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Browsers, Is it today the websites scripts are in more control than we are have control ? Can we regain control using about:config or other

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With browsers now is not like it was previously in the past. To me it seems that the web sites or scripts they use are more in control of the browser. Is this known and is there something we can do at our side with about:config or other to stop this happening.

Such things like the browser after page has loaded takes forever until able to scroll the page. And even when able to do so the page will like stall or hold. Further attempt to scroll the page the browser will white out or top left of the browser. For example with Palemoon-Newmoon v28 the moon icon at top left of the browser will white out when this happens or when try to intercat with the page as it happens. I guess which may mean the browser is stuck or unable to fight web script or similar. Some sites will just remain with the whole page white out and no amount of waiting any loads, even they they started to load before whiting out.

What can we do to stop the web site from having control, sometime and I do I Ctrl-Alt-Delete and be rid of it. But that should not be what we need to be doing since we are there to view it not having to fight it. And it is a fight sometimes. We should not be having to fight the browser to view pages.

No sites mentioned since it is many sites and many pages. Mostly I used to think those with mostly graphics but can happen with any site. But only those that need Javascript enabled to view. Yes even this site does it with javascript active, it makes it impossible to interact with it.

Looking for about:config or other to overcome from happening.

I tagged this Palemoon, Newmoon but it can also be applied to other Firefox same Based Browsers. I don't use Google, Microsoft or Chinese code base browsers.
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5 hours ago, exogenesis said:

I don't use Google, Microsoft or Chinese code base browsers.

You have limited yourself to an inferior product and will have an inferior experience.  It's kind of that easy.

I used to be among the "Mozilla Only" crowd.  Life has improved TENFOLD once I let go of that "bias".

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8 hours ago, exogenesis said:

I guess which may mean the browser is stuck or unable to fight web script or similar. Some sites will just remain with the whole page white out and no amount of waiting any loads, even they they started to load before whiting out.

Well, you could try the following:

user_pref("dom.max_script_run_time", 0);

It was actually @Mathwiz that recommended the above pref here in this thread.

user_pref("dom.moduleScripts.enabled", false); <-- I just prefer it unless needed.

user_pref("javascript.options.asmjs", false);
user_pref("javascript.options.shared_memory", false);
user_pref("javascript.options.wasm", false);

user_pref("dom.ipc.processHangMonitor", false);
user_pref("dom.ipc.reportProcessHangs", false);

The above 5 prefs sometimes help with Serpent browser, but as said, only can do some much with about:config - New Moon hangs worse (to me) than Serpent, but that is just my opinion.

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1 minute ago, UCyborg said:

OP must have an issue that is beyond "normal" issues due to sites' overuse of JavaScript if he has a problem on MSFN. :dubbio:

Agreed.  Like he's trying to get by with 256 MB of RAM and wonders why things keep locking up on him.

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4 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Agreed.  Like he's trying to get by with 256 MB of RAM and wonders why things keep locking up on him.

Actually, sort of what I'm dealing with, like, what works the best with computers with low resources; which is why I prefer 360 V11, but tried New Moon and it still hangs for 7 seconds before a video loads - while Serpent doesn't hang - rather doesn't load a vid (until its darn ready ... HA))), but I suspect its because I'm using 2 multi processes and helps (somewhat).

On the latest New Moon and get the error application is not responding. I only roll with 2GB if ram now because the other two 500MB rams sticks are just about dead anyway and I only use them occasionally for testing. Bad hard drive and awful graphic card, so yeah :rolleyes:

Only my crucial 2gb stick is working properly, but as you can see, very old, while both Samsung sticks are not reliable. 


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On 5/28/2022 at 7:57 AM, RainyShadow said:

Beat the web "devs" on the head with a stick, until they start to optimize their sites :P

Eh, I wouldn't go that far, violence begets violence. :P

These devs are the products of hyper-capitalist society based on everything being rushed and relying on huge framework libraries. You'd need some kind of systematic change.

Thankfully, I still get by with Pale Moon mostly, sometimes I "need" Firefox (*cough* *cough* Skype *cough* work-related *cough*), but Edge (Chromium based) is the absolute last resort and I'd prefer it to stay that way.

I'm also of opinion one should at least be equipped with a decent computer made at least since around 2009 or so, too old is just self-torture. At least that's my speculation from personal experience, I actually went straight from 2002 tech (with slight upgrades) to 2009 tech, 'been content ever since.

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One word
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Please excuse my lateness in replying.

It's not love of the computer the reason for needing to use an older computer. It is poverty and depression that the country I live in is always in. So little money all can hope for is for people to be kind to donate old computers. But you know as I do this never happens.

I do rely on internet for food shopping and for where I live. Without transport the internet is all I have to get provisions.

XPerceniol says he uses 360 v11 is the 360 a Google Browser Clone (google chrome)

XPerceniol Thanks I will try the Mathwiz about config settings you have posted.

Google ...enough to say they just wannabe A God ... There Captcha kills people ... I don't use Google or trust Google.

I don't use anything or try not to use anything with Telemetry. That said Roytam1 browsers I see has a connection when open the browser that has add-ons, updates and telemetry turned off should expect not see any connection then from the browser. Would prefer no telemetry or connection sending data to unknown. A browser we use is one we need to trust not to steal data like thieving Google or Microsoft will.

The issue for me mainly is site such as .@.A.@.S.@.D.@.A.@. UK a home shopping grocery site. I'm told it does outsource to a web design team who in my mind don't understand the site they are updating the browser for and the country the customers are in a the country depression leading to most people without money fro better computer hardware. That said the customer service also say it is more designed and optimized for mobiles and their browsers. And they don't really support desktop browsers now but the latest browsers should work without issue.

I believe Browser developers should include this site and do the site Main page > Grocery Page > then do a Product search as part of browser testing each build. Because it is the worst site I have ever come across on the web that should be easily accessible to all but it isn't. As a test it doesn't even need a the test to login to test it. Maybe if have people testers they could register there and do some more test would be beneficial. No site seems to be updated as much and not work as much equals a good test site. BTW you need to wait after loading a page because it does look like it is going to work but then all of a sudden will become a white blank screen and it stays like that forever.

All browser developers need to test with real world sites that we all use and need to live. Not just the Main page which for nearly every site will be made to show. But need to compile a list to test with sites that are the worst and that always can be sued as test sites for various pages that always cause problems. I know people may say that takes time, for a computer to run through them automated not so long after all it is only one or two pages maybe need to test for each site. With the results can make better browsers and maybe if those bad sites pages work then many other sites problems will go away.

You would think a shopping site would be wanting customer not turning them away. I wouldn't normally bother to say anything but when only have one site and more than two is preferred. Been a grocery store and need to eat to live.

The problem is like this and has been for many months, well years. At the site enter groceries and do a search for any product bread, eggs, milk etc. For any Roytam1 browsers I can use SSE or IA32 and I guess will be same for all other browsers. The search will try to come up but then end up as a blank page. And that is how it is also for all product pages after you login.

Sure you say other shops for me there is very little choice only one and so to have a second for when the only one is unavailable is needed also I prefer to have choice of which one I need to shop with. One shop maybe have issues so need to shop at other or any other issues, such as prices so on.

I also notice something strange for a long while I use windows for browsing I don't get on with tabs. This I assume maybe the same with Tab browsing. With more than one window open when update a page selecting something so it changes such as next page. The window will switch to another window it loses focus to remain on the same window. So then need to keep switching back and forth between Windows. Is there a fix so it keeps on the same window. I know I could write this elsewhere but these two bugs have been around for years I'm sure they are known but are never fixed.

PC has 1.5 GB memory with normally over 1 GB available in Task Manager with browser open before browsing.

I Browse without video and audio, they are not activated in the browser.
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