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This is supermium running on Windows XP with OneCoreAPI, if  @win32 blesses us with help to setup a build environment with our custom LLVM/Clang with thread_local support, we can port latest chromium with full source code. @user57 & Me will be lead developer in this project, but anyone is welcome.


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5 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Will you also be providing an ungoogled version?

I'd want to see full portability, like they achieved in the ungoogled version, I'll then write a new loader app.

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i can not join the project fully yet - i have a long route to go still 

in the past i set the .heic picture encoder as main next needed target 

according to information around its probaly the best image encoder available at the moment, only other candidates are the frauenhofer h266 and jxl (the other jpg like  JPEG XT, JPEG XS), dont have maximum image quality as their target goal

but belive me the settings and how i made the code should be very competitiv even with those 


(edit deleting old links)

this a pre type not released but it can convert a jpg or png to .heic (dont use other formats for now)

the best is to use a lossless .png file (made from a raw file or lossless bitmap)

.png is said to compress an image lossless (without losing any pixels) when compression level is set to lossless (aka 0 )

compression_level = -1 means default_png_compression level (PNG_Z_DEFAULT_COMPRESSION) what is the same as png_compression_level 6

so the compression levels go from 0-9 (0 is lossless)

increasing that value set higher compressions (aka more losses in pixels) 

-1 actually dont exits it is just equal to 6, -1 dont mean a better compression 

then 0 would be the first choose if no pixel losses are wanted



1 picture of setting png compression levels in other programms (here 9):



0 being lossless for png and 9 being png highest compression aka smallest filesize


the heic encoder settings :

placebo = for best image quality (faster settings mean less image quality)

tuner = something to tune quality even more PSNR and SSIM are good

quality = control filesize of your .heic file

lossless = lossless but not very useful - dont use this one (actually we want a good compression for a raw file, not a raw file itself - and its about how many pixels remained in the compression)

hardware acceleration = make use of hardware registers such as mmx, sse, and avx


(choose by filename)

select a .jpg or .png file and the encoder encodes a single file to .heic

(choose by folder) 

checks the ending in (format ending)

in the selected folder and compress all files that have that ending


for .jpg it is a good idea to make a big jpg file , big file size jpg means more pixels we like that 




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Hello everyone.

I just finished re-adding GDI to Supermium. At first it would only work in --single-process mode, but I got it working in standard mode by ensuring that FontCache objects have the Skia GDI font manager when GDI is enabled. Then I want to fix TLS, readd D3D9 DXVA support, and link Supermium against a DLL with implementations of many newer functions. I have fixed my PMs if you are interested.

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Hello! Does Supermium disable stack profiling? Stack profiling may change performance. Disabling stack profiling is beneficial when comparing performance metrics with a build that has it disabled by default.

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Hi! Can't say much, just tried it, what I noticed so far, the brightness is off, the browser is approx. 15-20 brighter than let's say Brave, it's even brighter than Catsxp. Is it only me?

Is it supposed to be so? Thanks for the answer.

OS Wind.7 x64

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Windows 10 itself is overbright by default. She mentioned the OS - Win 7. Win7 is brighter than Vista, on Vista I too see a huge difference in brightness, also your favourite subject of fonts, in CatsXP they are clearer and the browser itself has normal brightness, I compared the both 118 versions, @Karla Sleutel, sorry I can't say anything about Brave since I don't use it, on the other hand I'm afraid of catsXP either, so I'm sticking with the ungoofed 110 at the moment.

Ungoofed has terrible fonts! At least it's not so bright. But the winner here is catsXP (in terms of looks, not safety).

@win32, could you please compare the brightness/fonts on Vista? Thanx.


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