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  1. It's great idea to ask this straight on the developer's board...
  2. same here... also, when I try to register or unregister DWMGlass.dll, I get the following error:
  3. the watermark is always there in the beta versions, it can be turned off only in the final versions. (which there isn't)
  4. the beta works quite well actually. it's just there's that annoying notification message at logon, and the debug window. i could live without them...
  5. tried Windowblinds instead of Aero Glass. it's a piece of crap. Please, BigMuscle, we need that update. (I'll pay you again if needed.)
  6. yeah, I think it's time to let AeroGlass go...
  7. @UCyborg: thanks for the help, now I marked the key. =} @bigmuscle: with this setting, the flickering is gone. thanks!
  8. Could you help me out with the complete registry path? I know I had it somewhere but I couldn't find it now...
  9. without uTorrent, dwm.exe's cpu usage went down to 2%. I also have some flickering on the dwm.exe debug window: the leftmost vertical column flickers. (is there a more simple way to disable AeroGlass? or just disable it in Task Manager and reboot?) Without AeroGlass, uTorrent window doesn't flicker. It looks like a regular windows window. Also, I never encountered problems with it (neither with AeroGlass) until the arrival of the Anniversary Edition.
  10. now it went down to 6% after a system reboot. and I have some heavy flickering on uTorrent, as it updates its status bar.
  11. is it normal that dwm.exe uses 14-15% cpu? I guess not. Never noticed before.
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