I went through it and found this as well: Compatible processors What do I make of the processors on this list...will they work with my mobo? Also, is there any Quad core processor that works with this mobo?
  8. @Tripredacus You are right, I did make a mistake. My current board is an Intel DG965RY. I would attach the manual here, but it says I can upload only 500k and its 4.7 MB. Here's the link: DG965RY motherboard manual If its possible to upgrade only the processor, without upgrading the motherboard, I would consider the Core2Duo or even a Quad. Any good, fast processor suggestions that will last me comfortably for the next 2 years or so? As mentioned, I would like to be able to play the newest games too, so that would be one consideration. I think i3 or i5 would probably be too expensive, and then I would need to get a new motherboard for those too.
  9. This is my current system: Single core Pentium IV 3.0 GHz with Hyperthreading Intel 9G965RY motherboard ATI HD 4830 512MB video card 2.5GB DDR2 RAM @533MHz 80GB IDE HDD + 80GB SATA HDD + 500GB SATA HDD Samsung T220 22" LCD 500 Watts PSU Windows XP Pro SP3 (32-bit) I am looking to upgrade the processor and motherboard to a 64-bit system. Which processor/mobo combination do you recommend, keeping in mind that I will probably not change this again for the next 2-3 years, and that one of my main reasons for the upgrade is gaming? I am looking for at least a Core2Duo. Also it would be nice if you add the approx cost too of your suggestions. While I don't have a specific budget in mind, its not going to be too high. Related question: If the processor+mobo go 64-bit, will my 32-bit Windows still work as usual or do I need to install a 64-bit version? *Edited post to correct motherboard version*
  10. My PC has the following specs: Intel P4 3.0 GHz with hyperthreading Intel 965 Mobo ATI HD 4830 512 MB video card 2.5 GB RAM 80x2 HDDs (one SATA, one IDE) Windows XP SP2 Samsung T220 22' LCD Will my PC run GTA IV with these specs? The minimum requirements state that it needs a dual core PC. Will mine work? Also what is the deal with service pack 3 for Win XP? Will I need to install it over my SP2 or will SP2 also work? I am hoping to run this game in 1680x1050 native resolution. http://grandtheftauto.ign.com/articles/news/1726/GTA-IV-PC-System-Requirements I have the same query for these games as well: Crysis Warhead Gears of War Bioshock Batman Arkham Asylum NFS Shift
  11. Folder Guard should do the job. It hides and locks folders without encrypting them. http://www.winability.com/folderguard/
  12. Wont the Winrar archive create a rar/zip file? What I am looking for is to create an .exe file that includes the supporting files within it. (I dont mean a self-executing archive - since that would mean I first need to unzip/extract the files, and then play. That still leaves us with needing multiple data files and a separate exe, after extraction. I just mean a single .exe file that I can play just by double-clicking on it. Something like integrating the supporting data files into the game's exe, so I only need to click the exe to start and play the game.)
  13. I have a game executable file, and other supporting files for it in the same folder. The game does not need to be installed and plays as long as the supporting data files are in the same folder. Is there a way in which I can combine the game exe and the supporting files into a single exe, so that the game runs only off the exe itself without needing me to move a bunch of related files around if i copy the game from one machine to another? In other words, I need to combine the multiple data files, and the exe into a single exe, so that the game will play when I click the exe (without needing installation). The easier and faster the solution, the better. Hope someone can help.
  14. Sorry about replying back this late, but I have just now gotten around to taking the pic of my power supply. The thought of having to buy a new PSU if I get a new card does put me off a bit though. Please have a look...will my PSU support a 512MB 4770/4830/9800GT? What do you all think?

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