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Aero Glass for Win10 Version 2004 Build 19041


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On 10/16/2020 at 8:47 AM, SkyySX said:

This is what I wonder aswell. And I guess there's no trick to atleast make it appear as if it had rounded corners?

I found this skin for curtains which has round corners so it is possible.  I'd be tempted to use curtains if I could get something like this with transparent borders and normal close/max/min buttons as well. https://www.wincustomize.com/explore/curtains/114/


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1 hour ago, Azarino said:

This is what i'm using :)

Is that 1909? 

EDIT: Wait, what? how do you have minimize and maximize buttons the same size as in windows 7?

EDIT2: Is that a glossy effect on the taskbar? When I use Startisback, the default Windows 7 theme doesn't have that effect, it just has blur.


EDIT3: Wait, you are on 2004? How the heck you have blur effect and windows 7 theme? Do you using Windows Blinds or what? 

Please answer :)

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A small but dedicated group of die hard afficionados want to AT LEAST have visible window borders, ideally with rounded corners (though to each his/her own).

Big Muscle (or anyone), is there any way to resurrect borders, even without transparency?


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47 minutes ago, uk58 said:

for this you need windowblinds 10 an the skin from deviantart Aero7X-Reset-for-Windowblinds-10

thanks. I won't install Windowblinds 'cause it's a resource hogging bloatware. (yeah, I tried.)

I gave a chance to Curtains, but no dice...

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