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  1. redfoxcz, 45.9 does not work also with aliexpress.com Instal Firefox 48.0.2 at least for aliexpress https://napoveda.aukro.cz/problemy-pri-pouzivani-aukra/seznam-aktualnich-technickych-potizi
  2. WebGL work only with DirectX9 cards. The last DireceX9.0с and the driver is necessary for Windows XP Fx5*** and Radeon 95**- x1200 - only CPU WebGL (layers.prefer-d3d9, webgl.force-enabled and webgl.disable-angle - true) GF6100+ and Radeon x1300 + - GPU WebGL ( layers.prefer-d3d9, layers.acceleration.force-enabled, webgl.force-enabled - true) Test https://get.webgl.org/
  3. I tested in Firefox 52.9 on Athlon 64x2, GF6100 and GTX260: multiprocess + APZ + hardware accelerstion = bug multiprocess + hardware accelerstion = sliding scrolling (the best for me) multiprocess + APZ (+10% CPU loading, only without error) = multiprocess + APZ + hardware accelerstion multiprocess (smooth scrolling, without +10% CPU loading) = multiprocess + APZ
  4. layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled - false , in xp it badly works and overloads the system.
  5. Basilisk/UXP for XP 52 and 55 multiprocess mode - browser.tabs.remote.force-enable true. Compositing Direct3D9 - PM27 layers.prefer-d3d9 true , PM28 - auto, Basilisk 52 - auto, Basilisk 55 layers.prefer-d3d9 true Latest version of Firefox 54 in which Compositing Direct3D9 works.
  6. Why the multiprocess mode is removed ? In XP only layers.async-pan-zoom.enabled badly works. Some functions are included in PM28XP and they cannot work, but are included by default: browser.taskbar.lists.enabled , gfx.direct2d.disabled , gestures.enable_single_finger_input , gfx.work-around-driver-bugs , media.hardware-video-decoding.enabled , media.wmf.enabled , media.windows-media-foundation.allow-d3d11-dxva , webgl.angle.try-d3d11 , webgl.enable-webgl2 , intl.tsf.enable - does not work in Windows XP. layers.deaa.enabled , layers.gralloc.disable , stagefright.disabled - does not work in Windows. plugins.rewrite_youtube_embeds - does not work media.suspend-bkgnd-video.enabled , media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground , layers.prefer-d3d9 , network.captive-portal-service.enabled - false....why?
  7. There is an addition for YouTube "Byffox YouTube Downloads", works only with the old interface of YouTube. The processor can be without support of SSE2 (AthlonXP). Video can be played in any player capable reproduction of a stream (MPC-HC or another). It is necessary to select and transfer the left mouse button in a player window image The player not hidden - MPC-HC : "View" --- "On top" --- "Always"