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  1. godan

    xpize 5 Final

    Sweet. Looking forward to i386 integration.
  2. So any word on when 2.6 might come out?
  3. I believe those are in syssetup.dll The orb itself isn't the problem it's the black background of it that sticks out like a sore thumb.
  4. thank you! this was exactly what i was looking for.
  5. Hi, first of all great work so far, keep it up please! Second two things I noticed: 1.) at the login and logoff screens where it says "saving you personal settings.." bla bla bla around the big "windows orb" in the upper left corner there is a difference in the shades of black near the bottom right of the orb. It just doesnt look right. 2.) I remember reading this before as a suggestion from some one else, but the little icon in the upper right corner of a explorer window should either be left alone (just keep the windows flag) or chaged to something isn't black. The black totally clashes with everything else. Other than those two things everything looks good so far. EDIT: 3.) When the Standby, Logoff, Restart thingy comes up when you go to turn off your computer the orange/brown standby button doesn't change with a mouseover like the other two buttons do.
  6. One thing I forgot to mention that I do that may change the way things get setup is... sometime back MS screwed up ierunonce.dll causing all kinds of trouble with runonceex.cmd perhaps this is causing issues with your unattended install, to get past this I simply take the iernonce.dll from the most recent ie7 hotfix (you can't integrate it directly with nlite since MS still hasn't made the hotfix sp3 compatible via slipstreaming), cab it and replace the one that ie7 ships with. This may allow wmp11 to run any final setup stuff before your first logon that it couldn't before.
  7. there is a good prog called regshot, that lets you take a snapshot of your registry BEFORE you do something like turn idexing on or off and then you can take another snapshot AFTER you do something and then you can look at what changed... that might help you. however i think i looked into this and i couldnt find anythign that worked... so i gave up and removed it via reshacker then i got lazy after updates came out and just left it as is... EDIT: i found what file it is... its shell32.dll and its dialog 1080... just incase... you ever need to know.
  8. if you are using a 32bit version of windows you can use ResHacker to remove that whole thing there... i forget what file it is though... so long since i did it last.
  9. oh i didnt know we vwere talking about a x64 OS... yeah sux that x64 is still in it's baby stage of life... no support for all the fancy stuff you can do in the 32bit world.
  10. if you mean the little box that says Microsoft Windows 2000 and then below that say stuff like "windows is shutting down" "Saving personal settings..." that would be msgina.dll well thats what it is in XP anyways...
  11. if you use a program called ResHacker you can write scripts to automate it. also i think xpero has made his XPize stuff available for anyone to use.
  12. thank you thats all i wanted to know. now i dont have to spend all my time compressing all my drivers.
  13. Thx for the reply, but it still didnt answer my question... I know HOW to get the classic setup but I want to know WHAT files are being used so I can edit the resources... the bmp's icon's and such.
  14. I was just wondering if when you integrate drivers into vista with vlite are they compressed first? or are they just added "as is"
  15. I have a question and I can't find the answer anywhere, I tried the nlite forum but got no help so I figured I would ask here. When the option is selected to have windows installed using the classic setup style in nlite what files are being used? I want to know so I can edit the resources (bmp's and such) and I don't have a clue where to start looking.
  16. I suggest, if you can get a hold of it, to use the official SP3 iso from MSDN called "en_windows_xp_professional_with_service_pack_3_x86_cd_vl_x14-73974.iso" (it's a VL disk so you have to have a valid Volume License Key to use it... but anyways...) Start with that. Then install WMP11 Slipstreamer Then install nLite Then in the "Integrate" part in nLite first add "WMP11-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe" then add "IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe" After these are integrated you will notice there will be a svcpack folder in your i386 folder with some files nLite thinks didn't get integrated properly, delete this as it's not needed. If you look in your i386 folder you will notice there is one file that didn't get cab'ed called XMLLITE.DLL, you can cab that if you want (I do). I don't know why but that's why there is a svcpack folder there... some bug I guess. This is how I do it and it works perfectly for me.
  17. Hello... I have a question and I can't find the answer anywhere so I figured I would ask here. When the option is selected to have windows installed using the classic setup style in nlite what files are being used? I want to know so I can edit the resources (bmp's and such) and I dont have a clue where to start looking.
  18. is source patching an option with this? like in the older versions? anyways thank you for your continued support of us old xp die hards.
  19. thx for the quick reply and thx for the time you spent working on this. you've made an very helpful tool. i hope development doesnt stop.
  20. I am trying to compress some audigy drivers i got off of windows update and i keep getting this error Initializing Driver Compressor 2007.08.09.0947... Source: 'C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Audigy' Destination: 'C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Comp Drivers\Audigy' WHQL driver signing: 1 UseProvider: 0 Type: .x86 OS: WinNT 5.1 OS language: English (United States) OS locale: ENG_ENU (0409) International drivers: 1 Integrate drivers: 0 Expanding cabinet files... Removing attributes from files... Scan INF files... [+] \ctusfsyn.inf [+] \wdma_emu.inf ERROR: Buffer is too small in \wdma_emu.inf Removing temp dirs... Compressing cabinet files... Compressing copied files... Processed 2/2 .inf files in 0 min 3 sec 391 ms. here is the wdma_emu.inf:
  21. godan

    Integrating SP3

    For your file sizes what versions are you using? For my english iso's my gold is 488MB and my SP2 is 579MB both are Pro VL versions. I also noticed on MSDN they have a Pro SP2 VL version that is 586.62MB (looks like the same size and file as the non VL and the tablet versions)... none of which match your sizes... Microsoft has too many versions of the same **** thing. MSDN Link: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/subscript...t.aspx?pm=p:140 for versions and file sizes... bla bla bla. Also as for order... What happens if you don't integrate IE7 but install it after windows is setup? Do the hotfixes for IE7 show up on Windows Update? Anyways, the method that would be most logical to me would be to slipstream SP3 to a Microsoft integrated SP2 source, install that, check MS Update download any hotfixes, start over with the MS integrated SP2 source, slipstream SP3 onto that again, integrate IE7, then integrate any hotfixes that showed up on MS Update. You would do the same thing for WMP11. Step 1.) MS SP2 XP Source -> Slip SP3 -> Setup WINXP -> Install IE7/WMP11 -> Check MS Update -> Download Hotfixes Step 2.) MS SP2 XP Source -> Slip SP3 -> Integrate IE7/WMP11 -> Integrate any needed Hotfixes Step 3.) Dance (this step is optional) I have yet to test any of this though as I am very lazy...
  22. godan

    Integrating SP3

    if space is a concern, wouldnt it be best to add to the script you got there to use makecab.exe to recompress the new sp3 asms files then... just a sugestion.
  23. just a couple things, first thx for all your continued work, second the new timezone hotfix doesnt integrate (KB931836), third, and this is probably just me, but is the option to have all the I386 files CAPITALIZED no longer there? i think its the wmp11 files and ie7 files that are all uncapitalized, i know its not major but i like everything all nice and neat. the "tasks" i do with nLite are "Remove Components" "Hotfixes and Update Packs" and "Options" and i dont see it anywhere. am i just missing it?
  24. i have the same problem and direct hotfix integrate is checked for enabled and i still get the switches showing. if i select the report option a windows pops up saying "WARNING!: IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu - Direct integration for this hot fix is not supported. ieeula.chm - File is not present in the ISO to be updated. Please report if this is unexpected. Do you want to try and use the regular integration method for this hotfix ?" UPDATE: I simply placed four different files (all .chm's) compressed in my i386 dir and it worked fine. So I guess you need the help files for some silly reason. I then removed the same four files after the integration and everything still installed just fine.
  25. i have disabled wfp. i'll look into the drivers.cab though.

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