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  1. Firefox 52, Serpent and PaleMoon without OMTP Switch to false or true layers.omtp.enabled in MyPal 68, restart the browser, open https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/animation it will be seen by CPU usage
  2. Firefox 58 - 91 or MyPal 68 used OMTP https://mozillagfx.wordpress.com/2017/12/05/off-main-thread-painting/ layers.omtp.enabled Firefox 92+ used Webrender
  3. Last JWPlayer for Flash 5.10 https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/mweoizjmi5b98dtsnsu4j/player22.swf?rlkey=kk6pwlwouw3hcjbtecw096t9n&dl=1 http://www.makeavoice.com/jwplayer/mediaplayer-5.10/readme.html First Youtube player https://archive.org/details/adobeflash-player2 Evolution player of Youtube https://imgur.com/a/ckl69 maybe it will work http://sebaro.pro/contact/#grey_rat@2023-08-07/22:06
  4. JWPlayer - is a wrapper for Flash player (plugin). JWPlayer is not a player Windows Media Player (WMP player) also decodes the GPU. VLC plugin may be Flash player - this is a slow if the video is without GPU decoding. YouTube used to play flv videos a long time ago, so it seems to you that the player works faster I would like to add a Flash player to the ViewTube script for YouTube , but I don't know how.
  5. UCyborg https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/c258otgmmdsk5an/FLASH TEST.html
  6. In this version it is possible to enable hardware acceleration for video cards GMA900 — GMA3150 and Radeon 9500 — X1250 In about:config browser.tabs.remote.autostart - false layers.prefer-d3d9 - true layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled - false layers.acceleration.force-enabled - true
  7. Fast work on old PC (without DirectX 10+ graphics card), Firefox 113, win7 gfx.webrender.all - false gfx.webrender.enabled - false gfx.webrender.unaccelerated-widget.force - true layers.gpu-process.force-enabled - true widget.non-native-theme.webrender - false dom.ipc.processCount - 1 layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled - false fission.autostart - false security.sandbox.gpu.level - 0 general.smoothScroll - false
  8. https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=29248 YouTube Mobile for desktop userscript
  9. In MyPal 68b5, acceleration does not work on GMA 900 - 3150 video cards. It will be in beta 6, but you will most likely have to turn it on manually. In roytam1 assemblies, acceleration on these video cards can be enabled. 1.7b does not affect the inclusion of acceleration. You can try to change: layers.mlgpu.enabled - false layers.gpu-process.enabled - false extensions.webextensions.remote - false dom.ipc.processCount 1 browser.tabs.remote.autostart = true
  10. My "basic" user.js is only for XP. K -meleon, PM, Basilisk/Serpent, Firefox 45-52 and Mypal 68. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/n404nfu29ydggcu/user.js Explanation: disabled "Pocket" MyPal 68 disabled "screenshots" enabled "trackingprotection" disabled "PopUp" disabled "Reader View" disabled "Accessibility Service" and optimization (~290 lines)
  11. 5.1.10 and 5.1.11 not work P.S. A user script was found https://github.com/ajayyy/SponsorBlock/wiki/3rd-Party-Ports userscript https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mchangrh/sb.js/main/docs/sb.user.js (no work in mobile youtube and native browser player, work only desktop youtube and youtube player)
  12. webextensions.storage.sync.enabled function does not work in Basilisk/Serpent In FF52 "SponsorBlock" v 5.1.8 work if webextensions.storage.sync.enabled true

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